August 27 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

By using astrology and knowledge that comes from the information that Zodiac sign and particular date bring, we can find out how to achieve well-being in our life, attract prosperity and financial advancement.

It is also said that each and every Zodiac sign in the Zodiac system is assigned a specific crystal, plant, color, mantra to help transform life to the best possible version, and articles like this one can provide you with such information.

There is one thing that we maybe did not mention so far -it is something that can be called revelation, a piece of knowledge that covers all those elements that can attract success, giving us guidelines for what should be used and what should be avoided.

Today we are looking into the Virgo Zodiac sign, but mainly looking into the character of the people who are born on August 27.

Personality and Character

These are people who are in constant contact with the Earth. They are mostly conservative and realistic. Although they are capable of almost Spartan self-discipline, these people can be very emotional and can be hurt very quickly, even falling into the states of severe depression.

On the other hand, they love luxury and material goods, and they are efficient in their lives, but also they have some ideas that lead them.

In some symbolical way, these people could be described as permanent and robust erosion of the dark emotional forces that thunder beneath their feet.

Let us start from the beginning of this Astro-numerological story, people born on August 27 in their youth face the crude realities of the world by suppressing their idealistic nature; as all Virgos, if things are not going in the right direction, then it is problematic for them to grow. It often happens that these people who belong to the August 27 do not notice their idealism and they feel like they are realistic and down to earth.  These people can face depression and negative thinking, they tend to be pessimistic human people, and it is recommended that they join a group that works for the benefit of the community.

Many of these people who are born on August 27 consider when they eventually belong to a particular group as irreplaceable to their family or social group. These people cannot stand the idea that things can go very smoothly, without significant problems, it takes issues and pain for things to grow (this is how they see things).

The social interest of people born on August 27 is so great that they rarely achieve success if they are dealing with separate and independent lives; they need to be connected in some way with others. An overwhelming desire for power that Virgos born this have usually lead to a nervous breakdown and frustration and disables the realisation of plans and projects. We will discuss this issue little later in the chapter, along with the advice on how to overcome this issue.

Love Compatibility

These people like to spend their free time enjoying the theatre and opera, art in general; they love dancing and any social entertainment, so these people who are born on August 27 need lovers who enjoy same things. But they also need lovers who will understand that they have a specific time in their lives when they need to reduce these experiences since they need to pursue their careers.

If they don’t, one day their partners will have an awkward awakening and will be difficult handling their character. They should be a little more sensible and attentive; then their lovers can enjoy the best of them.

Purpose and Career

People born on August 27 are those who are very energetic and active in their work and project ideas, and these people have the energy to run around when something needs to be done, with anyone, they want a job to be done.

These people are usually good students, and they have a good memory and can remember much information for a short time, and they can use their clear mind in all matters. As all Virgos, those who are born on August 27 have military discipline, and even if they choose to work as an artist, they will have a certain precision and discipline in all of their chaos.

People born on August 27 are often not particularly interested in their physical or mental health, and the depression can occur suddenly, most often when they feel that their efforts are unsuccessful or that what they do is not appreciated enough. These people need recognition, and the need from their work environment to see and accept their effort. Otherwise, these people will be unhappy, and they will have a problem in dealing with this stress.

They are straightforward, and in any company, they can be worthy workers, and every aspect of their personality is something that indicates that they will be very successful in their work and that they will collect a lot of property before death – this is something that is so similar for all Virgo people who like to have security in their lives, and like to save money. They need to learn to be more lenient to someone else’s faults and remember that experience is the only real teacher and that part of it must be in everything, no matter how reasonable it was to advise them. They need to accept that they are not the smartest or the wisest people in the world and that they need to listen to someone else.


Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Number 9 and planet Mars rules persons born on August 27, besides Mercury that is in charge for all Virgo Zodiac sign people.  The Mars Planet is active and aggressive, the embodiment of male energy, and for this reason, women born this day are firm and masculine for those who have a traditional idea of femininity. In Astrology Mercury presents a planet of communication. He rules the zodiac sign Gemini and Virgo. Mercury refers to thinking processes, intellectual area, inspiration, subtlety and flexibility.

However, this planet also offers a tendency to insecurity, cheating, and lies, and these people can be insecure in their lives.

The Mars- Mercury connection symbolises the presence of reliable energy and a direct approach to life, and it indicates specific communication problems regarding conflict and discussion.

These people born on August 27 are very energetic, tend to impose their opinions and ideas; and these people can having problems in the very expression of their true nature, on the other hand, it describes enormous intellectual potentials and insight.

Number 9 has a powerful impact on other numbers, so in a personal way, people born this day have an effect on their environment. This number promises great opportunities for spiritual development but is not usually used by people born this day.

