August 2 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The Zodiac sign can sometimes be called referred the sign of the Sun since it signifies the astrological zodiac in which the Sun took place at the time of your birth. It is not our element that that determines us, but it is an excellent way to start to get to know ourselves slowly and by gradually building our self-conference and finding our purpose in life.

We are all individuals but everyone has characteristics of more characters, both positive and negative, and with it, all the planets work on all people, and not just the ruling planets, as you will be able to see later in this article. One thing that cannot be overlooked is, in fact, our birthdates, and our focus will be that. Today we are pointing our attention on the date August 2.

Personality and Character

As Leos, these people who are born on August 2 are eager to like others and receive respect and recognition from them; this is just an attempt to draw attention to status symbols, and theatricality. Otherwise, these people are not bad and can use that attention to help others who need them, and who can in this way resolve all critical issues in their lives.

So the main lesson for these people is to learn how to separate their own attention just for the sake of it, and the attention that they use for others, that is justifiable. They have to learn that because of their desire for attention they can become very unpopular.

As people who are ruled by the Sun – those who belong to the August 2 are incredibly ambitious and impatient. They want to achieve the goals as soon as possible because they are already in the process of preparation – new goals. This means that they do not stick long enough on one agenda, and that is not always good, mainly because the hunger for quick success can make them unbearable in society.

On the other hand, these people have an intrusive and robust personality; they can be good leaders since they are well equipped to challenge other authority. If he sees that someone or something stands in the way of achieving their ambition, they will aggressively reverse the obstacle, but this aggression can only be verbal. Deep inside, in the privacy of their homes, these people can break into pieces, and suffer, but just if no one can see them in pain and broken.

Those people who are born on this day can behave inadequately if they haven’t matured yet or they are still struggling; then they can choose some wrong tools for breaking out in the world. They can attack those who are more successful, more productive or more popular than them. They can even spread terrible information, gives bad tips, etc – those who are in these situations must avoid such behavior by all costs.

In the end, those who are born on August 2 always want to be accepted in a higher social sphere, but in this case, these people want to make it there since they believe that can make a change into the world that will make them happy. They are convinced that they only have praise and respect, and not criticism, objection, or affliction. When faced with criticism, they become embarrassed and move in anti-reflection.

People who belong to this date are very recognisable, attractive, extremely difficult personal affirmations, but they sometimes feel the sensitivity, because their emotional side is strong. They do not like to give up, but ultimately know how to direct emotions to the right place.

Love Compatibility

But when it comes to interpersonal relations and matters of love, those who belong to the August 2 are dedicated to family and children, and their primary goal is to provide a comfortable home for all of them that could last for a long time.

These people are not prone to having more partners, being promiscuous, even if others can see them as such since they are people who grab the attention.

Indeed, the Leo that can be found in this combination influences stronger self-esteem, self-awareness and the need for self-esteem, so if they find themselves in an environment where they cannot be expressed, they may be inclined to withdraw and self-pain. They are always looking for reliable support, bright, and romantic love above everything else.

These Leos love comfort and love when their partners are subordinated to them, and above all, they like to look attractive and irresistible. However, these people are not overly extravagant. In times when those who are born on August 2 found in profound and long-lasting love, they are naturally honest and gentle in dealing with the opposite sex.

Purpose and Career

These people are bookworms, they like to read a lot, and they believe that school of life can provide them much more than the traditional education.

They also have a good memory, but what they cannot do is to be diplomatic, so they cannot get out of a problematic situation when occurs.

Regarding their careers, these people are learning all of their lives, and when they feel like they have gained skills of a particular kind, they instead of being comfortable, they can become delusional and imaginative. When looked in practical terms this means that these people who are born on August 2 can have such grandiose goals that they cannot achieve them ever. Instead, they should focus on realistic goals that can be helpful for others.


But from the positive point of view, those who are born on this day, having such imagination means that there is nobody who can beat them in their dreams, and that can be a good motive for future progress.

These people are worthy workers, and they know somewhere deep inside that success comes through hard work. But their job should be dedicated to prosperity and progress rather than the motive of being better than others.

These people who are born on August 2 love science and are interested in the problems of religion and spirituality – they can find their place among these spheres.

And we will add one more thing here those who are born on this day, as Leos, know deep inside that life without struggle is not a lie for them; they need to be exciting, tougher and more realistic.

They have one line of humanity that is quite interesting in their work, and it means that they are never interested in what others think, but how they feel while doing their jobs. It’s essential for them to work responsibly, thoughtfully and to be valued, but also well paid. Her comes to the surface their Zodiac sign Leo that is a lover of all material goods.

