August 3 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

No matter from where have we came, or who created us, we are imperfect human beings, and we all have a positive and negative side of the personality, although we are not aware of everything – precisely this ignorance is the aspect that can help us grow and learn in life.

Astrological analyses serve to this purpose – the description of symptoms and celestial bodies are precise what assists man to get to know himself better, and everyone has the right to direct himself according to his own will.

The aspect that cannot be changed is our birthdates as a constant element, the first letter in the Astro-numerological story. And the beginnings are the most important step in reading, and like that in this case, we have to learn about letters before we learn to read.

Today we are speaking about the date August 3, and for that purpose, we gathered all significant elements that will help us to learn as much as possible about this date in August.

Personality and Character

This date gives people who are Leos in all of their glory, but they have the opportunity to turn their attention to ambition, education, status, to find his right “place” somewhere far away in life and spreading optimistic attitudes towards people. You can see how much these Leos can make their life amazing with all the abilities that were given to them.

Those who belong to the August 3 have enhanced courage, honor, generosity, are blessed with the joyful nature and a colorful relaxation -all of this is in the character of these people.

They combine the dynamics and bring the possibility of constant expansion and the need to participate in all things, to rejoice in life, to continually meet new friends, to improve and without prejudice -and you know that we all love people who are like this.

These individuals who are born on August 3 are mentally unusual people of genius ideas who will always offer a good solution in advance. To remain happy, these people have to communicate with dear, active persons to jointly create something from the beginning.

From a cynical perspective, these people can be very impatient and can irritate by asking their environment with fast but successful results. They always say what they think and do not mind them to adapt to the standards of the situation that do not suit them.

Love Compatibility

Some representatives of this date cannot fall in love quickly, but when this happens, it will probably be a “difficult case of love” because they will be hit hard and fast, and will not know what it hit them. The main advice for these people is to only give their affection only to those who are worthy to receive goodness that these people can provide because if they do not, they will regret their whole life.

These people are those who are recognisable for their smile, and with that smile, you can see their care for their potential partner; these people become the favorite of the opposite sex, and successful in love. If those who are born on August 3 smile, you know that they like you very much; otherwise they will hold their lips closed and will rarely speak.

They are partners who look forward to the happiness of others without the latter’s intentions; they are friendly to the people of whom they will learn something or who is on his “length.”

What is particularly attractive for them in the eyes of the other is their evident struggle for noble, high goals, justice, truth, morality. They have great charm, but the need for jealousy is well concealed in those who are born on August 3.

Purpose and Career

These people can look into the eyes of their co-workers as those who are quiet and reserved since are not prone to sharing thoughts and ideas with others -their opinions are their babies, and they want them for themselves.

These people who are born on August 3 are good at debates, they could be very convincing, and eventually, they could become lawyers. While they are working, these people are considered to be orderly and clean workers with an almost militarily precision.

Above all others, those who belong to this day have good executive abilities and can manage large companies -in the times that will come they will be tempted to gain power, though most likely only later in life.


Another side that is worth mentioning is their sense of beauty, and they can find suitable careers in painting, sculpting, or designing.

As all Leos, those who are born on August 3 are people who have ideal aspirations and are never satisfied with anything where they cannot be the best. This is the struggle that can sometimes bring them so much good in their lives and careers too, all depends.

Everything they do, these people like to be different from others, and they often speak more languages and have to finish two faculties. They can be excellent politicians, diplomats, private owners of some business.

These people will have significant business success, but it will depend on the amount of work these characters are ready to invest in some venture. Because you know Leos are not the hardest working people, there is, so they need to try hard for the success they are dreaming off.

Others describe people who are born on August 3 as lazy, but when they know that they are entirely right, they will fight as long it takes; and we will add that they have a strong sense of justice.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Those who are born on August 3 are the people who are Leos in the Zodiac system of signs, and this means that their ruler is also the Sun. Besides the Sun, they are under the planet Jupiter since that is the planet that is a ruler of numeral 3 that can be found in this combination, as a date.

The combination Sun -Jupiter is good in a sense it brings substantial impact on the people who are under its rule, and this link is what keeps the people on their chosen course.

Jupiter is the planet that manages harmony, material and spiritual abundance, a possibility of the happiness, growth, size and expansion in every sense.

And we should remind ourselves that the Sun in every combination represents power and vitality, a personal identity, and ego. So these people are adorned with the Individuality, sincerity, dignity, and self-esteem.

