August 20 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Finding out the real purpose in life is maybe the most laborious task people have during their existence – and our life paths are created difficult, and human nature is like that that it can make things even harder since in all of our hearts mind and emotions are conflicted.

People always have doubts did they choose well in their lives, and no one is an exception when it comes to this, so it would be constructive if people could have some help on that road. And maybe astrology can be one of the answers since it can provide some much-needed answers. All you have to know is your Zodiac sign, and the whole story stars with understanding the information from your date of birth, today it is August 20.

Personality and Character

Those who are born on August 20 are the people who are active and energetic at the same time, but their emotionality is something that can be used in their lives in a good way. They “feel” and understand others in a good way, so they are often involved in helping and caring about people, and surprisingly they are not egocentric as so many other Leo Zodiac sign people, a sign that they belong also.

Sometimes the nature of the secret is at a conscious level unknown, and these people who are born on August 20 like to keep something secretive and hidden from others. Although their past something can be problematic or disturbing for some, these people do not have to know exactly what it was; they can be hurt from the inside, driven by the fear and prosecuted by the unknown anxiety.

In such cases, research into the internal memory will enable them to become dominant, self-sufficient persons freed from the excessive emotional load -they need to search deep and face their fears, or they should never tackle their minds, and make a significant confusion.

Therefore, it is necessary for those who are born on August 20 to charge energy and emotional batteries regularly. They can be worried about others and injured many times in life, but their character is sharp and speculative. In those times these people like acting in isolation and often determine the role of some victim and are very well and domestically feeling in such a skin. Usually, they have a lot of fears and are burdened with many concerns and in everything they see limitations but also challenge that they like to overcome in some way, and this is their strength.

Therefore, in their actions and life in general, they need a lot of love, encouragement and understanding from an environment.

Because of their extremely powerful world of imagination, people born on August 20 have to use their imagination for constructive purposes, never for something that is destructive or without a purpose. And they are blessed, these people can do whatever they want to do, they have so many talents.

Otherwise, they are bared to the risk of having them mastered and pulling them out of the real world. However, the fantasies they encounter do not always have to appear in the form of dreams or fantasies, but can often turn into concrete actions, unusual and gloomy and even destructive.

The main advice for these people to have a balance between their emotions and reason; to never fall on one or the other side, and to listen to their instinct. Only then they can find happiness and true path in life, not destruction and confusion.

Love Compatibility

Since these Leos who are born on August 20 are people who are under the planetary influence of the Sun and the Moon, their feelings are pronounced, so as partners these people are sympathetic and compassionate, and have a prominent personal magnetism. They don’t have any problem in finding lovers, and during life they make a significant impact on their partners, they are very memorable lovers.

These people born on August 20 are very attracted to the opposite sex, and are very honest and open in contact with them -these people are straightforward and know what they want and how to have it.

In the end, regarding love, these people can only make mistakes if they make confusion in their heads, when their emotions interfere; when they make wrong choices. They can even be tortured in some way, because of their poor decisions, and they should always make a reasonable balance in love life.

In the end, they can be very serious and do not care for those who are superficial -those relationships do not interest them.

Purpose and Career

People of the August 20 are in many ways versatile; these people are interested in different things, as all Leos they are strong and energetic workers who have a sensitive side and they are not so egocentric as other representatives of this sign. If they are bosses or in some managerial position these people have understanding and sympathy, and adamantly believe that everyone can contribute to the team and this is something that sets them apart from others. The public can adore these people, and they can have many enemies during life, because of their success; and they can find fame and glory. They have musical and artistic talent.

Although their work or life interest may be related to something completely different, those who belong to the August 20 are incredibly interested in politics, and even if they do something that is entirely different, they will have their opinion about current events in the world. And a not a small number of these people find their purpose in politics, but not in the way of gaining money or power, but more in the way of helping people. This is all because of the natural compassion that they have, but also they are those who can realise specific ideas.


When doing something creative these Leos born on August have the specific taste, to be precise they have an excellent and more delicate flavor of doing things, and they are very specific in what they want.

These people are great for the jobs that are related to organising and monitoring where they can prove to be very successful and earn a lot of money throughout life. Money is something that they love, but they are not obsessed with it, the only problem may occur if these people have too many money and too many time, and then they can sink into some the addiction.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 2 in a numerical sense and the Moon in planetary rules persons born on August 20, and this is fascinating since all Leos are under the influence of the Sun. And what we have here is connection Moon-Sun that brings something exciting to the character of these people born on August 20.

