August 6 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Recent research shows that the majority of people believe in astrology (numerology or Astro-numerology) and all benefits that astrology can bring – even if that benefit is just pure fun. That research has shown that 68 per cent of the people regularly read their newspaper or internet horoscope prognosis for the day. And more than a 59 per cent of the people who were a part of this study stated that they find numerous similarities with their ruling Zodiac sign.

Many people who were a part of this research told that they are sure what kind of person someone is and for what that person is predestined.

And we must mention those who are a little bit more skeptical – they say that no astrologer in the world can with security and absolute precision predicts the event and the development of events in life because everyone chooses one’s way, but it can point out the possibilities and what would be the best of course for the achievement and prosperity.

And the third thing that we will mention here is that this same research has proven that people are very connected to their date of birth, they a feel the special connection to it, and they believe that many positive things can happen on that day. Today we are looking into a date August 6.

Personality and Character

In this brilliant combination, energy and creativity come to life since two planets (Venus and Sun) are combined in the life of the people who are born on August 6. They are very brave and resilient and set hard-to-reach goals that they feel like only they can fulfill, it is like they are predestined. Honesty, justice and keeping the promises are the most appreciated values in the lives of these fascinating people. What they hate is the monotony of any kind, and whenever they can, they engage in adventure and try something new and exciting. They believe that this attitude in life warms their souls.

When in a company of close people, those who are born on August 6 are a vivacious and affable individual who can make new friendships wherever they go – they can even chat on various topics or have a serious talk on relevant issues. The environment may seem superficial who cannot be hurt or delight by anything, but this is so far from the truth.

However, many of these people who are born on August 6 still hide a soft spot, which only those who are close to them are aware of – so the conclusion is that these people are intimately connected to their families and close friends, no matter how these people may seem distant.

They like to get sincere compliments from close people, as Leos do.

In many situations, these people who belong to the August 6 have enough understanding for others, but they can significantly affect others’ irresponsibility, and in particular, they may find it difficult to deal with some of the problems created by someone else’s irresponsibility or disorganisation.

Love Compatibility

Those who are born on August 6 in love and general in interpersonal relationships always go to everything or nothing, so life with them is not comfortable or easy. If their loved ones prove to be worthy of their trust, they will have a partner and lover as they can only wish, and who will stick with them until the rest of their lives.

Some representatives of this date can be called as true hunters, whose charm and persistence are difficult to resist. Partners they want to have in their lives will receive attention and compliments, and those who are born on August 6 like to use grand romantic gestures. In love, they are lovers who are eager for action and excitement, and as a consequence, these people have so many relationships in their youth. At a mature age, these Leos feel a greater need for bonding and establishing a family, and they often do just that, they enter marriage. But in their youth and mature years, these people are attracted by strong and exciting partners who will be his equal partners.

These Leos born on the 6th day of August are passionate and can offer a lot in bed, and with the right partner, leave a selfish habit of looking at their selfish interests only. But their lovers say that besides their flaws, they are generous and attentive, and in return, they expect freedom and much tolerance so that this relationship can work.

In their youth, these people like to try out people and are ready to test people even if they do not plan to have anything to do with them. It is not recommended to be possessive and jealous of them since they can be proud and stubborn to the maximum. They are described as lovers who have a volcano of passion in their hearts, so in the bed, they offer immense pleasure with a touch of aggression.

Both man and woman that belong to this date want to be admired by their environment, and primarily by their lovers – and partners who give them a lot of attention and who make them feel special will win their hearts. When they fall in love, they become demanding and possessive, and often have double criteria: they are allowed, but their partners should not even look at another person.

And one thing to mention at the end of this section – people who are born on August 6 are very sensitive to a love past of their current lovers and consider them as enemies.

Purpose and Career

They usually know how to value others ‘talents and others’ creativity. This could even serve as an inspiration for their own work.


These individuals often express their feelings through their creativity. They can be more original in expressing creativity, and they could find greater satisfaction in artistic creativity.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People who are born on August 6 are under the influence of the planetary combination Sun- Venus, and the reason is that they are Leos and the ruler of all Leos is the Sun, and as people who are numerological six they belong to the Venus.

Venus embodies instinctive attraction, feelings, love, sympathy, harmony, and tenderness and these people have all of these characteristics. They are the people who love art and a sense of focus, pleasure, and joy. Venus is a planet of gentle trust and the first among ethereal beauties that inspires lovers – so those who belong to the August 6 are focused on love and emotions, rather than on material things as expected. Also Sun- Venus combination brings senses, the enthusiasm for pleasure, the feeling of being united, and the emotional states that cause charm, beauty – they become irresistible for others.

