August 28 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

There is one particular type of the Astrology that we maybe did not mention so far, and we are talking about the Karmic astrology. This type is considered to be the type of the Astrology that represents the manifestation of the essential aspects that have to do with previous life events, and well-educated astrologer can reveal such events (they can sometimes be the cause of problematic current events in the life of an individual).

Above all, this type of Astrology is connected to the spiritual side of the people, and its goal is to establish a balance in the present life, to solve karmic debts and to deal with all weaknesses.

Like all types of Astrology are based on the birthdates and it in a personal natal chart through this method of analysis, we can examine karmic elements, and this can be useful for future growth.

Today we are looking into the world of the people who are born on August 28, with all additional information.

Personality and Character

People born on August 28 are people who show what they feel by using their words that can be their most potent weapon and their way to success. These are the people of many talents and can be people who are very angry, and they insult people, even if those who are very close to them and this is not fair.

But like all Virgos, these people will never admit that they are wrong. But in the broader sense, some of the people born on August 28 are less verbally oriented and are much more favorable toward their environment. They are also very convincing and can make others think about things in the way they fit them.

People born on August 28 have and very often use their power of persuasion very well, but also for manipulation of others, and this is sometimes very unfair and unhealthy for them. Their arguments have the structure of reliable systems that do not have a lot of contradictions, even if they have, but these people are so convinced that they can make others believe in everything they want.

They mainly use rhetorical skills to clarify their ideas and convince others of their views, and are rarely physically aggressive.

Unlike some others, these people are in most of the time firm on the ground. What characterises them is the sharp mind and continually evaluating, analysing and studying the circumstances in which they are.

People born on August 28th cannot be impressed by others conviction, they will retreat quickly if they find that their attitudes are contrary to facts.

Perhaps the character of those who are born on August 28 is that they have for the family and its member’s great respect and immense love. It’s the same with friends. They have only a few select friends that they love to the bone. The reason for this mainly lies in their need to analyse things, even the lives of their friends, and to continually seek some problem that needs to be solved. And as often they criticise, they are not the type of people who will suit everyone.

Love Compatibility

People born on August 28 are in love natural and very passionate with their lovers, and when they feel comfortable enough they are gentle, imaginative, but sometimes even capricious. Their partners fall in love with their beautiful minds, a gentle and pitiful nature, although they can go through some very unstable emotional states at an early age.

People who belong to this date at first glance seem like cold and far. Still, it’s just a mask. They will not only agree to quick sex or a little scheme; they will evaluate and study the potential partner before open and show emotions.

Some say that these people are pretty complicated to love.

People born on August 28 do not allow relaxing and emancipating so easily and push the mind where it is not necessary. There is a plan in this field of love as well. To fulfill and maximally provide the required attention, love, care for their partner and create an atmosphere where they can observe and show feelings – it is imperative. They rarely talk about love.

On the more negative note, these people are extremely difficult to advice and direct. Moreover, they are trying to direct and advise family and friends. For these people, it is recommended to have sensual pleasures, and active sexual expression, since they have a tendency to become closed and reserved. They all have that impulse, and it is very unhealthy to hold it back, so they need to find an exact match so they can be comfortable to relax.


To be honest, they are not those people who abound with charm and attract people with their magnetism. They are not mysterious and not tricky to conjecture. They like to have their view and always have their opinions about something. These people who are born on August 28 are never indifferent, and they express this attitude clearly and loudly. Sometimes it’s hard for them to accept the kind they are.

Purpose and Career

Maybe it could seem pretentious, those who are born on August 28 are born as geniuses in this world, and they should nurture the gift that nature has given to them, and they should use their qualities to do something great in life, and also help people in the world.

They tend to get involved with art and music, and not many people can approach them as rarely as. Also, those who are born on August 28 love literature and poetry, and can write for themselves, and as you will be able to see later in this article, one of the greatest professors and critics was born on this day.

Again, to a significant extent, the mind of these Virgos is scientifically oriented, and they have an excellent memory. Intuitive sizes and can estimate human nature well; they can even be religious and philosophical and are interested in hidden and spiritual things. They can find some careers that are connected to these attributes.

They “swallow” books of all genres, and it is also said that these people will make money without much trouble. They love traveling, and it will be an essential part of their business.

Given their talents, and looking objectively into their abilities, these individuals born on August 28 can become outstanding counselors, social workers, politicians, and even if this is not their first choice in their profession, they can do these jobs in the second half of their lives.

Therefore, people born this day must develop a strong sense of responsibility for their family, social group or organisation in which they are involved, and this is the other part of their talents.

