August 5 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astro – numerologist interprets the symbolism of one date, by giving us the fact about numbers, and in this method, he demonstrates the fact that the numbers, apart from us, have the significance and provide the key (code) for understanding the world. This is pretty amazing to know, and if we dig deeper into this method, Astrology comes and finds its place by adding more and more information. Astrology provides insight into the planetary influence and influence, but more importantly, it adds up insight into the characteristics of a ruling Zodiac sign for that date.

Today we are looking into the date August 5, along with the ruling Zodiac sign – Leo.

Personality and Character

People born in the sign of Leo and specifically on the day August 5 can be called the natural born leaders, and their inner need is to rule the rest of humanity, but they do it in a genuinely perfidious way, so they are never satisfied. What is also interesting is that these people don’t always succeed in this intention to rule all others, but the need is still present.

Perhaps, and in many cases, it is true, that other people feel that they are born rulers, and this is their natural inheritance so they are surrounded with people who will listen to them, and also they are famous for drawing the attention, so it is no wonder that so many actors and celebrities were born precisely on this Zodiac sign, and partially this date.

Nature has richly endowed these people with energy; strong minds, beauty and sex appeal – and the list can go on for days.

They can live without a stage and a reflector light (unlike other Leos), but these people need admiration and recognition to feel complete, especially if it comes from the people they do not know, from strangers that they want to put under their indisputable charm.

The life of these people seems like a path where all heads turn wherever they go, and what can be seen clearly is their need to flirt often, but this is a way of concealing a strange fear that they may not be desirable.

Yes, you have heard it well – these people who are born on August 5 can be insecure, and they have to continually prove to themselves that they are the desired, sought-after, the most desirable in the world. But this could be understood in the aspect where their nature is calm, and they want to something so extraordinary that will blow everyone away.

They expect their lives to be the best, and we must admit that they usually get it since they are not afraid of the risk and can become very successful in love and work. Egoistic and arrogant, yet gentle -these are the people who belong to the August 5.

Love Compatibility

Unlike so many other Leo Zodiac sign people, these representatives that celebrate their birthdays on the August 5 are aesthetic in their core, but when looking for a suitable partner, they do not ask them to meet some extremely high aesthetic standards, and they instead focus on some other aspects, like interpersonal connection and charm for example.

But this also doesn’t exclude their expectations for their lovers, because their expectations are always high – they feel like they are giving a lot of their partners and families and they expect the same treatment from them. So, their partners can be under significant pressure, because of the high expectations and are never satisfied with second-class partners. They have a passionate nature, but are also very loyal – this also applies to men and women born on this day, and they genuinely have many things to offer to their lovers.

Purpose and Career

When we look realistically into the lives of the people who are born on August 5, we could notice that they have a talent for art and writing, and the poetry that these people create is a fantastic and something special. But this is just one segment of their career opus – these people can be found in various others professions and believe us they can make serious success that can leave a mark in the world.

Those who are born on August 5 can be found in some rare jobs and professions since they have so many diverse interests.

They are energetic but are probably a little more delicate and labile since they want to do many different things during the day, they are all over the place, but they cannot make it, so they are very frustrated and unhappy if they find themselves in that position.

What also could be mentioned here is that these people are drawn to the mysterious and occult, and often have strange dreams that are very symbolic and should be interpreted for the purpose of some spiritual support that these people.

These people as all Leos have a lot of ideals, and grand ambitions and hopes for the future and they can work really hard to achieve them, and they rely on themselves. By doing so, those who belong to the August 5 will not be disappointed as they hold “weapons” and decide to succeed in what they want the most in life.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

The date August 5 is under the influence of the two very connected planets Sun (the ruling planet of all Leo Zodiac sign people) and Mercury that is the ruler of the number 5. This connection is impressive to look from the symbolical point of view – there are two lights, the Sun – the star of creation, that is, the presentation of life itself and the Mercury the Suns closest neighbor.

This connection is reflected in the lives of the people who are born on August 5 in a way that this combination gives them strong interpersonal connection, exchange, movement and adjustment to changes.

Since these people are under this fiery influence, they have two natural natures, in which different principles conflict and this can make confusion in their lives.

But from more positive side these people are blessed to have an initial condition for the birth of intelligence – they can see the real picture in the world, but can also distance themselves from emotional and make realistic decisions in life. What is their primary lesson to learn in life is that they have to move away from the impulse, they need to stifle sensibility and accept the world of reason. Mercury’s process is helping them even if it pushes them into darkness fast – but it is also the planet that can provide good adjustment to life.

