August 26 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

For many, the first impression is a daily horoscope and the foresight of the future and this is one of the causes why so many people look into the daily newspaper and internet prognosis. But the science of Astrology is much more than that and combining it with date information you can learn so much about yourself. We could call it a universal language, where the purpose of an astrologer is to translate, decipher your personal story from the natal chart and present it to you in the best way to understand it.

Without understanding, we cannot see the possible mistakes and shortcomings, but also the quality of our life, we could live our lives believing that we live the best experience possible, but that is far from the truth.

And when we understand this fact, when we in a certain way know what to expect from the astrological prognosis, we will know how to fix things if necessary; we will know how to make our lives better.

To speak a few more words about astrology, we could say that it is known that there are many branches of astrology; the most famous among them is undoubtedly predictive. And it is the type of astrology that is called predictive because human curiosity always tends to find out more, to look into the future, but to come to that, we have to start from the beginning, from the essence and the foundations.

And this is our natal chart, that is, the personal horoscope that we get at the moment of our birth, at the first breath. Our natal chart contains everything. All of our potentials, affinities, tendencies and disadvantages.

As we have previously announced, we will combine the information about date August 26, and the ruling Zodiac sign for that day – a Virgo.

Personality and Character

The Virgo rule coincides with a period of late work when fruits and crops are harvested, and winter supplies are being prepared. Following the characteristics of nature at this time of the year, people born in the Virgo Zodiac sign, are just as a symbol are delicacy, responsibility, organisation, accuracy and stamina.

Those who are born on August 26 are fundamentally vulnerable and scary and invest a lot of effort in protecting from stressful circumstances. He thinks that the best protection from trouble is constant caution, proper preparation, long-term planning and the creation of reserves of goods for the black days.

Perfectionism is one of the consequences of their need to prevent failures and losses. Their tendency to work impeccably is especially evident in education, work and health concerns. These people need to know and analyse all the facts before making a decision and dedicating to something.

They do not demand that they are given much attention and enjoy the freedom just in the way that they understand without the great ego demands. Such loyal individuals are usually gold worth their family or business partners.

People born on August 26 are competent and responsible (as all Virgos) and take the most reliable functions at work, family or society. These people are more inclined to work with others in achieving a common goal rather than on their own. It happens that many of these people are emotionally related to some of the more dominant personalities, business associates, spouses or friends who are concerned with all their attention. It is precisely because of this cause that these people must fight for their confession because their value cannot be seen at first glance.

Love Compatibility

People who belong to the August 26 have a strong emotional nature, they are able to love deeply and permanently, and this is a trait that is very attractive to all of their potential partners, only if they can reach that point in a connection.

These people do not fall in love quickly and what those who are born on this day try is to curb her emotions because she feared that they would get under control. They want a trusted and sober partner in whom they can trust. They are relaxed only if it is safe for partners with good intentions.

But the kind the love we want to talk about more is parenting love.

Persons born on August 26 are, in principle, excellent parents after they understand the importance of the structure and organisation for their children, they can be a bit rigid, but they are good and loving parents.

Purpose and Career

Those who are born on August 26 are people, who are, as so many Virgos, accurate and careful in everything they do, these people are often involved in the beauty industry and think that is very important how they look in the eyes of their coworkers, and they insist that their workplace is neat and well maintained. They are very sincere in what they want to do in life, and they like to have a homelike wok place, although they enjoy travelling and the world, extravagance and exposure will not be interesting to you after them. But, these people are generous, and no one can accuse them of not having a full hand when you have money.


As so many intellectual Virgos, these people love reading and are attracted to literary jobs.

Many people who are born this day love to work behind the scenes or to be the driving force of a known individual or group. They are not only good team players, but they are delighted with their anonymity and their invisibility, but this certainly does not mean that they are shy.

These people have so many interests in life; and will climb gradually, but continuously. Those who are born on August 26 have good executive abilities, and can successfully order others, maybe even misusing this ability for their own purposes. Although at first, they seem to make money and that they are earning hard, later in life their income will come regularly and stable. These people should never let to become spoiled by flattery, to which they are not immune.

Those who are not ambitious are usually relaxed people who do not set unusually high demands on their children. However, if they are frustrated by the lack of talent or recognition in their careers, they will try to transfer their dreams to their children and thus expose them with incredible pressure.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Number 8 and Saturn rules persons born on August 26, beside the strong influence that comes from Mercury that is the ruler of all Virgo Zodiac signs. Saturn brings strong feelings of responsibility and cautiousness to those born on August 26 reinforcing the tendency to stay behind the scenes and provide support to others. Mercury gives them that fast understanding and communication skills when they need to be used, they are the people who have so many information that they can use for their benefit.

