August 23 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

You always have an option to believe or not to believe, or to believe in the language of the stars, but the most important thing is never to forget that you choose for yourself and that you have the free will to make your life to be whatever you want it to be – a life that is created according to your taste. And Astrology can undoubtedly help you in that task by providing an insight into things that you cannot see for yourself; sometimes it is good to have a perspective that comes from the outside. And this is the most deciding aspect of this science; it gives you one more view that can be a basis for future growth.

Today we are focusing on date August 23 and ruling Zodiac sign for this day – the Virgo.

Personality and Character

People born on August 23 are often kept apart from life and open show of emotions, and for this, they give the impression of people who are drawn and cold. Regardless of whether because of lack of interest in everyday matters or because of their preoccupation with their own needs and desires, others perceived these types of Virgos as very selfish persons who are focused only on their individual needs, and this is the truth in some way. These people are not as selfish as they are engrossed in their interests, in fact, what they want to achieve in their lives.

One big majority of people born on August 23 is turned to acquiring money and huge material goods, and this is also one of the reasons why they are considered selfish and self-centered. But these people are also involved in the need to direct and guide people around them, so it could be said that these people have some amount of leadership qualities.

These humans who are born on August 23 have very intense personalities and are people who are focused on their goals, no matter what these goals can be. And maybe it is not fair to judge them harshly for it, and this also means that they can use all sources to accomplish what they want most often are right and very effective – sometimes they can hurt people along the way, but they see the greater picture and do not mean to hurt anyone deliberately.

They are fighters in every aspect of their lives, no doubt about it – those who are born on August 23 have the power to remove anyone who finds them on the road and therefore often create enemies for themselves. But they could live this fact, as long as their needs are untouched.

At the beginning of the crisis, for example in a certain situation, these people get scared, and then they activate their significant intellectual potentials. They will be outraged if you come to them with a trivial problem, but if it’s about essential things, you will be able to rely on it. Just do not ask too much, they have when people are rude and ask too many questions, they love their deeds to speak for themselves.

Love Compatibility

Persons born on August 23 are exposed to various psychological difficulties and problems, which are usually the result of emotional abstinence. They suppress their feelings in the harshest way and extreme cases they can completely withdraw from the world – they have a real difficulty in finding a real match in love. Those who belong to this date are the people who have specific dos and don’ts in their life, and especially in their love life, this is an issue.

Every Virgo and those who belong to the August 23 tries to keep all things in place and try not to disturb their precisely organised life, and their ability to notice any detail that is not flawless can cause discomfort to their partners. They will see and criticise everything that they find problematic in their lovers because they just cannot be restrained.

They need lovers who can accept advice since these people are notorious for taking time for carefully listening to partners problems, and they want from their lovers to receive help. Those who belong to the August 23 will not expect gratitude, but the compliment about its practicality and versatility will surely be useful.

These people share their private life only with a narrow, chosen circle of people. For this reason, they will react aggressively to too many direct questions, and friends who betray their secrets will inevitably lose their respect. If you want to comprehend more about them, wait patiently for them to open.

Purpose and Career

Those people who belong to the August 23 are people who are heavily attracted to power; they are known for craving money, mostly because of the ability it carries, or to be more specific which it allows. As true Virgos, these humans can focus on a particular agenda, and they can make it work.

People born this day, as Virgos who belong to the first decade of the Virgo rule, have an outstanding talent for technical skills. They can discover how things work and are interested in various types of craftsmanship and everything that is hand-made. They usually direct their great spiritual forces to the material world with which they are almost intimately connected and in which they find their goals.

But on another note, these people are also known to be selfish and ignore the rights of the rest of the world; they can be too focused on their agendas and their work – they are not people who are most convenient coworkers. Naturally, those who are born on August 23 are setting up command, and cannot tolerate others’ faults. This is such a step back in their careers that they should work hard for this to change; they should get a certain level of mental discipline because it is suitable for character formation.

Also, people of the August 23 love literature, art, theatre, and, in fact, all the joys of life comfort and treats that life brings into their lives. They cannot allow themselves to behave like a spoiled child since their life can be ruined; but, if not; these Virgos will become charming persons who have so much to offer in their work environment.

Some representatives of this date like public life, and cannot stay in one occupation for a long time, they change their professions all the time, and they can shift their focus all the time.


These people must learn to maintain the high levels of concentration, and it is the only way that can help them to succeed in life. At some times these people should rest and relax, they should not give up emotions and impulses as they usually have. Once they learn a great lesson, their life will change, and everything will float peacefully in their lives and their careers.