Also, the Sun can have negative aspects – it can bring issues in the presentation of one’s personality and the lack of favorable characteristics. But luckily for those who are born on August 3, there is a Jupiter that makes thing much more prosperous and positive.

Sun in this combination brings positive energy, good solutions and inner peace. Jupiter’s power is similar to that of the Sun. It is itself a small centre in comparison to other planets, so when finding in combination with the almighty Sun it can be pretty complementary and it can be the bearer of the good news.

Numerologically speaking number 3 is considered to be the prosperous number that by itself can bring many positive opportunities in a life of an individual; it is the number that gives interest in spirituality, along with many exciting abilities that could be used for the creation of a prosperous life.

Their numbers are 3 and 33, and their color is sky blue or any color that is incredibly bright and sparkly.

Historical Events on August 3

History can teach us that hero or noticeable person can become anyone; a savior can come from the crowd and from the lowest social status. But also history can remind us that those are there to protect us, might follow their own selfish way. Here are some history lessons that happen on the August 3 and should teach us to make a difference between the two.

435 – Emperor Nestorius of Constantinople was expelled to Egypt as the founder of the Nestorianism.

1347 – English King Edward III occupied the French city of Calais in the Centennial War, which remained under the rule of England until 1558.

1492 – Christopher Columbus, a Spanish sailor, sailed on the Santa Maria from the Spanish port of Palos de la Frontera on his first trip to the west where he discovered America.

1571- After an eleven-month siege, the Turks occupied the city of Famagusta in Cyprus and carried out a massacre of the population.

1675 – The French beat the Netherlands and the Spanish fleet at Palermo and occupied Sicily.

1778 – The Scala Opera House opened in Milan, the work of architect Giuseppe Piermarini.

1858 – English explorer John Speke discovered Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile River.

1881 – British troops occupied the Egyptian city of Suez, which enabled the United Kingdom to become the owner of the entire Suez Canal Zone in 1883.

1904 – The British attacked Tibet and occupied the capital of Las Vegas, and the religious leader of the Dalai Lama fled to the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar.

1914 – The World War I: Germany declared the war to France, Belgium rejected Germany’s request for its troops to enter that country, and the United Kingdom warned Germany that the invasion of Belgium meant a general war in Europe.

1936 – American athlete Jesse Wood wins the first of four gold medals at the Olympic Games in Berlin with a long jump of 8.06 meters.

1940 – Lithuania formally became part of the USSR called the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic.

1940 – Italy began the invasion of British Somaliland.

1958 – Under the command of William Anderson, the US submarine Nautilus was the first to go under the ice in the North Pole.

1960 – Niger has become independent of France.

1996 – The United Nations has announced that the Tutsi army in Burundi has killed thousands of Hut civilians in a series of massacres carried out between April and July.

Famous people born on August 3

As we mentioned in previous sections, a hero could be anyone, and anyone could be a “bad guy” as history teach us. Here are some names that marked specific era – those are the people who are born on August 3.

1770 – Friedrich III, a Prussian King from 1797 to 1840.

1872 – Haakon VII, the king of Norway.

1879 – Alma Mahler, an Austrian artist.

1901 – Stefan Wyszyński, a Polish Archbishop and Cardinal.

1903 – Habib Bourguiba, a Tibetan statesman.

1920 -P. D. James, a British writer.

1926-Tony Bennett, an American singer.

1940-Martin Sheen, an American actor.

1941-Martha Stewart, an American TV host.

1963 -James Alan Hetfield, an American musician (Metallica).

1977-Tom Brady, an American National Football League quarterback.

1979- Evangeline Lilly, an American actress.

1986- Darya Domracheva, a Belarusian biathlete.

1991 – Kaori Kawanaka, a Japanese archer.

1992 – Karlie Kloss, an American model.

Let us speak some more about these great Leo individuals born on August 3 – they are considered to be the intellectuals, the ambassadors of courage and will, they are people who cannot help but being theatrical when it comes to a far-reaching position in the society. They are people who receive unique energy beyond the boundaries of their “humble” beginnings.

In a way, others describe these people as leisurely persons, often uninterested in some great jobs, they can like to enjoy their homes without having a lot of visits; they are reclusive in some way. But this doesn’t mean that they are not contemplating grand ideas, because they do, in a significant manner.

This is a pleasant and straightforward Leo Zodiac sign that is under the influence of the combination Sun-Jupiter and this means, besides other things that they can be professionally very methodical and productive, but privately nonchalant and relaxed.

You should remember that these people don’t like to obey orders, because those who belong to the August 3 believe in the energy of positive thoughts, but freedom and equality among people.