August 4 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Astro -Numerology is used to connect the magic that is behind numbers and Zodiac, and in these articles, we deal with these matters, as we look deeply into the birthdates.

In this method, there are nine single-digit basic numbers for interpretation since every date is reduced on one digit.

It is said that numbers hide the eternity secrets in it and that by understanding the numbers we can open the door to wisdom. One method of essential truths are hidden in numerology (numbers) and astrology (planet), and here we have combined them both so that we get the best results possible and that the whole story has the true meaning and purpose.

It is also said that esoteric secrets are hidden in the secret corridors of the Astro- numerology; some go as far as saying that this science contains confidential information that can be discovered in numerical form, in the way of symbols.

Today we are speaking of both aspects of the date August 4, Zodiac sign Leo, and other essential elements that are related to this date.

Personality and Character

These people who are born on August 4 are people who are in love in life, and if they live a life that they find fulfilling, and then they like to communicate with others, share ideas and relax. Of course, their relaxation can be different than other people’s amusement.

They are the people who enjoy rest; they are helpful to the people that are around them, and will always help their neighbors. These people are direct in everything but do not care for it; they can be very conscientious about their finances, and they often have the possibility of secret income.

These people are not always readily accepted, because they are not inclined to present them in the most favorable light (unlike so many people who are born as Leos), and are very cruelly real, they see things that others put under the carpet and do not like to beautify reality even though it is driven by a strong inner desire for perfection and beauty.

But beauty and perfection would not be enough if these people are not turned to the spiritual goals, unusual occurrences, and people in general. They are interested in occultism and like to deal with the human nature as part of their lives research. But as true Leos, they want fame, recognition and success.

Many representatives of this date are not superficial as some Leos are – they do not like to waste time on “empty stories”, but they respect the tradition, the older and wiser, and in this sense, they have a lot of patience for the people it is related to business.

Love Compatibility

This is a lovely, compelling and convincing date that gives people to have an active subconscious, a recognisable attitude and appearance. These people of the August 4 leave others “without words or breathless” because they do not respond readily to courtship, they instead take their time and play hard to get.

What is noticeable is that these people have some unique energy that is at first glance seen and undeniable; there can also seem as a reserve, mystical persons since there is a combination of the active energy that is combined with passive power. Because of this, this date, August 4 gives the penetrating, emotional strong personality, great emotional strength, but increased emotional exclusivity (there is no middle ground in white or black).

Also, we need to mention that these people are hidden romantics and that their emotional energy brings much greater internal vulnerability compared to how they are presented to others (as all Leos).

At some times these individuals can act like or better to say to pretend that they do not care about the opposite sex, but the attraction is there, in any case, which is sometimes very powerful when it comes from these people.

Purpose and Career

Those who are born on August 4 are people who are clever and can quickly understand the state in which they find themselves in, and can predict which direction the events will unfold. This is an aspect that can be used in their work, especially if we know that these people are reasonable and have a good, active mind.

They are the humans who have a good sense of humor and are naturally invincible in a sense that they can learn from their mistakes -this is a necessity if they want to make it their jobs.


Those who are born on August 4 have a poetic and literary gift, but what they need to do is to cultivate their amazing and natural talents in that direction. At one time in their lives, at the beginnings of their careers, these people are dreamers, and at another time, later in life perhaps these people are very practical.

These Leos love books, but do not devote much time to learning. They need their alone time, and they hate to be rushed to do something they do not want. Their business life will have many ups and downs, but ultimately it will be successful.

Regarding money, they do not waste money, like so many other Leo Zodiac sign do, but they have to learn to open their hand when others need them to.

There is no doubt about it; these people can save, cause they are aware that it will benefit them – those who are born on August 4 are smart enough to make money, and it all depends on whether they want or do not want to do it.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Those who are born on August 4 are people who belong to the Zodiac sign Leo that is under the government of the almighty Sun, but also they belong to the number 4 and the planet Saturn. And here we have two opposites – there is one massive planet that is cold and that has locked energy. Even if planet Saturn can have these unwanted characteristics, it is the planet that could bring some good lessons, even if they are about to learn through the pain and torture.

Saturn creates difficulties and limitations for the one who is under his influence, but the almighty Sun gives these people necessary tools in the form of power, will and intellect. Saturn tries to slow things down, while the Sun is doing everything to reverse the process – so these people who are born on August 4 are fighters.

This planetary combination brings temptations, and its symbolical influence on these people is to teach them a lesson that they can use later in life.

