Biblical Meaning of Ants in Dreams – Interpretation and Meaning

Biblical meanings of our dreams are somewhat similar to the general interpretations of dreams. while general interpretations are often influenced by later knowledge about dreams and its symbolism, biblical interpretations are based on the way a certain object or animal was seen by people who lived in that time.

Before we get to the dream interpretation part of this text, we will first look into the symbolic meaning of ants in general in the Bible and how this small insect was perceived and used in the bible itself.

Biblical meaning of ants

Ants are small insects that are well-known for their ability to join forces and work together to create their homes and entire underground empires.

In a biblical sense, ants represented an example for men and their habits should serve as a lesson for the entire humanity.

People should work together to form and build things that are important and valuable to the entire humanity.

In bible, there is an interpretation which says “lest the law interpreted literally should kill you” which is linked to the splitting of the grain.

Some explanations of this saying are that the ants in the bible are symbols for Jews and that their taking of the law caused them to die of hunger.

The ants that rejected the barley in one of the stories in the bible represent Christians that casted away the heresy.

Interpretation of ants in the bible is usually positive, but there are two different meanings of ants. There are ants that feed off of animals and flesh and those that feed only off of vegetables.

The latter ones are the ones that Solomon refers to and they are positive examples of how we all should behave. Ants gather food in the season of ripening, and save it for the colder days.

Biblical meaning of ants in our dreams

Ants in general – As I mentioned before, ants are mostly seen as positive symbols in our dreams. Their presence suggests that our work methods and habits are extraordinary and that we give a lot to reach our goals. Ants in our dreams are also symbols of hard work that is ahead of us, but that is going to bring a lot of advantages and positive opportunities.

Crushing ants – If you stepped on ants in your dream or hurt them in any way, this dream represents your attention is not focused on the right things. You keep on straying away from the things that need to be done, but you can’t seem to focus on what you need to do. Before you completely neglect your obligations, wake up and start dealing with problems you already have. This is the only way you can end up winning and not getting into a dead-end situation.

Ants biting you – If you had a dream in which ants bit you, and then you might be a victim of unfortunate events in the future. These events could be linked to your personal life but also to your career. Either way, it will be necessary for you to focus on solving challenges that will appear in front of you and not running away. If you choose to look the other way and ignore what is going on, things can only become worse over the time. Therefore, open up your eyes and be prepared to handle everything that comes up on your path.

Colony of ants – Large number of ants in your dream is a symbol of change that is taking place in your life. The changes that are happening are going to startle you first, but you will soon realize that they are happening for your own good. This is something that needs to happen, so simply relax and accept everything that is coming your way. Once you embrace the change things will seem much brighter and easier than before.

Ants for those who are in love – Those who are happily in love are going to be experience a lot of happy moments in the upcoming period, if they had a dream about ants. This dream symbolizes marriage or taking your relationship to a new level. Whatever this might be, you are going to be happy that things are changing for you and your partner and those they are changing for the better.

Ants for business people – Those who are handling any kind of business, can expect many projects coming their way in the upcoming period. This dream can be considered as very positive because new opportunities mean new chances for success.


Ants for sales people – Those who have any kind of relation with sales, can expect a lot of things happening for them in the upcoming period, if they had a dream about ants. This dream suggests a lot of new things going on in your business that can be both positive and negative. Brace yourself for whatever is coming and be prepared to take both the good and the bad.

Ants in your home – Seeing ants in your home in your dream, are a symbol of bad luck. You can expect something bad to happen to you or to someone you love. Be careful and watch out for those who can’t take care of themselves because luck won’t be on your side.

Ants collecting food – When ants in your dream were collecting food, this dream represents your preoccupation with your budget. Perhaps you are afraid that you won’t be able to handle each payment or that you might experience some problems with handling payments in general. This dream can also be a warning sign that you need to take better care of your money and that you shouldn’t waste it on things you don’t need.

Ants on your body – If your body was covered in ants, according to a biblical interpretation, this dream represents discomfort of any kind. Perhaps you are going to feel comfortable doing something you don’t want to do, but there will be no way out of this. This dream also symbolizes the great way you are dealing with finances and money in general. You seem to have a good idea about handling the budget and everything in that area is running smoothly.

Catching an ant – If you caught an ant n your dream, this means you are about to become very lucky. Good luck is going to be on your side through everything you do, which is one reason more to sail on to new adventures and try new things. Since you will have luck along the way, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try new things and feel confident about breaking the rules. This dream is also a positive sign for finances, and it represents a larger gift that is about to be given to you.

Ant inside your ear – When you had a dream about an ant inside your ear, this dream represents a potentially dangerous situation that can be avoided. This dream is also a warning sign that you might be faced with some difficulties that will have to be handled with care. These difficulties are going to be related to someone you love; therefore, one wrong action can cause a lot of trouble to your relationship.

Red ants – If ants inside your dream were red, this means you need to be extremely careful in the upcoming period. There is a potential danger, lurking from your close surroundings and you need to take this warning seriously.

Ants on your bed – When ants were on your bed in your dream, this means you can expect a lot of turbulence in the upcoming period. Your personal life and business won’t be as fruitful as usual, so be prepared to handle some minor and major consequences. Luck will definitely be away for a while, so focus on fixing the problems as soon as they appear and don’t let them overwhelm you.