August 8 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

We have chatted so many times about the planetary influence on the people, on the Zodiac sign and also on dates, and in today’s case; we will focus on the analyses of that impact.

So, planets constantly affect us and our lives as human beings, because we live in our Solar system, all planets affect each other, and subsequently, they affect us.

They affect all factors of our lives, although their influence if it is negative can be mitigated or completely neutralised. Let the planets have their meaning in the natal chart in many ways: by their position in the map, by the rule of houses and signs. But planets have an impact on certain numbers and subsequently on dates that are created from numbers.

Today we are dealing with the Astro-numerical analyses of a date August 8.

Personality and Character

The date August 8 is the date that urges these human beings who are born on this day to be determined according to something, according to the specific one and to “leave the roots” herein the world, but in the spirit of the material. There is no wandering in them; they are persons who know exactly what they can and what do not want to do, so they strive for forms of safe and secure.

These Leos are not so typical since they can practically submit to the world with great perseverance, but only after deciding to do so and gaining trust in a certain person, project, etc. This quality of retaining everything existing, with the small desire for change, leads it to the sphere of inflexibility. These people do not decide on the progression and do not dispute much; neither distort power to something that does not have a solid foundation and do not have a strong material foundation. So in order for these Leos to be happy and act according to their nature, they need to build their world on something that is solid, and then they can fight dangerously.

It is not rare for these people who are born on August 8 to bring something new, but they have to check the newly created values and to see if they are in alliance with their values.

These people have to deal with many different phases in their lives, with the search for finding the sense of existence. That’s why it’s hard to move for them at times, but when they do, they are very persistent, and they give their all to succeed, believing that they are about to take their throne.

More developed representatives of this date are generally successful because they are cautious, thoughtful, and sober, but a bit slow. This doesn’t mean that when the times are right, these people will not take the right paste and beat all competition.

Internally these people can be cute, positive, pleasant, and happy to see in society; also these people are considered to be pretty tolerant, but when they get angry, things get problematic. If people who are born on August 8 break in front of you, you might get hurt, because of the strong and unburdened energy.

Also, these people are not like all other Leo Zodiac signs people; they can be selfish at certain times, they are known to preserve some things jealously because they like to enjoy what they own.

They are passionate, so we usually encounter them in the spheres of sensual pleasure, and they know how to be good lovers and to satisfy their lovers, not just in a sexual way. At some extreme cases, these people of the August 8 can incline in obscurity and even vulgarity, which they will not hide. And for those who just think to cheat them or deceive them in any way – do not even try to do so, because they will leave all those people and will never forgive them. So, they are not the easiest people on the planet, but they have so many amazing qualities that they are worthy of being in your lives.

Love Compatibility

In love, these Leos born on the August 8 are curious and have the desire to experience everything in life with one person that will mean a lot to them, it will be someone extraordinary; and they see this connection as a once in a lifetime. When these people love, they love genuinely, although it’s not entirely honest, in a sense that these people love the idea of love, and sometimes they are not looking deep enough.

However, these people can fly emotionally high when someone touches a real soft spot in their lives, and it is something that is really special.

It is not uncommon for those who are born on August 8 to be people who have too many love relationship, even multiple marriages and many children with different lovers, since these people are testing themselves and always convince themselves that the next time is going to be real.

The advice for these people of the August 8 is to be a little bit more honest with themselves, and others – sometimes it is healing to admit that things in love are not working out and that they need to set their priorities in love differently.


Purpose and Career

Those who belong to the August 8 are the people who are undeniably smart and versatile, and who don’t have any problem to accept responsibility – they do not feel like some burden is pressuring them because of it. This is a good thing and a way to business success.

They love order and law, and there is little military strength in them, thanks to the planet Mars that can be found in this Astro-numerical combination. This doesn’t mean that these people will find their place in the military as soldiers, but they will do their jobs with military precision and dedication.

These people can learn languages easily; they love to work and travel and are destined to see many places in the world at different times and under different circumstances.

These Leos are blessed to have a lot of energy, so they are constantly employed and on the move, on top of all these things they are very interested in all things that are beyond the boundaries of the known – occult and spiritual. At the same time, they are critical and cautious in their approach, and not at all gullible.

When they emerge in a certain idea, they want it to work so they are cordial and glad to help others in trouble; they believe that teamwork can bring success.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People who are born on August 8 are Leos who are under the influence of the two planets, one is the ruler of all Zodiac sign Leos, and the other is the ruler of all number 8 people – the planet Mars.

