Badger – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

The badger is a giant weasel. It weighs about 8 – 25 pounds and has around 13 – 32 inches in length, depending on the species.

Its color is a blend of black, gray, brown, yellow and white.

This animal is usually omnivorous. Its diet consists of insects, bird’s eggs, small rodents, reptiles and mammals.

These animals are very strong and full of muscles, although they might appear different from the outside.

A badger has strong jaws. These animals usually avoid confrontations and retreat unless they are attacked.

They are fearsome opponents and won’t hesitate to use their teeth and large claws to defend themselves.

Badgers are known for being ready to defend and fight for what they want.

They also use their claws to dig for food and build their dens.

Badgers aren’t very social. They usually join the group when they need to perform the duty of mating. These animals have poor eyesight but have an excellent sense of smell.

What does the Badger Symbolize?

Badgers can be considered a symbol for self – expression, self – reliance, aggressiveness, confidence, fearlessness, protection, bravery, perseverance, fierceness, passion, boldness, determination, magic, creation and the underworld.

They also symbolize healing, because they are considered as the keepers of the Earth’s healing herbs.

Many people with this animal as their totem are natural healers and use unconventional methods to heal themselves and others.

Badgers also symbolize action, assertiveness, control, cunning, creativity, defense, eagerness, focus, expression, independence, knowledge, grounding, individuality, persistence, revenge, spirituality, strong will, wisdom.

The Meanings of Badger as a Spirit Animal

The Badger as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Aggressiveness. Despite its size, a badger is a fierce animal and isn’t afraid to stand for itself. If a badger is your totem animal, it reminds you to stand up for yourself, regardless of your size and personal power.

You need to embrace the attitude of a winner, regardless of the circumstances.


Healing. Badgers have excellent digging abilities. Because they are in such close contact with the ground, they are also close to different roots and herbs, and that gives them the gift of healing. If this is your spirit animal you are probably a gifted healer, using different non-conventional methods and practices to heal others and yourself.

Clairvoyance. People with this animal as their totem are gifted with the ability to see underneath the surface of things and people which surround them. These animals give you the gift of prophecy, seeing clearly the past and the future. You should never forget that you are given this gift with the purpose of helping others.

Spirituality. The white stripe on the badger’s fur symbolizes its openness and sharing its spiritual knowledge and enlightenment with other animals. If you have a badger as your spirit animal you are probably a very spiritual person who enjoys sharing your spiritual insights with anyone who has the interest and ability to understand and accept them.

Independence. Badgers are solitary in nature. They prefer spending their days on their own, joining other members of their species only for a purpose. This animal as your spirit animal teaches you about the need to be independent and rely upon yourself and your abilities.

It also teaches you to enjoy your own company, not having the need to be around people constantly.

Solitude. If a badger is your totem animal, you are most likely a loner. Although that speaks of your ability and self – reliance, as well as feeling comfortable in your own skin, it also reminds you of the importance of having social relations with others because that is also rewarding and enriches your life.

Fearlessness and boldness. Badgers can be considered as fearless animals. They also have a fighting spirit. They will defend themselves regardless of the cost. If this is your totem animal, you probably have the same traits.

Determination and perseverance. A badger never gives up. This animal teaches you about the gift of determination and perseverance. It teaches you never to surrender no matter how difficult the circumstances might become. You need to endure to the end because the reward awaits you there.

You most likely have these traits already, and you don’t quit until a job is done.

Tidiness. Badgers are very organized and tidy animals. They take good care of their dens, keeping them tidy and clean. If a badger is your totem animal, you probably have the same traits. You are a neat, well organized and tidy person, and like to keep things in order. Sometimes a badger as your spirit animal is teaching you about the importance of keeping things and situations in your life organized and tidy.

That way you can focus on achieving what you desire with a clear mind.

Grounding. A badger as your spirit animal teaches you about the importance of being well – grounded. You should always keep that in mind, regardless of the amount of success you might be achieving. Always keep your feet firmly on the ground.

Badger as Your Totem Animal

If the Badger is your totem animal, you probably have many useful and unique gifts. You are most likely a well-grounded person, in almost any life circumstance.

You can also be very protective of your territory and you are not afraid to defend what is yours.

Most likely, you are very appreciative of the important things and people in your life. You are nurturing and caring for your loved ones but you also pay attention to your own needs as well.

You are probably a very determinate and focused person. You are independent and self – reliable. Probably you don’t mind at all about other people’s opinion of you, and you are not afraid to speak your thoughts and defend yourself and your space if it’s somehow threatened.

You often have a character of a leader or a boss and you know how to accomplish things and finish the job. It’s likely you quickly and openly express your feelings but you also pay attention to the possible consequences of your words.

If a badger is your spirit animal you are probably a loner, and enjoy spending time by your own. You are self – reliant as well.

You probably take a good care of your home, keeping it tidy and clean. You are very loyal to your friends and family. If this animal is your spirit animal, you probably have a sharp tongue and mind.

Sometimes you can be considered aggressive, but most of the time you are only defending what is yours no matter what it takes.

You can sometimes go to extremes holding onto something, thus making relations with others hard or even impossible.

If this animal is your totem, you are probably well acquainted with natures’ and Earth’s secrets and mysteries. You are well linked to the spiritual realms and can have a natural gift for healing.

If you have this animal as your totem, you are most likely very emotional, but sometimes that can go to an opposite extreme because when things are not as you imagine, you can become manipulative and brutal towards the ones who dare to oppose you.

You might also be prone to thinking you are always right and you don’t like other people telling you what to do.

Sometimes you can be possessive and even jealous.

What if the Badger Appears in Your Life?

When a badger comes to your life, its message might be about the need to do some research. Maybe you need to go deep inside yourself to find the answers you need.

It might be a reminder to make a closer connection to nature and the Earth in general.

Maybe you need to express confidence or self – reliance in some situation.

It might be a sign you need to develop your fighting spirit and persistence. Maybe you need to confront something or someone, or you need to endure in some situation.

It reminds you to be determined if you want to reach your goals and supports you while doing so. It can remind you to calm down if you are behaving or feeling too aggressive.

It can be a message to follow your own guidance, the message to have faith in your abilities to succeed and fight for what you desire. You don’t have to listen to what others have to say about that.

You have your own inner knowing.

Sometimes a badger appears in our life to remind us of the need to ground ourselves. Maybe you have been confused and in the clouds lately, but a badger warns you to keep your feet firm on the ground.

Maybe you have become a bit untidy and messy, and the badger comes to remind you to bring back order and organization in your life. It might also be a reminder to organize your time better and stop wasting it.

When to call on Badger?

You should call on Badger your spirit animal when:

  • You have problems finishing the things you started and you need to be more persistent in your pursuits.
  • You need some help to finish some projects you are currently engaged in.
  • You need a boost of self- confidence.
  • You need to gain your independence and become more self – reliant.
  • You need healing.
  • You need more organization and tidiness in your life or in your house.
  • You need to rely on your strength and bravery in some situation.

Dreams about Badger – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about badgers are usually a sign of good luck coming after a period of difficulties. They indicate overcoming obstacles through persistence and perseverance.

Aggressive badgers in dreams are not a good sign, and possibly indicate being attacked by someone close. Maybe someone will try to forcefully change you.

Dreams about a dead badger are not a good sign as well, possibly indicating being mistreated by someone because you didn’t set the boundaries the way you should have.

This dream can sometimes be a message to learn to be comfortable on your own, and become more independent and self – reliant.