August 29 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

How can we make our lives better? How can we progress to the greatest extent? We will tell you – by using knowledge about our Zodiac sign. So, to be able to use our potentials and reduce flaws in our lives, it is necessary to get to know and accept ourselves primarily because we are only then able to change things and make our world more beautiful. So you can see how fantastic Astrology can be, and how much it can be useful.

There is no best and worst Zodiac sign, we all have both good and one wrong side, and it depends on us how much we will and how to use it.

It’s all about our perception and our commitment to discovering the truth. The unfortunate aspect of the horoscope can be quite dangerous, but it can also be outstanding and inspiring, our driving force to act.

The science of Astrology is there to help, but first of all, we must be open to help ourselves. It’s all around us, and we need to learn to recognise signs along the way, we need to look deeper and never to be afraid of learning more. Today we are looking into the date August 29, along with the ruling Zodiac sign Virgo.

Personality and Character

As all Virgos, those humans who are born on August 29 have so many characteristics of these Zodiac sign – they love order and hate chaos and want their lives as much as possible to be enriched by compromise and order. This all because they are very practical and do, so the solutions have a task to do their life more comfortable. This does not suggest that these people are rigid, because they are not in any way, quite the opposite.

These people are under the influence of the Mercury, and they are active and fiery people who are somehow always expressed in an organised and organised manner. Unlike so many other Virgos out there, these people can have one more critical line of the character – they can improvise and can be more relaxes than some others.

This does not mean that these people born on August 29 rarely face the failure of what they do, but instead, find the way out of the newly emerging situation quickly coming to new solutions.

So many people who are born on August 29 do not have a real relationship to their emotions and have to find some other way than regular way to express them. Although they are very emotional, they struggle to organise their private life and make an enormous effort to separate their business life from their private life -these two often mix in their lives. Occasionally, these people lose control over their emotions, and they hardly maintain a stubborn relationship with their partner.

Love Compatibility

One of the main characteristics of the people who are born on August 29 is that they, even in love always count and measure they look at the details and feel that they do not make a mistake, while they seek for errors in the life of their lovers. Their partners must be aware that their mind works full steam; they record the situation and make long-term projections. That is why it sometimes people of the August 29 seems undecided and slow, but they believe that thoroughness is the best policy.

These people can get in touch with economic interest and play a fatal partner and great lover at the same time. If such a relationship brings material security, they will endeavor to keep it alive, but will not be happy with such an arrangement.

The problem with people who are in close or romantic relationships with those who are born on August 29 is that they feel very lonely, even if they are intimate. These people, or to be more specific, some representatives of this date can be oriented to the physical plan and emphasise the sexual activity. Because of their living emotions, these people are often exciting partners, and very reliable, since these two cannot go hand in hand they can be in problem.

However, those who belong to this date can make creative use of their private life; they can use their love problems and use them to write an exciting story and become very successful people – they can turn their love misery into something great.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on August 29 are considered to be weird, and they see everything with their own eyes and what they have and that others don’t have is their sense of humor that is very cosy, and have fun situations that others do not. This helps them in their everyday functioning and their work also, since these people are not like other Virgos they are not so serious.

In some other way, those who are born on August 29 love luxury and the best of everything. They will not allow poverty and will make every effort to improve, and to rise above the contemporary state to a level that is better and that will better express their real potential.

These people are quite vital and can do remarkable amounts of work. Also, they can be very precise and diligent in everything they do, as all Virgos are – dedicated and detailed.

For some representatives of this date the scene can be very attractive, so they have the desire to find their purpose under the spotlights.


We should also mention that those who are born on August 28 are very interested in strange and any hidden and spiritual things that prompt them to devote more to research. They could be good journalists or reporters, but in fact, they can do well everything they want, and that can bring them material satisfaction. ,

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Number 2 and the Moon rules persons born on August 29, as an addition to the Mercury influence that is responsible for all Zodiac Virgos.

Those who are under the influence of the numeral 2, in general, love society and they are better associates and partners than leaders. However, the tendency to turn to social values in these people can reduce their initiative and cause frustration. This danger is further enhanced by the influence of the Moon that brings reflexivity and passivity, and it could be something that is in opposition to the fast and vivid Mercury planet. This, Mercury Moon combination is favorable since it is related to the imagination, intuition, and the ability to express emotions with skill and ease.

In these people who are born on August 29 we can see the picture there is a tendency for a beautiful expression, and the sensitivity is emphasised, but also a strong relationship with family or life partner.