They can be good in the state affairs well, although this is more a date which gives good artists, psychologists, and lawyers.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

This date is under the symbolical aspect of the numeral two, and the two planets Sun and Moon; and what this means is that here we have one fascinating Astro-Numerological story.

The Sun and Moon in connection make a person to have many contrasts inside of their personality since the Moon is responsible for the hidden depths of the soul, where we discover our karma and destiny, our emotions and our sensitive needs. It contains impressions from which character is formed, which is closely related to the future. He describes how we react to the world that surrounds us, how we experience it, and what the soul hides at its depths.

On the other hand, Sun that is the ruler of all Leo Zodiac signs to whom these people born on August 2 belong, indicates a high goal setting, dignity and hyperactivity.

So these people believe in their work and dedication, and they are motivated to achieve their goal, so the key to success can be an affirmation of them, but the Moons influence interfere here so they cannot feel pride and superiority, like some other Leo Zodiac people.

Number 2 is the number that us the symbol of duality in a sense, it is more emotional than physical and it is the number that reaches for a partner, or in this case for the support.

Their number is 10, and their color is golden-brown.

Historical Events on August 2

These are all significant past events that took place on the second day of August, and we believe that learning more about them you can learn more about humanity in general, and about your own nature.

338 B.C – The Battle of Heron occurred in with which Philip II of Macedon imposed domination of Greece.

216 B.C- At Cannes in Apulia, Hannibal suffered the biggest defeat of the Roman army in history.

461 – The emperor Majorian overthrew and after five days executed army commander Ricimer.

1492 – Christopher Columbus sailed from Lisbon to India towards the west. He discovered the Bahamas.

1552 – The Treaty of Passau annulled the Augsburg Interim of 1548, and the Lutherans (Protestants) were granted freedom of religion in Germany.

1802 – Napoleon Bonaparte was proclaimed a “lifelong consul” of France.

1830 – Charles X Bourbon, the king of France, abdicated under the pressure of the July Revolution in Paris.

1870 – London opened the first subway in the world.

1928 – Italy signed a 20-year friendship treaty with Ethiopia.

1934 – After the death of German President Paul von Hindenburg, Adolf Hitler declared himself a leader and assumed absolute power.

1935 – Great Britain passed a law that reformed the governance system in India, separate Burma and Aden from India.

1939 – Albert Einstein warned US President Roosevelt that German scientists are working on the production of uranium bombs.

1945 – The Potsdam Conference ended, where Soviet leader Stalin, US President Truman and Prime Minister of Great Britain Attley reached an agreement on the demilitarisation and denationalisation of Germany.

1970 – British soldiers used rubber bullets for the first time in Northern Ireland.

1980 – An explosion at a railway station in Bologna killed 85 and wounded more than 200 people. It was the worst terrorist attack in Europe since the World War II.

1990 – Iraqi army invaded Kuwait and occupied it in one day.

1997 – The leader of Liberia’s most potent Liberal Guerillas faction Charles Taylor was declared president of Liberia.

1999 – In the collision of two wagons in eastern India, 285 were killed, and 300 people were wounded.

2005 – Air France flight 358 fell off track in Toronto, Canada. All passengers survived the accident, and the plane was completely burnt.

Famous people born on August 2

To complete this story that is concerned date, August 2 would not be complete if didn’t mention all the people who are born on this day.

1696 – Mahmoud I, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

1832 – Carl Justi, a German philosopher and art historian.

1868- Constantine I of Greece, a Greek King.

1923- Shimon Peres,  a former Prime Minister and President of Israel.

1924 – James Baldwin, an American writer.

1932 – Peter O’Toole, an Irish actor.

1939 – Wes Craven, an American film director

1942 – Isabella Allende, a Chilean writer.

1964-  Mary-Louise Parker, an American actress.

1970- Kevin Smit, an American director and actor.

1976- Sam Worthington, an Australian actor.

1977 – Edward Furlong, an American actor.

1992- Charli XCX, a British musician.

Some Astro-numerologists call people who are born on August 2 call Leos who like to prove themselves, who know how to impose themselves, but there is a contradiction between energy and emotions, and this could lead into the frustrations of its kind.

These people want in every way they act in a way that they shine; they can love with their full hearts and can be extremely idealistic regarding emotions. They are always good at hiding their feelings, but they are especially vulnerable to family problems, and memories of childhood that do not precisely. They love the attention, but they hate sharing things of emotional nature to the world.