Number 5 that can be found in this date and that is the ruler of these people who are born on August 5 brings somewhat positive opportunities in life; it is the number that brings courage and curiosity, it is the number of sensitive attributes and the number that gives.

Their number is 5, and their color is deep red.

Historical Events on August 5

These are the most significant past events that took place on the August 5, and that contribute to the development of humankind.

1305 – William Wallace, a Scottish knight who became one of the main leaders during the First War of Scottish Independence, fell into the hands of England and was executed.

1583 – Humphrey Gilbert founded the first English colony in North America, St. John at Newfoundland.

1716 – Austrian Prince Eugene Savoyen with an army of 40,000 soldiers in the battle struck a heavy defeat for the Turkish army of 150,000 men.

1824 – The Greek fleet under the command of Constantine Kanaris defeated the Ottoman fleet in the battle at Samos.

1914 – Cuba, Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina declared neutrality in the World War I.

1914 – The first electric traffic signals for regulating different traffic routes set in Euclid Avenue and East 105th Street in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

1915 – Germans occupied the Polish capital of Warsaw in the World War I.

1940 – Latvia entered the composition of the USSR called the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic.

1941 – The Battle of Smolensk for over 300,000 Soviet soldiers ended

1949 – About 6,000 people lost their lives in the earthquake 6.7 degrees Richter scale in Ecuador, and about 100,000 were left homeless.

1960 – Upper Volta gained independence from France.

1962 – The American sex symbol Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her apartment, and her death has not yet been clarified.

1962 – Nelson Mandela was thrown into a prison where he will remain until 1990.

1963 – The USSR, the United States and Great Britain signed an agreement in Moscow on the prohibition of nuclear tests.

1974 – US President Richard Nixon admitted he was involved in covering the Watergate affair and blocking an investigation. He resigned on August 9th.

1995 – The US and Vietnam established diplomatic relations after decades of hostility and pledged to promote cooperation.

2001 – The Taliban government in Afghanistan locked eight foreign humanitarian workers on charges of spreading Christianity among Muslims.

2005 – All 15 passengers were killed in the fall of the Russian helicopter in Siberia.

Famous people born on August 5

You will find some names that could be known, but we assure you that those who are born on this day certainly have characteristics that help them find fame in life for a reason. But there is one name of a man who changed the humanity for good. Can you guess his name?

1397 – Guillaume Dufay, a Franco-Flemish composer.

1540 – Joseph Justus Scaliger, a French historian.

1802 – Niels Henrik Abel, a Norwegian mathematician.

1813 – Ivar Aasen, a Norwegian writer.

1827 – Deodoro da Fonseca, a Brazilian politician.

1844 – Ilya Repin, a Russian painter.

1850 – Guy de Maupassant, a French writer and one of the most prominent authors of the short form.

1890 – Naum Gabo, a Russian sculptor.

1906 – John Huston, an American film director.

1930 – Neil Alden Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969.

1930 – Michal Kovác,  the first President of Slovakia.

1939-Irene, a Princess of the Netherlands.

1946- Loni Anderson, an American actress.

1956 – Maureen McCormick, an American actress.

1959- Pete Burns, an English singer, songwriter and television personality.

1963 – Brian Sandoval, an American politician.

1968 – Marine Le Pen, a French politician.

1968 – Colin McRae, a Scottish Rally driver.

1981- Jesse Williams, an American actor.

1997- Olivia Hol, an American actress and singer.

Every individual on this planet is unique and complex in its own way, so simplifying their nature is not possible, like it is not an option in this case.

What we have here are people who have fiery character since they are born on August 5, and they are Leos who live under the planetary influence of the two “similar” planets Sun and Mercury. How is this reflected in their character?

They are not the people who are good for playing around, they are serious in some way, and you should never try to trick them in any way, or to deceive them – they will notice that and hurt you as an act of vengeance. On the other side, we can say that these people are trying to hide weaknesses and insecurities (and they can do it well) and always watch that they are at the right place at the right time so that they can make the most out of some situation. They want a place in life where they can increase or at least retain their glorious reputation.

What also these people have is the surplus of energy and an enormous ego, but those who are born on this are not necessarily greedy and selfish, but only hold some things to themselves, that is all. They are very ambitious and wants to be remembered if not globally, then at least in the broader environment (just look at the biography of the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong). They readily accept risks and are well recovered from possible losses.