August 15 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

If we are going to be one hundred per cent impartial, we will admit that astrology and the secret meaning that is behind the dates of birth have a particular interest even for the skeptics all around the world. Even those people who claim that there is nothing that is written into he stars, sometimes secretly look into the daily horoscope to see what the new day will bring into their lives, especially in their love lives.

We all want to see what our day-to-day prognosis has to say and to see what numbers hide; so these articles can be an exceptional guide into that world. Today take a look into the Leo Zodiac sign, and specific date August 15.

Personality and Character

Since the people who are born on August 15 belong to the last decade of the Leo Zodiac rule, they have so many characteristics of this fiery sign. Leo is named after “the king of animals,” for like a lion that proudly shows the savanna and the people born in this sign, they are demonstrating power and strength. And just like all Leos, those who are born on this day are individuals who remind everyone that they can be dangerous, and they are doing so by using their appearance and gesture.

Probably, for this reason, many consider Leo as the most dominant Zodiac sign, and all who are born in this period consider themselves unique. The same case is with people who are born on August 15.

They are dramatic, creative, sociable, fervent and confident, and regardless of their background, education or material status, they will always build their kingdom.

For these people, things to be interesting have to be big, and grand; everything has to be the best and shiny. On the other hand, they are much more sensitive than what people who look at them think.

Generally, those who are born on August 15 are fiery people who love life and expect to have a good time in it, and we must say that this is a great attitude towards life. They are ready to use their minds to solve the most complicated problems and take the initiative to resolve various tangled situations that sometimes can occur in life, and their lives are no different.

Love Compatibility

In love, those who are born on August 15 are natural born adventurers, who like to have fun and are very energetic. For them, there is a clearly defined boundary between sex and love -these people can do both, or to enjoy both things separately.

Partners choose to cherish their willingness to lead, so they feel comfortable in a relationship where they can shine and be independent. Those who belong to the August 15 seek out unconfused lovers who are not self-aware, and they feel great when they can lead them in life, and teach them -this is a task that they do amazingly good. Their partner should be intellectually related to them to make the relationship successful. They might seem like they are not, but these people are loyal, entertaining and very generous to their partner.

Purpose and Career

As all Leos, these people are ambitious, creative, and full of optimism and energy when they want to establish their ideas into the world. Once these people born on August 15 find a business they are dedicated to, they will do everything for it, yet in the best situation -the best scenario is the one where they are the bosses.

Ideal jobs for these people is the one where they can express artistic gifts, such as acting, entertainment, management, teaching and politics, everything that puts them in the leading position.

As far as money is in matter these people find it easy to come, but it also goes away fast, usually on a luxurious lifestyle and splurge. They are incredibly generous and ready to give the last money to help friends, but they are always careful never to jeopardise their careers.

These human beings are durable and worthy, and when they find something they like to do, they like to work, because they are aware that only that will give excellent results.  These people love to read, and have specific literary taste; they are poetic and musical. They have to learn to be tactful and patient -they can convince others to share their opinion.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

One important thing is well known when it comes to these people who belong to the Leo Zodiac sign -their central ruler is the Sun. Therefore, they adore the warmth and shine in all symbolic meanings; it is also a metaphorical expression of the state of their egos. It can be healthy on the one hand, because they are successful in knowing what they want in life, and how to go there. On the other side, it is problematic when those who belong to the August 15 ignore the problems and needs of others to fulfill their desires.

People who are ruled by the Sun must be aware of their surroundings. The Sun as the planetary influence gives them a specific strength and status in society; it gives them the ability to be very generous and loyal. Also, it makes them confident and attractive people who are arrogant, inflexible, and lazy because they assume that someone else will fix their mistakes.

Another planet that can be found in this date is the planet Venus that is the ruler of the number 6 that is in charge of these people. What this planet brings in this combination is an instinctive attraction, feeling, love, sympathy, harmony, and tenderness. These people have all of these features in their personalities, in smaller or bigger from; Venus is the planet that puts focus on the art and sense of focus, pleasure, and joy. These people are all into pleasures in life that are mostly pointed to them.


The Sun-Venus connection gives these people who are born on August 15 Venus an inspiration to be the best and people who will be remembered. It is a symbolical synergy of senses, the enthusiasm for pleasure, the feeling of being united, and the emotional states that cause charm, and beauty.

Their number is 6 -the number of Divine energies and strength that can bring so much more in life besides some earthly pleasures; but is the number of the great responsibility that gives the burden that needs to be taken care of in a proper way.

Their color is deep green and yellow.

