August 9 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Let us go back to the origin of things – let us explain a few relevant things about Astro – numerological stories; they are all based on, of course, Astrology.

So, we should explain this science – astrology is the name used for a group of traditions and beliefs according to which knowledge of the relative position of celestial bodies can be useful in understanding, interpreting and organising information related to the character of a particular person, some broader group or some of the world events.

The numerical part is connected to the date that has a number in it -today we are talking about date August 9.

Personality and Character

At times, you will have a real problem in finding the characteristics of a Leo Zodiac sign in these people; even if they belong to it, they have few or little of their traits.

Those who are born on August 9 are in general people with relatively good nature; they are very sensitive, emotional and subject to the influence of others. They can be, in their youth people who are honest, noble, idealistic, and romantic, with no sense of realness, they can be lost in their dream world, and they have to have a real motivation to move on a realistic plan.

They unconsciously reconcile themselves with others, carrying a seal of the last contact; and they also can dive into the thoughts of others, because they have not spoiled the rational process, and therefore they can understand questionable decisions of others, that many people see as wrong. They can even use this knowledge for their purposes, as in business.

But these people can be overly connected to their families and can be prone to the over vulnerability so that they can rely too much on the help of others, and only during a time, these people realise that the real answers lie in them and that only they can be their best friends.

Inexperienced representatives of this date can be seen as those who are lost and disoriented, and they love to use this to their advantage, and they can fool their environment, because they are after all – Leos.

After a real lose, failure or breakup, severe pain these people find the easiest way to survive is to dive into their own world in clouds – which only they understand.

Love Compatibility

Those who belong to this date rarely will admit that they are in love, so it’s a little awkward to see that at the first encounter they cause sympathies of the opposite sex (and they do).

When married, these Leos born on August 9 will act the part, because they believe in the role of being a faithful spouse, even if they have other needs, like to one to be free and independent. But this does not mean that they will cheat and lie for sure, they will not, but they have those desires.

When they are alone with their lovers, they go into the direct attack, and they, as all Leos, attack directly, and they do not have any intention of letting go of their prey. Also, they will “attack” with style that means attention, compassion and gallantry.

They enjoy seduction, and they know what the opposite sex feels and they are an advantage from the start – but they do not use this advantage every time, these people also can get hurt in love. And when they are injured, the whole hell breaks loose, they cannot deal with these problems, and they often seek comfort in their families or close friends (or they find a new lover or a one night stand)

When they see someone who might be their long-term lover, these people will do everything to seduce them (romantic atmosphere, fragrant candles, music and dinner), and then they will mysteriously give them the knowledge that they are going to be devoured.

Purpose and Career

Since these people are wise most of their lives, they can make excellent business arrangements and rarely make a mistake in evaluating a person when they make a conclusion. They are observers, detailed and those who deal with penetrating into a project, and are well in assessing human nature -this can ensure them that they are successful. What they do is that they see what the motives of the people who are around them are, and this is the way how they choose their co-workers.

As all Leos, these people have the confidence, and you think your field and point of view is almost always valid – as it is. The value of money is apparent to those who are born on August 9, and they will make a lot of money because these Leos will concentrate on it early in life. It is not uncommon for Leo Zodiac sign people to love money, but these, in particular, know how to preserve it, and invest it wisely.


Until their build themselves in a business sense, these people do not

use their mind enough or adequately, and they waste their energy on entirely stupid projects, in that times they are not as smart as they could be, and they do not understand enough the values ​​of intellect and heart combined.

What they love all of their lives is learning and enjoying in reading and poetry; they have that particular sense for beauty and imagination.

In the end, these people need to learn a great lesson that a person can be poor materially, but rich in mind and heart -and they should not ever despair if they don’t have the amount of money they would want to have. These humans born on August 9 love music; they can be excellent TV personalities, TV host and great entertainers. And they need to have that satisfaction in their work -they like the best of everything and to live luxuriously. They are sympathetic to those who are in trouble but do not let their heart go before reason -they will help but if they do not jeopardise themselves and their agendas.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Some say that those who are born on August 9 are they belong to the number 9 – this is amazing by itself since numeral 9 is number that is considered to be the greatest of all numbers. It brings wisdom and intellect, and in a way, it is the number that gives strong personalities that know a lot about the world.

From the planetary aspect, it is said that these people who are born on August 9 are under the planetary influence of three planets Sun (as the ruler of all Leos), Neptune and Pluto.