So this combination primarily signifies the power, will, courage, pressure and aggression in some cases, and these people have all of these traits.

As these qualities are more often attributed to these people who are even more temperamental since there is a power of the Sun, they should focus their energies to good or bad things; they have both options in their lives.

Mars symbolises the fire of desire, dynamics, power, and it is the face of passion and strength. This planet is connected to the competitions, rivalries and hostilities, and since it is in combination with the Sun these people who are born on August 8 must earn a living, win in every place, defend their interests, but also satisfy desires and passions with constant exposure to dangers and risk.

Number 8 fits in this story perfectly since this is the number that is connected to the endless energy and rejuvenation; it is the energy that can be both constructive and destructive at the same time. The choice is theirs where will they go.

Their number is 8, and their colors are green and brownish.

Historical Events on August 8

To understand the power of numbers and their true meaning in the world of people, you have to learn about the historical events that took place on a specific date -today it is August 8.

843 – The Frankish rulers – Emperor Lothair I, King Ludwig the German and King Charles II Bald, signed a contract on the division of the French state into three parts: the western, central and eastern part.

1570 – French King Charles IX and the leader of the Huguenot Gaspard II de Coligny signed peace from Saint-Germain, ending the Third Huguenot War.

1588 – An English fleet commanded by Lord Howard and Sir Francis Drake defeated the Spanish Invincible Army at Graveline.

1609 – Gallileo Gallilei presented his telescope to the members of the Senate in Venice.

1843 – South Africa became a British colony.

1918 – The Battle of Amiens began, which marked the beginning of the Allies’ Day offensive on the Western Front in the World War I.

1919 – Rawalpindi Peace was signed, in which England recognises the independence of Afghanistan.

1945 – World War II: USSR declared war on Japan and launched an invasion of Manchuria with more than a million soldiers.

1945 – The London Agreement on the International Military Tribunal was merged.

1949 – Bhutan became an independent monarchy.

1963 – The fifteen-member gang stole 2.6 million pounds from the train that went from Glasgow to London.

1967 – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand established the Association of States of Southeast Asia.

1988 – Russian troops began withdrawing from Afghanistan after seven years of occupation.

Famous people born on August 8

In the next section, we are talking about people who are born on August, starting from one Japanese ruler and ending with one Canadian pop star; and we have to wonder – do they have anything in common?

1079 – Horikawa, a Japanese emperor.

1646 – Godfrey Kneller, a German painter.

1694 – Francis Hutcheson, an Irish philosopher.

1720 – Carl Fredrik Pechlin, a Swedish politician.

1732 – Johann Christoph Adelung, a German grammarian and philologist.

1814 – Esther Morris, a suffragist and first judge in the United States.

1861 – William Bateson, an English biologist.

1866-  Matthew Henson, the first African-American to explore the North Pole.

1879 –  Emiliano Zapata, a Mexican revolutionary.

1901 – Ernest O. Lawrence, an American Physicist.

1902 – Paul Dirac, a British physicist.

1904 – István Szelényi, a Hungarian composer.

1922 – Esther Williams, an American swimmer and actress.

1937 – Dustin Hoffman, an American actor.

1951 – Randy Shilts, an American journalist and writer.

1951 – Louis van Gaal, a Dutch football coach.

1952 – Jostein Gaarder, a Norwegian writer.

1960 – Ralf König, a German cartoonist.

1961 – David Howell Evans, or The Edge, a British musician.

1964 – Klaus Ebner, an Austrian writer.

1977 – Tommy Ingebrigtsen, a Norwegian ski jumper.

1979 – Rashard Lewis, an American basketball player.

1980 –  Michael Urie, an American actor.

1981 – Roger Federer, a Swiss tennis player.

1988 – Danilo Gallinari, an Italian basketball player.

1998-  Shawn Mendes, a Canadian singer and songwriter.

Let us say a few additional words about these Leos who are born on August 8, so that we can have some type of conclusion.

It is the best for these people to be left to be free and to be let to decide for their own destiny; they should avoid acting vulgar or “cheap”, they always must strive to work tactical and ready to give their talents entirely, or the result will never come.

These people feel the best when with their closest people in some friendly, pleasant place with an intimate atmosphere.

These people love pleasures, and they like to work so that they have pleasures and luxury around them; they can even share this with others, as long as they are secure and free, everything is good.

In the end, one advice for all those who have friends among those who are born on August 8 -do not try to trick or deceive them, they are not gullible and will punish you severely only if they find out about your intentions.