Historical Events on August 15

We have learned about the people who are born on this day, but what about events that occurred on this day thought the history? Read all about them.

778 – The Battle of Roncesvalles in which Basques ambush a part of Charlemagne’s army in Roncevaux Pass, causing a catastrophic defeat to the Frankish army of Charles the Great.

1534 – Spanish priest Ignacio de Loyola founded in Paris the Roman Catholic Jesuit order, which Pope Paul III acknowledged six years later.

1571 – The Ottoman Empire tried to occupy the city of Korcula, starting with it from twenty large ships. Sudden shock struck the Turks out of the attack, forcing them to flee.

1834 – The British Parliament adopted a law on the colonisation of South Australia.

1843 – The famous Tivoli City Park opened in Copenhagen.

1914 – Passage of the ship started in the Panama Canal, an 81.6-kilometer long, connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean in the midst of Central America.

1916 – In the Battle of Somme in the World War I, the first time a British tank known as the “Big Bill” was used.

1918 – The United States suspended diplomatic relations with Russia after the establishment of Bolshevik authorities.

1944 – Operation “Dragon” was launched by the deployment of Allied troops in southern France in World War II.

1945 – Japan accepted allied demands for unconditional capitulation, which ended the World War II.

1945 – World War II: Japan surrendered.

1947 – The Act of Independence of British India came into force, which, after 180 years of colonial rule in Great Britain, formed the Indian Union and Pakistan.

1948 – South Korea became an independent state called the Republic of Korea.

1950 – More than a thousand people died in the earthquake in the northeastern Indian state of Assam.

1960 – The declared independence of the African state of Congo-Brazzaville, which since 1886 was a French colony called the Central Congo.

1961 – Construction of the Berlin Wall began.

1962 – A ruined road tunnel beneath Mon Blanc, linking the French city of Chamonix with the Italian Aosta Valley.

1965 – The Beatles Concert in New York brought together 55,600 people, setting a world record in the number of visitors and a pop concert.

1969 – Woodstock music festival started.

1975 – President of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the first prime minister after gaining independence in January 1972, was killed.

1994 – One of the world’s most famous terrorists Ilyich Ramires Sanchez, known as “Carlos Shakal”, was arrested and extradited to Sudan.

1998 – In one of the worst terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland during nearly 30 years of violence, 29 people died in a car bomb explosion in Omagh city.

2002 – Police in Zimbabwe began arresting white farmers who disobeyed the government’s orders to leave their country to give them black men to immigrants.

Famous people born on August 15

You have probably wondered who those people who fit in this description and that are widely familiar for their life and work are? Well, we made a list of all famous people who are born on August 15.

1769 – Napoleon Bonaparte, a French military commander, emperor and ruler.

1771 – Walter Scott, a Scottish writer.

1888 – Thomas E. Lawrence, a British archaeologist (Lawrence of Arabia).

1892 – Louis de Broglie, a French physicist.

1901 – Arnulfo Arias, a former president of Panama.

1912- Julia Child, an American TV Chef.

1934 – Nino Ferrer, a French singer.

1944 – Gianfranco Ferré, an Italian fashion designer.

1945 – Alain Juppé, a French politician.

1950- Princess Anne, the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

1968- Debra Messing, an American actress.

1970- Anthony Anderson, an American actor.

1974- Natasha Henstridge,  a Canadian actress.

1972 – Ben Affleck, an American actor.

1989 – Joe Jonas, an American singer and actor.

1990- Jennifer Lawrence, an American actress.

The time for the conclusion is here, but we have to wonder is it possible to make a short list of all things that are related to these people.

These people who are born on August 15 have great natural gifts that they should nourish and appreciate so they can progress in life in the best way possible.

What is essential for these people to understand even early in life, is that they have to learn about their needs, to find, to plan what they want in life, and then to embark on realisation.

One more advice is necessary here -these people should never allow other things on the side (that are not important but can be distracting) to be an obstacle to their primary goal of life.

Those who are born on August 15, as Leos, the self-proclaimed ruler of all Zodiac signs, are natural born geniuses. And they have so many good characteristics so they can achieve greatness in their lives, but only if they do not neglect the gifts that they have in life, or that they received by with their birth.

Those who are born on August 15 have the power of character and personal magnetism. The main mistake these Leos have to keep is that they do not become self-centred and focused on themselves, and everything will be ok.

They should not be stern toward others; those who belong to this date should try to do more on the matters of the heart, a never to forget a friend. They could be leaders of the community – a striking personality that stands above others in the room.