Their number is 9, and their colors are the colors of jasmine and lavender

Historical Events on August 27

From the Greek-Persian Wars to the recent political events, we took all that is important, into the consideration, and you have a list of all critical events that took place on August 27.

  1. B.C – Greek-Persian Wars: The Greeks won the battle at Plataea.
  2. B.C – Roman Consul Gaius Julius Caesar landed on Britain with 10,000 soldiers of the Seventh and Tenth Roman Legions.

1776 – British forces led by General William Howe defeated the US Continental Army under the command of George Washington in the Battle of Long Island, the most massive battle of the American War of Independence.

1789 – The Parliament of France adopted the Declaration on peoples’ rights and Citizen.

1793 – The city of Toulon rebelled against the French Republic and allowed the British and Spanish fleet to seize its harbor, leading to the French siege of Toulon.

1813 – In Dresden’s battle, Napoleon Bonaparte with 130,000 soldiers defeated the combined Austrian, Russian and Prussian forces of 200,000 people.

1828 – Uruguay officially became an independent state based on a peace treaty concluded in Rio de Janeiro.

1832 – Black Hawk, the leader of the Indian tribe of Sasuke, surrendered to the American authorities, thus ending the War of the Black Hawk.

1883 – The eruption of the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa caused one of the greatest volcanic disasters in modern history.

1896 – An English-engagement war between the United Kingdom and Zanzibar took place. It lasted only 45 minutes and the shortest war in the past written so far.

1916 – Italy declared World War I was in Germany and Romania in Austria-Hungary.

1921 – Great Britain set up Faisal, the son of Sheriff Hussein, the leader of Arab rebels against the Turks, for the King of Iraq.

1928 – The Bryan-Kelowna Pact was signed in Paris, by which the signatory countries renounced the war as the means of national policy and resolving interstate conflicts and obliged them to resolve the controversial issues peacefully.

1936 – An agreement was reached on the end of the British occupation of Egypt, except for the Suez Canal zone in which the rest of the United Kingdom remained.

1939 – Heinkel He 178 , the first jet engine with a jet engine had its first flight.

1945 – US troops began landing on the soil of Japan at the end of the World War II.

1946 – France and Laos concluded an agreement by which Laos became a kingdom under French domination.

1991 – Moldova declared independence from the USSR.

1995 – Israel and PLO signed an agreement in Cairo to expand Palestinian autonomy and the West Bank.

2000 – In Moscow, a TV tower Ostankino, one of the symbols of the city, was burned in a fire.

2003 – Mars, at 09:51 GMT, approached Earth nearest to the last 59,619 years, stretching over a distance of 55,758,005 km

2013 – An unusual asteroid P / 2013 P5 was discovered, which looks like a comet with six tails.

Famous people born on August 27

This list is shorter, but is interesting; you can see who those exciting people are born on August 27.

1730 – Johann Georg Hamann, a German philosopher.

1770 – Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, a German philosopher.

1865 -Charles G. Dawes, an American banker and politician.

1884 – Samuel Goldwyn, an American film producer and one of the pioneers of the film industry.

1890 – Emanuel Radinski, an American painter and photographer known as Men Ray, who founded Dadaism.

1908 – Lyndon Baines Johnson, an American politician, vice president of the United States since 1960.

1908 – Donald Bradman, an Australian cricketer.

1941 – Cesária Évora, a Cape Verdean vocalist and recording artist.

1959 – Jeanette Winterson, an English writer.

1961 – Tom Ford, an American fashion designer and director.

1968 – Daphne Choler, an Israeli-American computer scientist.

1976 – Carlos Moyá, a Spanish tennis player.

1976 -Mark Webber, an American F1 racer.

1977 – Anderson Luís de Souza Deko, a Portuguese football player.

1979- Aaron Paul, an American actor.

1984- Mika Sugimoto, a Japanese judo wrestler.

People born on August 27, regardless of the position or situation in which they find themselves, are more likely to be identified with an ordinary person, they rarely see themselves as something unusual and extraordinary; this could be their strength since people like to look at this feature in them.

On the other hand, they can hurt others in everyday communication, and later they are wondering daily how this state of difference can change and how did they came to this state.

Some representatives of this date are noticeably intelligent, nervous and deeply curious. They usually do what they initiate to the end. People of this date have a highly developed mind. They are imaginative, unstable; they think a lot and talk a lot.

One more thing needs to be computed in this story, about Virgos born on August 27 – the ideals to which they are turned may be very unusual, they are converted to these ideals for personal reasons and expect admiration and recognition of what they do, especially from those they represent.