August 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

A horoscope is a symbolic illustration of the interrelationship of fundamental principles in a particular place at the moment of people’s birth, which is consistent with the interrelation of these same natural laws in the consciousness of a person.

We already know that the horoscope is the representation of the picture of the sky at the time of someone’s birth –

We are talking about the positions of the Sun, Moon, Planets viewed from a certain point on Earth at a given moment.

You can imagine this situation as a photograph of the sky at the precise point at a given moment – a time of birth, and we encounter the astrological map with the exact position of the most important celestial bodies.

And at the end of this intro part of this article, we will mention one more thing or be an exact question – how many times have we said words the time of birth? Three and it shows to you precisely how vital this aspect is, and today we are looking into the date August 7.

Personality and Character

Those human beings who are born on August 7 are Leos, and they are famous for having the most developed ego influence, which are aware of themselves because they are secure in their identity.

These people are those who can be seen as humans who try hard to become somebody, to be great, to leave a mark on the planet Earth. And believe us these people have every chance to succeed in their intentions because they are incredibly creative.

What is undeniable is that those who belong to the August 7 are the people who love to be at the centre of attention, to be flattered, because they consider themselves to be born leaders, authorities, which often leads to opposing others, because of their overly dramatic performance and act that they have in life. But remember – no matter how they seem they will make it, no matter what others think of them.

From the more negative side they can have or develop during life the complex that is related to the power and obsession with it, and this complex can quickly be transformed into tyranny that can be catastrophic from many aspects. Stability and determination can make these people generous and compassionate human beings, but what is necessary is the precondition and reason for their success (especially if they want their success to last long).

In the end, these people are mostly positive, and if you help them in any way, be sure that they will never forget it, and that they will appreciate it.

Love Compatibility

When we are talking about the most important question here, and it is the master of love, those who are born on August 7 are people who are warm and passionate in love, but they also can often fail in love life.

These people love to be praised for being the best – to flatter and to admire them, and believe us there is no better way to get under their skin. They also like to be dominant in relationships, but they are those who wish to remain free and independent in a certain way, and this also can be a problematic area since these people of the August 7 like to cheat, and are prone to having multiple relationships at the same time.

These people will try to impress their potential partners at the first meeting with stories about their successes at school competitions, sports grounds and admiration caused by the kids in the neighborhood. They show grace and confidence wherever they show their face; they have good manners and feeling that everyone adores them. But this is all worth since these people can make their lovers feel special and loved.

Also, these Leos born on August 7 have an attractive appearance, a pose to look at and a position in which potential lovers will recognise a little bit of acting, but that is ok. And at the same time, these people can do all this by looking completely natural, and ultimately they will let the admirers win their hearts only if they estimate that they are worthy of their attention.

Purpose and Career

Those who are born on August 7 are the people who are considered to be vibrant and mobile, fun and full of enthusiasm – and their ideal job must meet these requirements. Their co-workers say that those who belong to this date have high ideals and high ambitions, and contribute a good deal of their time in dreaming and fantasy. But when they set their mindset to a specific thing and look realistically into things, then they can be very practical.

What can also be said is that those who are born on August 7 are people who are undeniably charming and who are filled with magnetism, and they usually control those with whom they are in contact -this can be related to their work environment where they want to impose their ideas and attitude and make the success to be their own. But these people can also be deceived, although it doesn’t happen too often since these people are those who are most likely to deceive others.


In their spear time, they like to read, but the type of books is something special, these people read a motivational and psychological book that they believe can lead them to higher knowledge, better ideas.

On the professional plan, they have a lot of success because of the inclination of authority and the masses. These people like to be central figures, which means that all others must be submissive and listen to them.

What these people must learn and that is connected to their careers is that they need more regularity and concentration, and above all these people must remain occupied all the time, or otherwise, they will become lazy, as many Leo Zodiac people do.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Date August 7 is the date that brings influence from two planets one is the Sun and the other is Uranus – number 7 is under the government of the planet Uranus, and the Sun is the “chief” of all Leo Zodiac sign people.

People who are under the number 7 in their lives have a hidden realm, and it is challenging to reach them in a way, no matter how much approachable these people can seem (as a Sun’s influence).

But the impact of the Uranus is, and they can be closed and reclusive, or maybe the best way to describe them is unpredictable. All persons who have numeral 7 in their lives must do as much as possible on themselves and their spiritual education because no one can deny them their intelligence. The most important thing is that each day they are obligated to separate time for themselves in which they would deal with the things they love.