This connection makes those who are under this influence to be charismatic and charming humans who care for their physical appearance.

This link points to the impressions on the environment -so these people are kind and pleasant in communication. They love popularity and try to achieve it and increase it, but not at all in every opportunity or at all costs. Most often they can appreciate harmony and balance in life, end they are the people who like to feel good in their skin.

From the numerological aspect, it is important to mention that number 6 is a number of completeness and number that wants to put things in harmony and balance; and its effect on people is just like that, this is their goal.

Their number is 6, and their color is deep blue.

Historical Events on August 6

History can be annoying, and entertaining at the same time; it is the science that excites us and teaches us at the same time, and as human beings, we should not be scared of it, we should d embrace it, and take its gifts.

It can teach us how to be humans, how to be better humans tomorrow than we were yesterday. Today we are looking into August 6.

1661 – Portugal and the Netherlands signed the agreement that Portugal retained Brazil and the Netherlands’s Ceylon.

1806 – Francis I Habsburg renounced the titles of the Roman Emperor and proclaimed himself as the Emperor of Austria.

1825 – Bolivia declared independence after nearly three centuries of Spanish rule.

1890 – In the New York Prison Oberon, the killer William Kemler was executed. This was the first execution of the death penalty on an electric chair.

1914 – Austria-Hungary announced the war to Russia and Serbia and Montenegro to Germany in the World War I.

1918 – German offensive on Marne was completed. The last major attack by the German army in the World War I ended with a defeat, and about 100,000 German soldiers were killed and wounded.

1926 –  American swimmer Gertrude Ederle became the first woman to swim La Manche. She swam for 14 hours.

1932 – The first Venice Film Festival was opened.

1940 – Estonia entered the USSR as the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic.

1945 – World War II: American bomber B-29 launched an atomic bomb called “Little Boy” to the Japanese city of Hiroshima. 80,000 people were killed, and 60,000 of them have died from radiation by the end of the year.

1962 – Jamaica gained independence after 300 years of British rule.

1965 – The US President Lyndon Johnson signed the Law on Voting Rights.

1991 – Tim Berners-Lee presented the World Wide Web project.

1996 – The US scientists have announced that they have found evidence that life on Mars exists.

1997 – Boeing 747 Korean Airlines crashed on a journey from Seoul near Guam airport. 228 passengers and crew members were killed, while 26 survived.

2000 – About 1,400 Lithuanians recognised that they worked as agents or informers for the former Soviet secret and intelligence service, the KGB.

2003 – A court in Madagascar has sentenced former president Didier Ratsiraka to 10 years of hard labor for embezzling public funds worth eight million dollars.

2008 – The Mauritanian Army has carried out a coup against President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

Famous people born on August 6

Did you know that two noticeable figures share their birthdays – one is responsible for the invention of one of the most important cures for humans, and other compete changed the pop culture forever and left an indelible mark in modern art. Can you guess who they are?

1775 – Daniel O’Connell, an Irish politician.

1809 – Alfred Tennyson, an English poet of the Victorian era.

1881 – Alexander Fleming, a Scottish bacteriologist who discovered penicillin.

1911- Lucille Ball, an American model and actress.

1916 – Dom Mintoff, a Maltese politician.

1928 – Andy Warhol, an American painter, journalist, film director and producer.

1954 – John Moschitta Jr, an American actor.

1957 – Jim McGreevey, an American politician.

1962- Michelle Yeoh, s a Malaysian Chinese actress.

1963 – Kevin Mitnick, known as Condor, an American computer security expert, formerly a hacker.

1965 – David Robinson, an American basketball player.

1972 –  Geraldine Estelle Halliwell, an English singer, a former member of the Spice Girls group.

1973 – Asia Carrera, an American porn actress.

1973- Vera Farmiga, a Ukrainian-American actress.

1976 – Soleil Moon Frye, an American actress.

1978 – Marisa Miller, an American model.

1981 – Travie McCoy, an American singer and rapper.

1983 – Robin van Persie, a Dutch footballer and player of Manchester United.

Intelligence, communicativeness and curiosity are the words that best describe these people who are born as the Leo Zodiac sign, and who are ruled by the Sun-Venus planetary influence. Their mind is consistently active; they are interested in everything and hungry for the new knowledge and experiences – it is something that is their food so that they can survive.

They have a full circle of acquaintances, they like journeys, and they work great in intelligent work, they are not people who love physical work. They are popular, and in company with them, it’s never dull, but they sometimes like to keep things private and can make a problem when others invade their privacy.