August 19 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It seems like we know all about astrology and that every one of us is an expert in its own writing, and this is not so far from the truth.

There are so many exciting pieces that touch this topic, and you can make your own opinion about it, and you will be right.

You can educate yourself from books, or the internet, and many of these articles can provide you slid insight into your Zodiac sign, but only the real astrologer can give you with the natal chart where all information that concern you are; and when you receive additional information from the symbolic Astro-numerological analyses from birthdate, you can consider yourself one lucky individual.

If you are born on August 19, you can consider yourself very fortunate; because we will provide you with this information – about Zodiac sign Leo and all characteristics that are relatable to this date. Of course, some things are specific just for the people who are born on this day.

Personality and Character

It’s about the people who are determined to focus on action and success. They are heroes of the great battles, conquerors, and general managers – those who tend to rule the game.

These people can be selfish and powerful personality is easy to rely on either to waver or to revive an idea. It should be emphasised that they love to protect rather than be protected and predominantly organise plans in order to achieve surprising results, thanks to their inventive spirit.

With these people, it’s hard to get out of the way. When we think that we understand them, they suddenly change the parameters we have set and start to behave differently. These individuals born on August 19 are often seen unjustly as unreliable and unbelievable. They usually build their life paths safely and hide any weakness or indecency that can cause damage to their progress.

The most important virtue that these people want to have in their lives is the truth -they value people according to this system. These people are not cunning, although they enjoy being at the centre of attention.

But they are also inclined to believe that their environment is still not ready to hear the truth and to deal with it. Because of this, these people often decide to keep the truth, sometimes for years, for themselves, and this is something that they share with all Leos around the world. When those who belong to the August 19 feel that people in their surroundings are ready to accept what they have to say, then they speak without caressing mostly very directly. This is one characteristic that they use abundantly in their careers -they can be very motivational for their environment.

People born on August 19 have no complexes and usually, know exactly how much they are worth and have tremendous confidence, as many Leos seem to have(but many of them hide many insecurities). Associates, business partners, or even friends of people born this day tend to misunderstand them as open-minded individuals -and in fact those who are born on this day very rarely confirm the image that others have done about them. Their personality is complex, while the way their actions are usually indirect.

No matter how things are or seem to be – they achieve in their intentions.

Those representatives of this date who are not developed to the highest extent tend to be people who belong to the inner unrest, passion, impulsiveness, vigor and speed, and impatience, tend to be irritable, and those individuals who get quickly upset, especially if things happen slowly or not in the way they have imagined. No matter what type is in question -those who are born on August 19 are somewhat peculiar individuals, unpredictable, and can change the direction or object of interest or engagement in a moment. Because of the arbitrariness and impatience, they can often find themselves in conflict with others.

Love Compatibility

These people are loving partners, there is no doubt about it, but they can occasionally behave harshly towards those around them, but it’s just your behavior that’s part of their nature – those who are born on August 19 can be demanding toward their lovers always asking for more, and not everyone can make this happen.

What they need to be is to become more honest to their lovers, and longtime partners, and more open and tolerant, this is the only way their relationship can become long-lasting and beneficial. They can say mean things to their lovers who did not deserve it, but also at the same time they can motivate their lovers to become the best versions of themselves, and that relationship can be complementary. They should avoid complaining and being dramatic, especially when they are in a long-term relationship.

These people who are born on the August 19 are dedicated to their families and can be amazing spouses, even in times when they go through the egocentric phases in life.

More importantly, these people demand loyalty from others, but they give it in return, and this could be a reasonable basis for the serious and long-lasting relationship.


Purpose and Career

Those who are born on August 19 are the people who like to educate themselves all of their life, to be the first and the best in everything; they want to know as much as possible about their project, job or whatever they are doing in the particular moment.

More importantly, these people as true Leos have a strong motivational temperament, so they always start up new ventures with their flight and spirit -and they can be a good motivational force to their work environment.

They will have a very prosperous career and will travel a lot since it is a well-known fact that Leos are all about movement and travel, and jobs of the people who belong to the August 15 are often related to travel.

What these people should do is to improve their concentration and balance in many aspects of their lives, since they can take too many obligations in work, and more importantly, these people should always listen to their intuition. These Leos intuitively know where their work should lead them, and how to get to their goals in life.

The lions love when they are at the centre of attention, but not just for someone to notice their presence in the workplace, but also to inspire others to show the best of themselves.

With an overwhelming need for control, they often know that they break the relationship in the team, but after a while, they gain everything on their side with charm and goodness.