When we look at this combination Sun-Uranus, we can say that it represents a cosmic force that is known for expressing sudden and unpredictable changes in life, but it can also bring great inventions and advancements.

One some higher levels these people are interested in everything that separates man from the earth, which elevates him to heaven and spiritual realm.

Their number is 7 and their color is golden orange.

Historical Events on August 7

Many people see as the most significant events those events that are connected to certain discovery and others claim that the most relevant are those who are related to the war or peace. You can make your own choice – among events that took place on August 7.

1498 – Christopher Columbus discovered the Caribbean.

1830 – The French Assembly chose Louis Philip for the King of France after the abdication of the Charles X in the July Revolution.

1858 – Queen Victoria chose Ottawa to be the British capital of Canada.

1895 – The first international exhibition of modern art in Venice, which has been held every two years, has been opened.

1933 – The day when the most significant part of the massacre in Simel was committed in Iraq, which was organised and committed by the Iraqi authorities, killing about 3,000 Assyrian Christians.

1941 – 550 Jews were killed in Chisinau, in Romania.

1942 – By deploying US naval forces to the island of Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands, the allied Pacific offensive in the World War II began.

1947 – The expedition of the Norwegian ethnologist Thor Heyerdahl at the Kon -Tiki raft arrived after the 101 days of sailing from Peru to the archipelago of the Tuamotu Archipelago in Polynesia.

1959 – American Satellite Explorer 6 is launched from Cape Canaveral. It was the first satellite to send Earth photos from outer space.

1960 – Côte d’Ivoire declared independence from France.

1995 – The Warsaw Metro was opened.

1995 – At least 20 people have been killed in a bomb blast that has been triggered by a Tamil rebel in Sri Lanka.

1998 – In simultaneous attacks on US embassies in Nairobi (Kenya) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) 224 were killed.

1999 – Islamic International Brigades stationed in Chechnya attacked the neighboring Russian Republic of Dagestan.

2000 – A group of US and Swiss scientists announced the discovery of nine new planets was moving into orbit outside our Solar system.

2001 – The Philippine government and the Muslim separatist group, the Islamic Liberation Front Moro, have signed a ceasefire, a step forward in the end to the decades-long fighting in the southern Philippines.

2002 – At least 332 people were killed in floods and landslides across Nepal.

2008 – Georgia launched an offensive against the separatist region of South Ossetia, starting a six-day Russian-Georgian war.

Famous people born on August 7

As you know these Astro-numerological pieces are not complete without the mention of the people who are born on a particular date -today it is August 7.

1779 – Carl Ritter, a German geographer.

1832 – Max Lange, a German chess player.

1876- Margaretha Geertruida “Margreet” MacLeod, known as Mata Hari, an exotic Dutch dancer and convicted spy

1896 – Imre Nagy, a Hungarian politician.

1911 – Nicholas Ray, an American director.

1932 – Abebe Bikila, an Ethiopian athlete.

1940 – Jean-Luc Dehaene, a Belgian politician.

1944 – John Glover, an American actor.

1958 – Paul Bruce Dickinson, an English singer, pilot, writer.

1960 – David William Duchovny, an American actor.

1966 – Jimmy Donal Jimbo Wales, a founder and president of the Wikimedia Foundation.

1974- Michael Shannon, an American actor.

1975 – Kristian Eivind Espedal Gaahl, Norwegian black metal singer (Gorgoroth).

1975 – Charlize Teron, a South African actress.

1980 – Anomie Belle, an American musician.

1982- Abbie Cornish, an Australian actress and rapper.

1983 – Christian Chávez, a Mexican singer and actor.

1987- Sidney Crosby, a Canadian ice hockey player.

In the end, let us add a few more words about these people who are born on August 7 who have so many characteristic for their ruling Zodiac sign -Leo.

They expect people to acknowledge them and their work and to be loyal to them for their talents and creativity, but this is a significant risk of becoming victims of their ideals and illusions. When this happens, and of course it does, since no one is perfect, and these people make mistakes like everybody else, they can be unsuccessful, and above all, they may seem tragicomic because they are trying to remain proud even when they are failing miserably.

These people of the August 7 are noble and ready to help the weak, for which they are favored in society. People born in this sign and on this date are brave, optimistic, and never indifferent, so they always succeed in getting out of trouble. We must also add that these people have a high opinion of themselves, and they need to be very careful in what they do and how they behave – so that they do not ever fall into the trap – because they think that they are unmistakable.