When we look at this somewhat contrasted combination, we could say that it symbolises illusions, mysticism, spirituality, and on the other side, this combination adores these people with good memory, concentration, learning skills and intellectual development. So, these people can be successfully involved in the high arts, like dancing, film; but they are also people who are in some ways prone to lies, scams, deceptions, and dishonesty.

The presence of a distant Pluto can provide these people with the extremely large destructive energy, but it can give these people healthy sexuality and fertility. It expresses an attack by unknown people.

Their number is 9, and their colors are sea green and light purple

Historical Events on August 9

On this one of the most compelling and remarkable events took place, an event so significant that it became almost a myth. Read all about this event and many others that took place on August 9.

480 B.C – The Battle of Thermopylae, in which the Persian army, under the leadership of King Xerxes, defeated the command of the Spartan King Leonidas.

48 B.C – In the Battle of Pharsalus Caesar has won a twice-larger army from Pompeii.

378 – The Battle of Hadrianopolis: The Goths defeated the Romans.

1471 – Francesco Della Rovere was elected as the Pope Sixtus IV.

1842 – The United States and Great Britain have signed an agreement setting a border between the United States and Canada.

1849 – Austria and Russia crashed the Hungarian Republic.

1942 – British authorities detained Indian national leader Mahatma Gandhi and his 50 followers in Bombay.

1945 – World War II: Americans threw an atomic bomb into the Japanese city of Nagasaki, killing 70,000-90,000 people.

1965 – The former British colony of Singapore has become an independent state within the Commonwealth after splitting from Malaysia.

1969 – Charles Manson’s followers shot dead actress Sharon Tate, the wife of film director Romain Polanski, and four other people in her house at Beverly Hills.

1974 – Richard Nixon resigned as US President. On the same day, former Vice President Gerald Ford takes the oath and becomes the 38th President of the United States.

2000 – In the catastrophic floods in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal have killed 300 people, and millions have been left homeless.

2001 – At a pizzeria in the centre of Jerusalem, a suicide bomber killed at least 15 and wounded 90 people.

2004 – Terry Nichols was sentenced to 161 years in jail, or life imprisonment without the right to pardon and punishment, due to the installation of a bomb in the Oklahoma City State Building in 1995, when 168 people were killed.

Famous people born on August 9

It seems that this date produces some of the most excellent actors in the world, and it is clear that these people have an artistic gift, or should we say they are somewhat creative.

1789 -Amedeo Avogadro, an Italian physicist.

1896 – Jean Piaget, a Swiss researcher.

1914 – Tove Jansson, a Finnish painter, strip artist, illustrator.

1918 – Robert Aldrich, an American film director.

1922 –  Philip Larkin, an English writer.

1927 – Robert Shaw, an American actor.

1931 – Mario Zagalo, a Brazilian soccer player and coach.

1938 – Rod Laver, an Australian tennis player.

1938 – Oto Rehagel, a German soccer coach.

1939 -Romano Prodi, an Italian politician.

1943 – Ken Norton, an American boxer.

1957 – Melanie Griffith, an American actress.

1958 – Amanda Bearse, an American actress and director.

1963 -Whitney Elizabeth Houston, an American singer and actress.

1968 – Gillian Leigh Anderson, an American actress.

1968 – Eric Banadinovich, or Eric Bana, an Australian actor of Croatian origin.

1973 – Filippo Inzaghi, an Italian footballer.

1978 – Audrey Tautou, a French film actress.

1985 – Anna Kendrick, an American actress and singer.

1990 – Bill Skarsgard, a Swedish actor.

Let us conclude this story in the best way possible – by adding a few more things that are related to those who are born on August 9, who are particular kind of Leo Zodiac sign; and who are under the triple planetary influence Sun- Neptune and Pluto.

They are very customizable people, but they do not know that they have used the opportunity, because they do not have the faith (or at least this is true in their youth). They want to work where they are somewhere where they can provide help, but where they will never put themselves in danger (in a sense that they don’t jeopardise their needs and feelings).

These Leos can also feel good when working within large groups, but they are bohemians, and artists – no matter if they seem like they are shy or reclusive, they show their full shine when they are on stage. At the same time, even if they become famous, they will guide their private lives as secretive as possible; they can also have a life that is full of secrets.

Their life can be full of falls and rises, because they live unorganised, without orientation and sense, and often life is in chaos -but their talent can lead them to the fantastic heights in their life, or work.

Only Leos born on August 9 can save a highly developed intuition, instinct and ability to convert others into believing in their beliefs. Some of them to go through a lot of bad experiences until they find the right life.