August 21 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Every knowledge about any topic can be expanded, and all that we think we know can get different or better, but we could say that the time of human birth cannot be changed and that it is the moment that is very special and significant for all of us; it is the start of our journey on this planet. How that journey will look like depends from many factors, but one thing is important is that we all have the opportunity to change a thing for better and to make our life the best possible. If we start learning and expanding our knowledge about potentials and possibilities in life, we can make it.

Today our starting point is date August 21, and the people who are born on this day.

Personality and Character

Born in the last days of the Leo Zodiac rule, these people born on August 21 can have conflicts, not so with others, how many inner conflicts. They are often found in lost battles that they know consciously to distance themselves and to suffer alone before they get up and change some things, they want to escape for the close control of the world that surrounds them.

They can be people who are very drawn individuals who like to be left alone, but it’s challenging for them to make that luxury – they are dedicated to others and to serve the needs of others, especially their families, they are very connected to their families. This is something that they try to give to their children, grandchildren, etc.

Many of the Leos born on August 21 hide their feelings, thoughts and ideas from everyone, except for the few who give absolute confidence. This is something that is characteristic that is related to almost all Zodiac sign Leos, and they are not any different from them.

These people have an exciting look, and they are not for everyone’s taste, and it is tough for people born on August 21 to avoid the interest that others have, because of their attractive appearance and exciting personality. If they accept their destiny and take the right place in the society in which they live, they will eventually learn how to show (or to stop hiding) their private life without feeling embarrassed and unpleasant. Sometimes they are under a large number of fears that disable them in achieving something much more in life.

Their energy is connected to the will, and those who are born on August 21 want to achieve some mental kindness and harmony, gather a wide variety of people. But these people must have a more difficult way of working through prodigious relationships, an effort to get to the housing security because they all come with a lot of work and waivers.

Love Compatibility

In love, these people have strong emotions, so they are inclined to fly on the wings of anger when things do not go in the way these people planed – what will their partner look like, and how will he or she behave. This is completely stupid to expect, and this is the area in life where they can have so many problems – love cannot be planned in any way, and they are trying to do it.

There is a big chance that these people will travel a lot during their lives, and they could meet their soulmate on some of these travels -that has to be someone who will understand them completely, and they are hard to understand.

People of the August 21 have a strange combination of reason, and inner perceptions and they live by highest ideals and will have a successful and happy life if they find that one lover who will understand them and accept them (this is maybe the aspect that is even more important).

Most people born on August 21 are well-functioning in the family, they need a lover who will support for the people they surround, but they will not hesitate to state their attitudes or to confirm their unconsciousness. People born this day can suppress their needs for the benefit of others, but they will never allow others to force them to do so.

One thing needs to be added here – sensual and sexual expression is of great importance for those who are born on August 21, but these people must be aware of the danger of eccentric behavior because they are usually sturdy and very individually attractive people. They are not for everyone; they are specific but beautiful and exciting.

Purpose and Career

People who are born on this day love research; any type is good for them -they can find a career in investigative journalism, for example, but also in so many different jobs.

They also love scientific endeavors and are tireless in their quest for knowledge. People of the August 21 can work hard and are very impatient in waiting for things to transfer from one point to another, but they somehow do it, and the results are great. They are destined to start over many times in their lives and to change many careers, but they are always original and inventive in everything they do, or they intend to do.

They also have one good habit – they like to surround themselves with smart and educated people so that they can share ideas and progress.

These people can be involved in luxury and have an increase in openness and a more dramatic expression, and they can have extraordinary chances of earning, where the nature and impact of their ruling sign Leo will come to the fore, and we can see the profile of the people who can be excellent mathematicians, accountants, people who often work with their own and other money, count, measure, calculate, take things on the rate, but always keep the order when the money is in question. They love dependability and will not accept the risks.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on August 21 are ruled by number 3 and the expansive planet Jupiter, and this comes as good news since there is an influence of the Sun that is complementary with the Jupiter.  People born on August 21 must pay much attention to their tendency to dominate and to make every effort to alleviate this tendency in which Jupiter’s optimistic and expansive influence is assured. Jupiter in this case, in combination with the Sun, has a great position that reveals the possibilities for efficient use of the much potential that these people have. Sun – Jupiter connection can bring the world of happiness and wealth, lovingly.