Numerologically looking at this date, symbolical meaning of the numeral 4 is that is the number of intellect and hard work, of human energy that change things for the benefit of all humanity.

Their color is dark brown, and their numbers are 4 and 12.

Historical Events on August 4

As you know, history can teach us lessons, just like the planet Saturn that is the planet teacher, and today we have gathered all the critical events that took place on August 4.

70 – The Roman forces seize and destroy the Temple in Jerusalem during the siege of the Jewish uprising.

1265 – The Second Baron War: The Battle of Eves – Prince Edward’s army (later King Edward I) then defeated rebel army baron Simon de Montfort.

1578 – Portugal’s attempt to take Morocco collapsed in defeat in the Battle of Alcácer Quibir.

1704 – In the Spanish Heritage War, the English-Dutch forces were occupied by the Spanish city of Gibraltar.

1789 – During the French Revolution, the Parliament of France abolished all privileges of feudalists.

1791 – The Peace was signed which determined the border between Austria and the Ottoman Empire.

1914 – German troops attacked Belgium, Britain declared war on Germany, and the United States declared neutrality.

1916 – Denmark has given the US $ 25 million to West Indies, including the Virgin Islands.

1936 – Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas suspended parliament and the constitution.

1944 – In a hideout in Amsterdam, Gestapo arrested the Frank family and four other Jews and deported them to a concentration camp.

1954 – British supersonic combat aircraft “Electric Lighting P-1” performed its first flight.

1983 – Betino Kirksey, as the first socialist, assumed the post of prime minister of Italy, achieving a record in the length of the survival of an Italian government after the World War II.

1984 – Upper Volta changed its name to Burkina Faso.

1992 – Millions of Black people ended a two-day general strike against a white-collar government in South Africa, killing 30 people.

1993 – The Japanese authorities apologised officially to women who during the World War II served as sexual slaves to Japanese soldiers.

1999 – In the catastrophic floods in China, more than 400 people have died, and two million are left homeless.

2000 – British Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 100th birthday in London as the first person from a royal family that has lived for one century.

2001 – Palestine issued an official announcement on the suspension of armed attacks against Israel.

2001- The leaders of North Korea and Russia, Kim Jong-Li and Vladimir Putin, signed a declaration that Pyongyang must adhere to the moratorium on missile tests by 2003.

Famous people born on August 4

We ask from you that you look up even the smallest versions of the biographies of the people who are born on August 4, and you will be able to see how amazing they are.

1290 – Leopold I, the Austrian Duke.

1521 – Urban VII, the Pope.

1604 – François Hédelin, abbé d’Aubignac, a French writer.

1792 – Percy Bish Shelley, an English Romanticism poet.

1821- Louis Vuitton, a French entrepreneur and designer.

1839 – Walter Pater, an English critic and essayist.

1859 – Knut Hamsun Pedersen, a Norwegian writer.

1900 – Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, the British Queen Mother.

1901 – Louis Armstrong, the legendary American jazz musician, trumpeter and singer.

1912 – Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish humanist.

1942 – Don Sinclair Davis, an American actor.

1955 – Billy Bob Thornton, an American actor.

1961 – Barak Hussein Obama II, 44th President of the United States of America.

1965 – Fredrik Reinfeldt, a Swedish politician.

1970 – John August, an American screenwriter.

1974 – Alberto Kily González, an Argentine footballer.

1981- Meghan Markle, an American former actress, and the wife of Prince Harry.

1983 – Greta Gerwig, an American actress, director and writer.

1985 -Antonio Valencia, an Ecuadorian footballer.

We need to add up a few more lines about these people that will blow your mind and widen your picture about those who are born on this day.

These persons are born on August 4, like Leos who are under the planetary influence of the combination Sun- Saturn they are smart and successful people who are successful persons with the need to know that they understand the hidden fears and needs of the world, but humans who can follow this compelling personality.

One more thing needs to be added, these people of the August 4 genuinely attract some hidden power and are ready for the most challenging tasks and life assignments, and they never surrender. On top of this, those who are born on this as do not like empty stories and too much variety, they want to know what and in what direction they are going, and what will wait for them there.

These people are attracted to the world of the unknown, taboo; history often draws them, most of all they love the truth, so they are most sensitive to lies and dishonesty, and enjoy everything that is forbidden.

People of the August 4 know tend to be obsessed with it, they developed especially vulnerable behavior and are inclined with impatient and unreasonable emotional actions when things do not go as they wanted.

In the most extreme instances, these people can be attracted to the pain, and they can occasionally show the inclination of masochism as if these Leos are accustomed to having to help to themselves.