Bed – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

When we look at our world, and the places and states where our mind “goes”, we can see that there are two realities.

Our physical external world is real, when we are awake and when we move in this reality – it is what we call life, and in it, we do our everyday things.

But this is not the one and only thing that we have, and our mind is much deeper and complex than we could assume since the dream world is very active and has so much meaningful to tell us.

Our dream and inner world are genuine when we sleep physically, and when we are awake in the dream world.

When you leave the dream world, it cannot be called practical because you have shifted the focus from one reality to another – from the dream world to reality and those everyday things you do.

Experts explain this as you, and the centre of your attention, the soul, has moved from the inner world to the outside, from your worldly dreams to your physical world, you should remember what was your dream about.

This transition from one reality to another comes about once you wake up, and it is the only moment in which you can learn something from your dream.

As we have said so many times, the motive of our dream can be anything that we know, or we heard of, or we use in our everyday life – so, for example, the bed can be that motive, and you will be surprised that the bed is widespread in the dream symbolism, and comes in numerous variations.

So, the bed in our so-called real lives is the symbol of rest and relaxation, a place where dreams are created. This is the place where humans prepare for the “new day”, and signifies some new beginnings, comfort and relief.

Also, the bed is the place where you make plans, where you are thinking and sleeping with someone you love and who is emotionally or your spouse.

It is an emotional place, and it is the place where love is made, where there can be some negative things.

But what the bed means when it appears in a dream? Does it have the same symbolism or the dream about bed does not have anything to do with sex, emotions, rest, etc.?

Read in the text below, and if you had such a dream, and you have probably done since this is one of the most common dreams, you will find this piece interesting.

Meaning of a Dream about the Bed

This is the dream that has many meanings, but this comes from numerous variations in which bed can show up – you or someone else in bed, innumerable actions that you do in bed, etc.

If in a dream, you see the bed that is tidy and has beautiful and expensive bedding, and it’s immaculate in general.

In this case, it has the meaning that you are the person who has managed to solve some of your problems and considerable doubts, and you feel safety, harmony and relaxation, and to enjoy the fruits of your work or in good relationships with your partner and family members.


If you had an interesting dream in which you see the bed that is very messy, or dirty, or the bedding on it is “scattered” and shriveled, it could mean that this in the event shows some of your unrest.

In some other analyses, this dream means that you are completely unsure of yourself and that you suppress your feelings and you are subtly afraid to express your opinion, and that you are very confused and have no confidence in yourself and the people around you.

This means that you miss out opportunities and chances that are coming your way, and you do not show your true potential, and allow others to stand out and achieve successes.

If you dream of being in a different or some unknown bed, then this is a warning sign that you will face the consequences of the decisions made. Try to recall the feeling of comfort or discomfort as well as the appearance of the bed itself.

The Symbolism of a Dream about the Bed

First, the most significant possibility for people is to dream their bed – so if you had such a dream, and you see yourself in your bed, signifies the fact that you need a break and recreation, and strive to relax and find a balance between work and rest, and that you have the need to forget about some troubles.

This dream can also be the symbol of confirmation that you are successful and very accomplished in a professional and emotional sense, and that your life is very harmonious and that you live your “dream”, but you are subconsciously afraid that at some point it will not be broken and you will not “scatter” lightly.

When you dreamed of seeing an empty bed in a dream, it has the connotation of your great unrest or harsh disappointment, and that the people you consider friends will let you down, and in some way, they can use you (not in a good way).

On the other hand, this dream can signify that you will finally “become acquainted” and realize that you can trust yourself and that you will distance yourself from the people who are hiding something from you and are using you, or that you will find your peace in some business engagements or things that bring you great joy and happiness, whether it’s family-related or something else.

This dream of an empty bed has one more variation – seeing yourself in the bed.

If you dream yourself in bed, it has the symbolism that depends on the fact whether you are in bed alone or “share it” with the person you love, or with someone dear to you or a friend, or your member family.

If you are alone – it implies that you are a person who is very up to himself and your intimacy and secrecy, and you like to keep secrets and emotions very hidden.

Another dream that is very common, and exciting at the same time, is the one in which you are sharing your bed with someone – it can be someone who you love already, or the person who would like to love, a marital and emotional friend, maybe. It signifies a great capacity to be devoted and noble at the same time and to help everyone unselfishly and to be a support to others in the time of need or trouble.

Also, this same dream has one more interpretation when the dream about the bed refers to some new opportunities that will soon be “given to you”, and of course it is up to you to accept them.

Do I have to be worried?

You should, in a sense that you might be burdened or worried by some business or private problems that you have not been able to resolve it for a long time.

You should deal with these issues as soon as possible, since every day that passes and you have not resolved issues that you have.

You need to be worried in a sense that you secrecy could be jeopardized in some way, and this is for you a big problem.

And you do not have the desire and the need to “proclaim “to everyone, but you are suppressing them either suppressive or preserving” for yourself.”

What to do if I had this dream?

This is the symbol of warning for you that you must be y those who were very dear to you and to whom you believed, and whose opinion you have respected, you are lonely and miserable, and because of your gullibility and feelings of turmoil and worry, which were caused by some close and very dear people from your surroundings.

As you were able to see, this can be the dream that pushes toward a realization that you need a break from all things that you are doing for some time. In this sense, you should breathe out of everyday life that is very an exhausting and overwhelmed with dealing with concerns and problems, and you are in constant anxiety about how to act, and how to deal with some people or situations appropriately.

When we talked about chances( in the dream where we spoke about sharing a bed with a lover, for example), and how it is highly advised to  accept the offered chances, you will either achieve success and progress in your work or that you will gain some new and beneficial acquaintances and friendships in real life.

In the end, there is one more, much more disturbing dream that involves bed, is the one in which you are sick in your own bed.

In this case, this dream is a symbolical sign that you are anxious about something, or that you are facing some difficult decisions, or that in every aspect of your life you expect some uncertain, or very complicated situations.

This is the dream that causes you to feel stressed out, and it is reflected in a dream world.


The symbolism of the bed that appears so often in a dream world, as a motif is associated with an event or in an entirely concrete situation, depends on whether the bed is comfortable or “tough”, whether it is spacious or is small and narrow.

This is the aspect that changes its meaning in real life – the person who dreams a bed, he is perceived as a place to rest and “charge the batteries,” or is a “sick bed”, which has a connotation of anxieties and fears of illness or death.

So, this dream usually implies that you will either have to work hard and fight to reach your goal, or that you need to consolidate some relationships with the people you trust, and because their advice and help will be through you needed and very useful and in some recent time.

All in all, this is the dream that carries interesting symbolism – seeing you in bed are your intimate part and discovering your sexuality.