August 24 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The Zodiac sign in which you are born reveals your style of seduction and is very important for the love issues (as we have said previously, it is the aspect that so many people who are in any way connected to the astrology).

And so for example, the earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are conquered by patience and persistence, while the air Zodiac signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius rely on their charm and social skills. The fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius openly show their affection, while water Zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are somewhat more subtle in seduction, but conquer with their sensuality.

Interesting, right? Yes and when we add in this analysis, the aspect of the date you can get real answers.

Today we are talking about the Virgo Zodiac sign, and date August 24.

Personality and Character

People born on the August 24 see themselves as direct and straightforward persons, but in reality, they are usually unaware of how complicated and complex they are. This creates a problem for those who are in close contact with them; for family members, friends or lovers. All of them feel embarrassed in the mood of their emotions, especially when they start to complicate things or avoid a direct answer to the question.

People born on August 24 are attracted by all the dark and incomprehensible areas of self-knowledge and as a true Virgos that they are these people have an incredible need to discover the mysteries that occupy their attention and interest fully. This is something that shows their endless need for information and details that can be used somewhere and be of some help can become the meaning of their lives. They can also use this information to hurt other people, and they use this ability when they feel that they might get hurt, but the negative aspect is that these people sometimes lose a few friends that they have.

As all Virgos, these humans born on the August 24 are considered to be very complex human beings who have incredibly complex creatures, and for that reason, they turn to puzzles of all kinds, paradoxes and enigmas, and they are tough to follow.

The pursuit of perfection in these people who belong to the August 24 can prove to be the worst trait because it makes them demanding and prone to criticism, and they show this characteristic in almost every aspect of their lives. They are not evil, and they do not intend to hurt anyone, but their criticism and advice often cause dissatisfaction and resistance. They don’t like to be praised because they always think they can do better, and maybe the biggest motivation is that they need to be practical and helpful. In them, there is still a sincere desire to point out what their environment made wrong; therefore, it takes a lot of self-control to resist this urge and praise others for their efforts.

Love Compatibility

In interpersonal relationships, those who are born on August 24 are gentle, truthful and dedicated, and they can turn into the mean people who will protect their families with all available weapons if they feel jeopardise in any way.

Some representatives of this date marry early and have children who they love very much, but their lives are filled with cravings and longing that are not always met, and this could remain a source of stress.

The main advice for those who are born on August 24 is to grow their ideals in their aspirations, because they have a great heart, and are compassionate. These people can get very lonely sometimes, even when they are in the company of others, they can have the feeling that no one understands them, so these Virgos can have a turbulent inner life that no one can reach. Nevertheless, happiness can be present in their lives, and it can come through marriage. But we must add that that marriage must be great, or they will fail miserably in love.

These people need a lot of time to relax and show their real emotions, and not everyone can wait for that to come. At the beginning of the relationship, these people born on August 24 cautious and restrained, and almost never first declare love. Even though they do not know how to express what they feel, the gentle gestures and the giving of attention, they will give the other side what they mean to them.

After meeting the partner and becoming convinced that they deserve her trust, they are slowly opening up and showing weaknesses, which they carefully wrapped up. These people are demanding partners insofar as they often split, complain and criticise, and the pessimistic view of the world is especially tough to bear. Nevertheless, if the partner accepts them as they are and understands that their regret is the best exhaust valve, those who are born on August 24 will prove to be the ideal living companion, whose home, family and material security are priorities and who will never turn their back.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on August 24 are those who are vigorous in their business and work life while remaining their private lives at peace; they want to lead a calm and quiet life, without any breaks and various troubles. But their work life that is successful often brings them a lot of stress, and they suffer because of that, more importantly, these people don’t get to have a quiet and calm life that they want.

Some people, who belong to this date, can be religious and turn to the spiritual side of the life, and they often choose careers that are related to this aspect.

These people are incredibly diligent, responsible and precise, and in every task that they accept, they try to give their maximum. They do not care about praise and recognition, but it is essential for them to be satisfied with what they have achieved, which rarely happens. Namely, they are distinctly perfectionists who are critical of themselves and others, and it is sometimes impossible to satisfy them.


These Virgos born on August 24 could be singers and actors, not because they love scene, but because they have talent – like a good voice, a beautiful appearance and a magnetic personality.