Symbols, Lucky numbers, Colors

Persons born on August 23 are ruled by number 5 and the planet Mercury, besides primary influence that is responsible for all Virgo Zodiac sign. Mercury represents the speed of thinking and ability to organise life with all of its aspects, and those qualities are enhanced by the upcoming sign Virgo to who these people belong.

The double impact of the Mercury, as is a fast-moving planet, can be seen in their fast paste life, and highly developed intelligence, but they can be very hard people to follow.

Luckily, no matter what kind of consequences these people who are born have in life, the number 5 people have incredible regeneration power and quick recovery. Number 5 is the number that belongs to happy and curious people, and it can provide so many amazing qualities in their life.

Their colors are beige, brown or some similar autumn shades, and their numbers are 5 and 31

Historical Events on August 23

As usual, the vast majority of events that took place on August 23 are connected to the war events, and we tried to remind ourselves what are those events that are. Read all about them.

1268 – The army of Charles I of Anjou defeated the supporters of Emperor Conradin, which marked the fall of the Hohenstaufen dynasty from the thrones of the Holy Roman Empire and Sicily.

1514 – Ottoman Sultan Selim defeated in the Battle of Chaldiran the Persian Shah of Ismail; then he conquered Syria (1516).

1775 – England’s King George II declared American colonists, who in April began fighting for the independence of US states, rebels.

1821 – Mexico declared independence from Spain.

1839 – At the beginning of the Opium War with China, Great Britain occupied Hong Kong.

1914 – Japan announced war in Germany in the World War I.

1929 – In Jerusalem, armed Arab volunteers fired into the Jewish quarter, so the British mandate authorities introduced a state of emergency and only after the massive use of the army peace were established.

1939 – In Moscow, the Soviet Union and Germany signed a non-aggression pact. In a secret addition, Hitler and Stalin agreed on interests in eastern and southeastern Europe.

1942 – A three-day air battle at the Solomon Islands ended without a winner.

1942 – The battle for Stalingrad, the biggest battle in World War II, began.

1944 – Allied troops freed the French city of Marseille in World War II.

1944 – In the World War II, Romania broke up the alliance with Hitler’s Germany and joined the Allies.

1962 – US Telstar Satellite Telstar broadcasts the first television transmission between the USA and Europe.

1973 – A bank robber in Stockholm took four people for hostages. During six dramatic days between robbers and prisoners, a friendship developed between the robbers and hostages that was later described and analysed as the “Stockholm Syndrome”.

1990 – The Soviet Republic of Armenia has declared independence, and Estonia has begun negotiations on separation from the then USSR.

1992 – About 200 young neo-Nazis attacked a refugee hostel in the city of Rostock.

1999 – Russian cosmonaut Sergei Avdeyev set up, staying in the space station Mir 712 days, a new record in an uninterrupted stay in space.

2000 – The “Airbus A320” with 135 passengers and eight crew members collapsed in the waters of the Bay of Bengal, five kilometers north of the coast of Bahrain. The cause of the fall was a fire in one of the engines.

2001 – The Japanese court ruled that the central government must pay compensation of $ 375,000 to fifteen Koreans who survived an explosion on a Japanese ship immediately after the end of the World War II.

Famous people born on August 23

To complete this analysis we made a list about all people who are born on August 23.

1754 – Louis XVI, the King of France.

1864 – Eleftherios Venizelos, a Greek statesman.

1910 – Giuseppe Meazza, an Italian footballer.

1912 – Gene Kelly, an American film actor, dancer and director.

1924 – Ephraim Kishon, an Israeli humorist, dramatist, screenwriter and film director.

1924 – Robert Solow, an American economist, winner of the Nobel Prize.

1945 – Rita Pavone, an Italian singer and actress.

1949 –  Vicky Leandros, a Greek singer.

1951 – Noor Al-Hussein, the Queen of Jordan.

1970 – River Phoenix, an American film actor.

1970- Jay Mohr, an American actor.

1978 – Kobe Bryant, an American basketball player.

These people are also those who belong to the most reliable people since Virgos are stable; they live to be useful and helpful, and it is something that is helping their life mission. They do not necessarily do this because of goodness and warmth, but of pity and because they would feel ashamed if they deprive someone of help.

What else could we add to the characterisation of these people? They live by the rule – Two is a company, three is a crowd. They find difficult to get through big and noisy societies. Cleverly avoids crowded places where more people speak at the same time and no one listens to anyone. People who overstep make them nervous.