But it can also bring the existence of firm determination, a stable and robust character, greater self-confidence, and the presence of a strong will in the path of winning life’s success. With Jupiter and Sun in their chart, these people can quickly reveal the golden life chances which, with enough patience and with a wise strategy, can gradually, in a line of characters, a string of successes. These people have qualities, they are proud, dignified and extravagant, and there is also a tendency towards positive thinking with the existence of enormous faith and hope of achieving success. Many of the qualities and abilities of the people who are born on August 21 can be of particular importance and leave a positive impression on people from the environment.

Those who are governed by number 3 are mostly very abstract and often have dictatorial preferences; they are curious and funny people, who can sometimes go too far with their curiosity and research.

These people love the colors of green or muddy orange, and their number is 3.

Historical Events on August 21

From the 17 century to the recent years we took everything into account, and we tried to make a list of all the relevant events that took place on this day through history.

1680 – Pueblo Indians take away Santa Fe from the Spanish.

1690 – Austrian Emperor Leopold I issued a decree, known as the “Privilegium”, that guaranteed the freedom of religion, the use of the Julian calendar, etc.

1897 – English physician Ronald Ross discovered a type of mosquito-malaria, which was crucial in combating the disease that caused the deaths of millions of people.

1911 – Italian waiter Vincenzo Peruggia stole from the Louvre Museum of Paris Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” painting. The image was found and returned to the museum in 1913.

1940 – Stalin’s agents killed Leo Trotsky.

1944 – A conference of representatives of the USSR, the United States, Great Britain and China began in Dumbarton Oaks near Washington, on the establishment of the four main organs of the UN, namely the Security Council.

1959 – The Baghdad Pact, the military-political alliance of Turkey, Great Britain, Iran and Pakistan, led by the United States, which came into force in 1995, changed the name to the CENTO since Iraq withdrew from the Alliance.

1959 – Hawaii became the 50th federal state of the United States.

1961 – Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s national leader, was released from prison after nine years.

1968 – The troops of the Warsaw Pact, apart from Romania, occupied Czechoslovakia.

1975 – The US canceled a 12-year ban on exports to Cuba, but the embargo on direct trade between Cuba and the US has remained in force.

1983 – Benigno Aquino, the Philippine Opposition Leader, was killed when he left the airplane at Manila airport when he returned from a three-year refugee in the United States

1990 – 100,000 people celebrated the anniversary of the invasion of the Warsaw Pact on Czechoslovakia for the first time in Prague’s central city square in 1968.

1991 – The mass of the protesters clashed in Moscow with individual units that attacked the building of the Russian parliament.

1991 – Latvia gets independence from the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics.

1991 – The mass of the protesters clashed in Moscow with special units that attacked the building of the Russian parliament.

Famous people born on August 21

Born at the end of the Leo Zodiac rule even renowned people born on this day have something in prevalent, take a look at our list of all famous people who are born on August 21.

1165 – Philip II, a French king.

1567 – Saint Francis Sales, a Swiss bishop, mystic.

1789 – Augustin Louis Cauchy, a French mathematician.

1917 – Leonid Hurwitz, an American economist.

1930 – Princess Margaret, the Countess of Snowdon.

1936 – Wilt Chamberlain, an American basketball player.

1938 – Kenny Rogers, an American singer.

1945 –  Basil Poledouris, an American composer of Greek origin.

1956 -Kim Cattrall, a Canadian actress.

1967 – Serj Tankian, an Armenian-American singer and vocalist of System of a Down.

1986 – Usain St. Leo Bolt, a Jamaican athlete.

1989- Hayden Panettiere, an American actress.

What more can we say about these people born at the end of Leo Zodiac rule, they are closer to the Virgo Zodiac sign, but the fiery Leo shines from somewhere still.

In principle, people born this day have a protective nature that in many ways contributes to the preservation well being of themselves and others that are in their close environment; they are caregivers and protectors, and they do this part very well. The support of other people is significant to them and can be popular in their circle of friends.

In this case, Zodiac Leo increases illusions, it can bring unusual situations through marital and emotional relationships; but this specific type of Leo that is born on August 21 can be emotionally prone to illusions, platonic feelings, strong emotions, which can often have significant changes at the partner level.

But one thing needs to be emphasised here, these people born on August 21 have somewhat excessive concern for family members, and this is a thing that can expose them to high stress. That kind of pressure can be a trigger for their failures and many painful situations that these people encounter in life. It can be a real conflict for these people, but they can make it, in the end.