Ideal careers for those who belong to the August 19 can be acting, and politics, but because of their desire to show off and to be in the centre of attention, they will also be able to function well in business, acting, music, filming, even designing costumes.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on August 19 are ruled Number 1 and the Sun, and in this case, we are talking about the double influence of the Sun, since this “star” or planet is in charge for all Leo Zodiac sign people.

One thing also needs to be mention is that Sun puts these people in the centre of the attention; they are brave and like to be a part of all critical events. Those who are born on August 19 have incredible security in their actions and are convinced of their success.

In this combination, two Suns are the symbol of fire and triumphal life -those who are born on August 19 are creatures that are idealistic and ambitious, mature for battle and authoritarianism. The power of will and entrepreneurship are two qualities that harmoniously interweave in this person and create a springboard to affirmation, not only material but also personal and moral.

Those who are under the number 1 tend to be the first in everything, they are ambitious and do not like any retreat.

Their number is 1, and their color is white.

Historical Events on August 19

Don’t look any further; we will give you all historical information that is connected to this date so that you have an even wider picture about August 19.

1587 – Sigismund III, the son of Swedish king John III and Katarina Jagellonica, became king of Poland.

1919 – Afganistan gained independence from Great Britain.

1936 – Members of Frank’s Civil Guard shot, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, Federico García Lorca, a Spanish poet.

1942 – British and Canadian troops carried a descent to the French port of Dieppe, where, with significant losses, they destroyed German military facilities.

1944 – World War II: Paris was freed from the German occupation.

1945 – In Vietnam, under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam Liberation Movement, the “August Revolution” started against the French colonial troops.

1953 – In a military coup, with the support of the United States, Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Moussadek was thrown out, and Chess Mohammad Reza Pahlavi returned from exile in Italy to take power.

1960 – A pilot of the US-made U-2 spy plane, who was shot down over Soviet territory, was sentenced to 10 years in captivity.

1960 – Soviets launched Sputnik 5 in which there were dogs Belka and Strelka, 40 or more mice, two rats and different types of plants.

1977 – A large earthquake of 7.0 on the Richter scale that caused the tsunami that took 316 lives.

1979 – Russian cosmonauts Vladimir Lyakhov and Valery Victorovich Ryumin returned to Earth by the “Soyuz 34” spaceship after a record 175 days spent in space.

1991 – A Soviet coup was carried out in the Soviet Union, with supporters of the hard liners trying to oust Mikhail Gorbachev, from the authorities.

1996 – Six Russian, French and American cosmonauts, met at the Russian cosmic station “Mir”.

2001 – At least 50 people were killed by an underground explosion of methane and coal dust in Ukraine.

2003 – In a bombing at the United Nations Headquarters in Baghdad (Iraq), 23 people were killed.

2005 – The first ever joint Russian-Chinese military exercise began.

Famous people born on August 19

And in the end, every analysis needs some descriptive examples so that the understanding of the date, in this case, it is August 19.

1596 – Elizabeth Stuart, the Queen of the Czech Republic.

1631 – John Dryden, an English writer.

1745 – Johan Gahn, a Swedish chemist and manganese discoverer.

1848 – Gustave Caillebotte, a French painter.

1853 –  Lawrence D’Orsay, a British actor.

1871 –  Orville Wright, an American pioneer of aviation, and aircraft builder.

1883 –  Coco Chanel, a French designer.

1930 – Frank McCourt, an Irish-American writer.

1934 – Renée Richards, an American tennis player.

1945 – Ian Gilan, an English rock singer.

1946 – Bill Clinton, an American politician and US president.

1952 – Bodo Hombach, a German politician.

1953 – Nanni Moretti, an Italian director.

1963 – Joey Tempest, a Swedish singer.

1963 – John Stamos, an American actor.

1965-Kyra Sedgwick, an American actress.

1969 – Matthew Perry, an American actor.

1970- Fat Joe, an American rapper.

1971 – Mary Joe Fernandez, an American tennis player.

1973 – Mette-Marit Tysem Høiby, the Norwegian princess.

1983 – Missy Higgins, an Australian singer.

Let us speak some more about these Leos who are born on August 19, who are under the double influence of the Sun. They are usually overwhelmed by the concealment or disclosure of information, both of themselves and of others. Sometimes this information is not a personal matter, but it reflects on outside areas of scientific, philosophical or artistic research.

They sometimes see life as a unique experiment, in which they want to try everything and to have the best experience of their lives, and in most cases, they have that fun, but they forget about the pain, and they become surprised. These people born on August 19 should learn that life can be hard and that they should be prepared for it.