Their numbers are 2 and 22, and their color is white.

Historical Events on August 29

From the Ottoman wars to one of the worlds natural disasters that hit the world happened on this day, and their repercussions are felt to this day.

1526 – Ottoman Sultan Suleyman I defeated the Hungarian King Ludwig II of the Monarch field, who drowned in the river during a retreat.

1541 – The troops of the Ottoman Empire conquer Budim (today’s Budapest).

1756 – With the attack on Saxony, Prussian King Friedrich II began the Seven Years War.

1820 – A civil revolution began in Porto in Portugal, which forced King John VI to pass a liberal constitution in 1821, abolishing the inquisition and privileges of feudal lords.

1825 –  Portugal has recognised the independence of Brazil.

1842 – The first Opium war between China and Great Britain ended with the peace agreement in Nanking.

1885 – A German engineer Gottlieb Daimler patented the first motorcycle.

1943- In an uprising against the German occupation, Denmark submerged its fleet of 30 warships and several submarines in World War II.

1945 – The US troops under the command of General George Marshall began to land in the World War II on the ground of Japan.

1949 – USSR secretly carried out the first explosion of an atomic bomb. The news was announced on September 22.

1965 – An American spaceship “Jemini V”, with astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad, landed in the Atlantic after eight days spent in the bird’s orbit.

1991 –  The Soviet parliament suspended the Communist Party and frozen its bank accounts.

1996 – Russian “Tupolev 154” aircraft, which transported miners to a remote Arctic island, hit a mountain peak in Norway. All passengers and crew members were killed.

1997 – The killing of 300 people in an Algerian village is one of the worst slaughter by Islamists in that country.

1998 – 79 people were killed in a Cuban plane crash when they left the airport in Kuwait (Ecuador).

1999 – Residents of East Timor, despite the fear of violence, went on a historic referendum, on which 99 per cent declared for separation from Indonesia.

2005 – Hurricane Katrina hit the American coast of the Mexican Gulf and almost completely flooded the city of New Orleans. More than 1,000 people died, and 500,000 had to leave their homes.

Famous people born on August 29

Few amazing people made our list, but one is particularly interesting, and yes we are talking about the King of Pop.

1619 – Jean Baptist Colbert, a French statesman.

1632 – John Locke, an English philosopher.

1755 -Jan Henryk Dąbrowski, a Polish general.

1780  -Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, a French painter.

1844 – Edward Carpenter, an English writer, socialist and gay activist.

1871 – Albert François Lebrun, a French statesman.

1915 – Ingrid Bergman, a Swedish film and theatre actress.

1920 – Charlie Parker, an American jazz musician.

1923 – Richard Attenborough, a British filmmaker.

1936 – John McCain, an American politician and senator.

1939 –  Joel Schumacher, an American director, screenwriter and film producer.

1942 – Sterling Morrison, an American guitarist.

1947 – James Hunt, an English Formula One driver.

1958 – Michael Jackson, an American pop singer.

1967 –  Jiri Ruzek, a Czech photographer.

1969 – Lucero Hogaza León, a Mexican actress, singer and TV host.

1972 – Radek Bejbl, a Czech soccer player.

1976 – Jon Dahl Tomasson, a  Danish football manager and former player.

1981 – Siarhei Rutenka, a Belarusian handball player.

1995- Liam Payne, a British singer.

We will conclude this article by examining one of the greatest singers and pop stars on the planet that is born on this day – we are talking about one Virgo that is born on this day, Michael Jackson.

Michael Joseph Jackson, a famous American singer, was born on August 29, 1958. His Sun was in the Virgo sign, and this date turn out to be very tough. There is a colossal amount of power locked in this date combination of power and transformation, along with the self-destructive tendency, with a negative planetary dynamics.

Often (but not always) there are great experiences, and it is well known that Michael Jackson had an unsatisfactory relationship with his father, so this is that great but most negatively. Some say that this pain brought so much success in his life, but it has also driven him to madness.

He was a Virgo who pursues perfection in every aspect of his life, and it can be seen the love for the stage and good interaction with the audience, along with the principle of rebellion and eccentricity in its relations with others. We can also see a strong need to be loved and problematic relationship with their emotions; more in a way that they have so many unrealised and even controversial relations in life, starting with the family.

Also in his natal chart, it can be seen a presentation of wound and healing, in a challenging aspect – it points to the injury and sense of subjective beauty, which is why this famous singer has undergone many plastic surgeries.

Maybe now you have a more precise picture of the character of these people, who are born on August 29.