Mercury and Saturn always speak of mental stability and strong character, and people who have this connection in their lives have a strong intellectual capacity and excellent memory. It is characteristic that these people have a methodical and systematic way of thinking and such approach to things in life. Mercury and Saturn give a serious mind, but they also emphasise skepticism and pessimistic views of the world.

These people are not easy to persuade and make them change the way they think so far, because they are known for their cruel character and unchanging personal attitudes and opinions. Those who are born on August 26 are looking for proof and fact in everything because they cannot believe it differently. They are not inclined to abstract the way of thinking, because each one’s vision or idea is more difficult to materialise and achieve in a physical sense.

Those who usually number eight usually build their career slowly and safely, especially concerning persons born on August 26, to their jobs and especially to finances. Also, symbolically numeral 8 is the number of incredible energy that can be hard to handle.

Their numbers are 8 and 17, and their color is dark brown.

Historical Events on August 26

As usual, dates are connected to many famous and life-changing events that shaped our world – in today’s case we are talking about those that took place on August 26.

55 B.C -Julius Caesar attacked Britain.

1071 – In the Battle of Manzikert, the Seljuks defeated Byzantium. It is considered the crucial event responsible for the subsequent destruction of Byzantium.

1346 – In the Battle of Crécy in the Centennial War, the English army under Edward III defeated the massively superior French troops of King Philip VI.

1883 – The eruption of the Krakatao volcano on the Indonesian island of the same name between Java and Sumatra began, during which two-thirds of the island flew into the air for two days, and 36,000 people died.

1896 – Armenian revolutionaries attacked the Ottoman Bank in Istanbul, leading to a three-day conflict with authorities in which 6,000 Armenians were killed.

1914- The Battle of Tannenberg began in the World War I, in which the Germans nearly destroyed the Second Russian Army for four days. More than 30,000 Russian soldiers were killed.

1914 – French and British troops, after several days of fighting, won the German colony of Togo in West Africa.

1920 – The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified, which women won the right to vote.

1944 – Bulgaria, which was on the side of the Axis Forces in the World War II announced that it would withdraw from the fight and demand a ceasefire from the Allies.

1972 – The 20th Olympic Games in Munich were opened. These games were remembered after the attack by members of the terrorist organisation Black September on the Olympic Village and the killing of 11 Israeli athletes,

1986 -A toxic gas kills 1700 people in Cameroon.

1993 – Russian President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin has condemned the invasion of the Warsaw Pact on Czechoslovakia in 1968 and signed a friendship agreement with the Czech Republic.

1996 – The South Korean court sentenced former South Korean President Chung Du Hwan to death on charges of executing a military coup in 1979,

1999 – More than 60,000 Brazilians, gathered at an anti-government rally in front of the Congress building, have demanded the resignation of President.

Famous people born on August 26

This list is not long but is very versatile, and it is essential to mention people who are born on August 26 so that the analyses of this date can receive some other dimension.

1676 – Robert Walpole, the first British prime minister (1721-42) in modern terms.

1740 – Joseph Michel Montgolfier, a French inventor.

1743 – Antoine Lavoisier, a French chemist and the founder of modern chemistry.

1904 -Christopher Isherwood, a British writer.

1906 – Albert Brus Sabin, an American virologist and the poliomyelitis vaccine inventor.

1910 -Mother Theresa, the Albanian missionary and founder of Missionaries of Charity.

1947 – Wolfgang Petritsch, an Austrian diplomat.

1952 – Michael Jeter, an American actor.

1970 -Melissa McCarthy, an American actress.

1971- Thalía, a Mexican singer.

1980 -Chris Pine, an American actor.

1980 -Macaulay Culkin, an American actor.

1988- Evan Ross, an American actor and singer.

1989 -James Harden, an American basketball player.

Let us speak a few more words about these Virgos born on August 26. These people are hard to satisfy, and this is a big challenge because everything is subject to its rules and standards that they have. They do not agree with anything that makes them stand out, at least better than what they expected.

Since people who have a durable power of perception, they have small failures and mistakes in their eyes. These people are reluctant to listen to someone else’s criticism even if they are rare and measured, let alone a constant engagement.

If people who are born on August 26 do not like something (and that’s a lot), they are brutally honest. To enhance the impression, they often use irony and sarcasm, which they regularly introduce into conflicts with sensitive and offensive.