People who have number 2 in their life, are gentle and very imaginative, easily hurt by the criticism and negligence of others, and this is in complete opposition with the influence of the Sun that brings energy, movement and work.

Because of the importance of the Moon, their feelings are often governed by feelings, unlike so many Leos who don’t rely so much on their emotions. In addition to the fact that the Sun brings the enormous physical strength of these persons, one more thing needs to be said. And that is the fact, that these people are born at the end of the Leo rule, and that they are getting closer to Virgo Zodiac sign that brings completely different characteristics. Subsequently, these people are rich in physical strength, and they have great spiritual power.

Their numbers are 2 and 22, and their color is pale orange.

Historical Events on August 20

Choosing just a few critical past events that took place on August 20 is very hard and almost impossible since this date is significant when looking through the history prism, but somehow we did it. Read all about it.

1741 – Russian sailor of Danish origin Vitus Jonassen Bering discovered Alaska.

1914 – World War I: Germans occupied Brussels.

1940 – Russian Revolutionary Lev Davidovich Bronstein, known as Leon Trotsky, one of the leaders of the October Revolution, was fatally wounded in Mexico City.

1944 – The Red Army launched Jassy–Kishinev Offensive against the German-Romanian forces, after which Romania declared war on Germany.

1945 – Indonesia gained independence.

1949 – The Hungarian Assembly accepted the Soviet model of state organisation and changed the name of the state to the People’s Republic of Hungary.

1960 – The first triumphant return of living beings from orbit to earth. In Sputnik V, flying Belka and Strelka, 40 mice and two rats.

1968 – Invasion of 200,000 soldiers of the Warsaw Pact and 5,000 tanks in Czechoslovakia with the aim of choking the “Prague Spring”.

1975 – The United States launched from Cape Canaveral, a spaceship “Viking I” to Mars, where it arrived on July 1976.

1977 – The US launched the Voyager 2 space probe.

1980 – Italian alpinist of German origin Reinhold Messner was the first person to climb into the highest peak of the Mount Everest world without using oxygen.

1988 – An agreement on the cessation of the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq came into force.

1991- A police time was introduced in Moscow, Boris Yeltsin took over command over the USSR armed forces located in Russia after the anti-reform forces tried to carry out a coup.

1991 – Estonia declared independence from the Soviet Union.

1996 – Russian troops entered the city Grozny, and thousands of refugees left the capital of Chechnya.

1998 – The United States bombed a factory in Sudan and several military training areas in Afghanistan, claiming targets were linked to terrorist attacks on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

2000 – The leader of the East Timor independence movement, José Alexander Gusmao, handed over the command to the guerrilla army.

2001 – A giant panda at a research centre in Sichuan, China, gave birth to twins, within the Chinese state program for the preservation of pandas.

Famous people born on August 20

The last decade of the month August gives many exciting people, and we gathered a few very famous people who can help us discover even more information that is important for understanding August 20.

1779 – Jöns Jakob Berzelius, a Swedish chemist.

1827 – Josef Strauss, an Austrian composer and conductor.

1833 – Benjamin Harrison, an American politician and statesman.

1847 – Bolesław Prus, a Polish writer.

1860 – Raymond Poincare, the President of France.

1887 – Georgi Vernadsky, a Russian historian.

1901 –  Salvatore Quasimodo, an Italian poet.

1934 – Fredy Perlman, an anarchist, writer, and musician.

1936 – Alice and Ellen Kessler, German entertainers (Kessler twins).

1942- Isaac Hayes, an American singer-songwriter, and actor.

1944 – Rajiv Gandhi, an Indian politician and statesman.

1946- Connie Chung, an American journalist.

1948 – Robert Plant, a British musician.

1966 -Dimebag Darrell, the guitarist of the Panthera Group.

1970 – John Carmack, an American programmer.

1970 – Fred Durst, an American musician.

1974- Amy Adams, an American actress.

1983- Andrew Garfield, a British-American actor.

1992 – Demi Lovato, an American singer and actress.

We should make some conclusion regarding these people, these interesting Leos who are closer to the Virgos in Zodiac system of signs; they are emotional and strong at the same time. And we could even say that emotionality is their strong side; they can throughout their lives be dominated by events in their past that are kept in strict confidentiality. Those who are born on August 20 are people with remarkable courage, and they are driven by the need to help others because they can feel others pain.

They try to solve these personal mysteries for years, fearlessly confronting them, in their name and in the name of everyone else in the world that needs their help. These people will nevertheless do everything that nobody but their closest friends and family knows the truth about them -as all Leos; they like to keep many things private, especially their tender feelings, they do not want to be hurt.