For people born on August 28, it is necessary that the advice given to others occasionally be given to them. It is required to develop flexibility and openness for the feelings and desires of others, and they will be the best in their jobs.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Persons born on August 28 are ruled by the number one and the Sun, besides the Mercury influence that is in charge for all Virgo Zodiac sign people.

The Sun symbolises powerful creative energy and fire that should be kept under control because it occasionally gets out of control and the Mercury just makes this process faster and more problematic; these people have a lot of things on their minds, so they should be careful.

Since those who are born on August 28 are by their very nature the dominant personality, the combination of the Sun and the Mercury can bring them a tendency towards positive attitudes and despotism. The ruling planet Mercury gives a characteristic of communicativeness and the gift of speech. They like to talk and when they do not ask them, and they especially like to share tips and critiques, and this is some of their characteristics with which people most difficult to deal with and painful to accept.

Mercury and the Sun combination can also bring wisdom and sharpness, but also success in science. It can be the symbol of the introspection and philosophy, an intellectual people with the subjective and pronounced egoism that stuns in speech and sometimes hurts others.

Those in number 1 are more likely to be the first in everything and have a tendency to reach the very top; this is the number that wants to rule all other numbers/people, and they are especially driven by being better than everyone else. They are more confident than any other Virgo Zodiac sign individual.

Their numbers are 1 and 28, and their color is orange.

Historical Events on August 28

Take a deep dive into the past events that happened on August 28, can you add some more information about this date, based on the nature of these events?

475 – Flavius ​​Orestus expelled Emperor Julius Nepos and placed on the throne of his 10-year-old son, Romulus Augustus.

1619 – Ferdinand II became a Roman-German emperor. The struggle against Protestantism marked his reign.

1849 – Austrian troops under the command of Field Marshal Joseph Radetzky von Radetz overcame the resistance of Daniele Manin and occupied Venice, which proclaimed independence in March 1848.

1850 – For the first time, Richard Wagner’s opera “Lohengrin” was performed. Orchestra was conducted by Franc List.

1914 – The World War I: The British Royal Navy defeated the German fleet in Battle for the Heligoland Bay.

1914 – The World War I: German troops occupied the region Namur in Belgium.

1916 – Germany declared war on Romania in the World War I and Italy to Germany.

1922 – WEAF Radio Station in New York broadcasts, for the first time in the world, and commercials lasted for 10 minutes.

1924 – Georgians started the uprising against the Soviet authorities.

1931 – France and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression agreement.

1943 – World War II: a general strike against the German occupation began in Denmark.

1944 – The last German soldiers in Marseille, France, surrendered to the Allies in World War II.

1963 – Human Rights Defender Martin Luther King held in front of the 200,000 protesters at Washington, The March of freedom, and held his famous speech entitled “I Have A Dream”.

1973 – More than 500 people were killed in the earthquake southwest of Sioux City, and about 1,000 injured.

1975 – France sent troops and police to Corsica to suppress demonstrations demanding autonomy.

1990 – Iraq declared that the occupied Kuwait 19th province of Iraq.

Famous people born on August 28

Learning about a specific date is not just looking into some numbers, it is much more; by looking into the life of the people who are born on August 28, you can learn so much more.

1749 – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a German writer.

1867 – Umberto Giordano, an Italian composer.

1878 – George Hoyt Whipple, an American physician and nobleman.

1913 -Robertson Davies, a Canadian writer and critic.

1961 – Jennifer Coolidge, an American actress.

1962 – David Fincher, an American film director.

1965 – Shania Twain, a Canadian singer.

1968 – Billy Boyd, a Scottish actor.

1969 – Jason Priestley, a Canadian-American actor.

1969- Jack Black, an American actor.

1974 –  Carsten Janker, a German footballer.

1977 – Juanin Garcia, a Spanish Handball Representative.

1982 – Tiago Mota, an Italian-Brazilian soccer player.

1983 – Alfonso Herrera, a Mexican actor and musician.

1986 -Florence Welch, a  British singer.

1991 – Andreja Pejic, an Australian model, formerly androgynous model.

1995 – Andreas Wellinger, a German skier-jumper.

2003 – Quvenzhané Wallis, an American actress.

Also, they have great intuition, are extremely smart and have a perfect memory. Moreover, those who are born on August 28 remember such details that you will be left without text by spilling some facts.

Although they have their own position and are full of advice and opinions about some things, we could not say that these people are attacking and turning people crazy. We could say that these people are in a way withdrawn and shy, as all Virgos.