These people are considering being the intellectuals and well-read people who like to read a lot, and to write also. They are probably you are interested in great everyday issues, such as socialism, law enforcement, etc. Some smaller number of these Virgos can be militant, but not just in a way that they are interested in the military, more in a way that they can perform their tasks with the military dedication and a bit aggressive.

In the end, these people are incredibly diligent they are prepared to work hard – their desire for perfection guides people of the August 24. In them, there is a tendency to make everything that is secured to the detail elaborated, which is also their best feature. They are very precise and reliable, and when they promise something, they will do it, but sometimes it is questionable by what cause.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

People born on August 24 are ruled by number 6 and planet Venus that in this case comes in combination with the planet Mercury. The Ruler of the Virgo Zodiac sign is Mercury the intellect and communications planet, who is credited with being intelligent, analytical and curious individuals, but unlike the Gemini for example, who are also ruled by Mercury, the Virgos are somewhat more focused in life.

The Planet of Communication, Mercury is connected to the Venus, and this is the aspect that intensifies the effects of these people, both good and bad.

We could say that these planets form a harmonious aspect that can bring many positive things but also it can bring mischief, scam and need for domination.

People who are ruled by the number 6 are magnetically attracted by love and admiration, and since Venus is strongly associated with social interaction, it will be very difficult for these people to fall into exciting romantic and sexual experiences completely.

Their color is dark yellow, and their numbers are 6 and 30.

Historical Events on August 24

Let us bring one more dimension to this story – by looking into all the past events that took place on August 24.

79 – In the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano, the Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia disappeared, and thousands of people were killed.

410 – The Visigothic King Alaric entered the city of Rome.

1572 – On the night of St. Bartholomew’s holiday in Paris, the slaughter of Huguenots (French Protestants) began, in which up to 70,000 people were killed by September around France.

1814 – In the second Anglo-American War, the British occupied Washington and burned down and destroyed the city.

1893 – A fire in the southern part of Chicago left 5,000 homes without homes.

1922 – The Arab countries rejected a decision by the People’s League to assign a mandate for Palestine to the United Kingdom.

1954 – US President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an act to put an end to the law of the US Communist Party.

1968 – France performed the first hydrogen bomb test in the South Pacific and became the fifth nuclear power in the world.

1975 – The death sentence to the chief of the Greek military junta Georgios Papadopoulos and two other leaders of the military coup in 1967 was replaced by lifelong imprisonment.

1976 – Two Soviet cosmonauts landed on Earth after 48 days in its orbit, during which they performed a number of experiments in a special cosmic laboratory.

1991 – President of the USSR Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev resigned as Communist Party chief and asked the Central Committee to decide on the dissolution of a party founded 93 years ago, which at that time had 16 million members.

1991 – Parliament of Ukraine declared independence from the USSR.

1994 – Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization have reached an agreement that Palestinians in the occupied West Bank receive autonomy.

1995 – Microsoft releases Windows 95 in distribution.

1998 – Thousands of Angolan soldiers entered Congo to help the troops of President Laurent-Désiré Kabila fight the rebels led by Tutsi tribe.

Famous people born on August 24

Maybe you will think that this list is concise, but two names are so similar, in a sense that these two people dealt with the same profession, and became two of the most popular writers on their times. Can you guess who they are?

1872 – Max Birbhum, an English writer and cartoonist a master of satire and irony.

1899 – Horhe Luis Borges, an Argentinian writer, one of the greatest writers of the 20th century,

1929 – Yasser Arafat, a Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) leader.

1947 – Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian writer.

1957 – Stephen Fry, an English actor, writer, director, columnist, director.

1965 – Reginald Wayne Miller, an American basketball player.

1973 – Dave Chappelle, an American comedian.

1981 – Chad Michael Murray, an American film actor.

1988 – Rupert Grint, a British film and television actor.

As we have previously said those who are born on August 24 love to live in the world full of riddles, and even worse they can be so reclusive, that is scary. Being in this broad world of questions, these persons are sometimes very difficult to understand and follow. It happens that in the labyrinth of their thoughts and ideas they lose, but no matter how many others understand them or not, these people almost never feel ruined.

These people love traveling because it creates the possibility of new research and sinking into a new place that can bring them so much good in their lives. They can be good associates and partners, and they also show a great interest in the development of their children. However, they need a lot of effort to provide enough privacy for themselves, and this is very stressful.