August 13 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Since dates are created from numbers, it is logical that we explain in a few words all that is important and that is connected to the realm of numerology. It is the science that deals with the explaining human behavior by using numbers, and many people claim that knowing numerology is much simpler than anything else in this realm of looking into the human mind. They say that by using a simple methodology that is easy to learn, the intuitive ability to understand the depth of the human person can be trained.

So, we will add one more thing here- it is the Astro aspect in the dates, as in a sense that we are adding the Zodiac influence that gives one more dimension in the analyses. Today we are speaking of date August 13 and the ruling Zodiac sign Leo.

Personality and Character

People who are born on August 13 are Leos who have a bit colder side to them, they can be turned to criticism and analysis of everything, and primarily to themselves- they can chase perfection and want to be the best and the first in everything they do. And they do it by trying to be perfect all the way.

But in fact, these human beings are very stable humans who can deal well with things that are concrete and material. During life, modesty and shyness can make shifts in their experiences with the obsessive need to be in front of the audience, and this change occurs because they are like all Leo Zodiac signs are afraid of being hurt.

One more thing can be attached to these humans who are born on August 13 – they have an exceptional taste in everything. They are prone to comfort, have a good choice of clothing, and careful selection of food -they like to slowly vine and dine.

They are people who seek for the harmony in life, and the aspect they want to achieve in their lives is the control of emotions, that will allow them to correctly and unmistakably perceive the essence of everything in the world. On the other hand, these are the people who are aware of their internal vulnerabilities and are difficult to open to the outside world, but when they gain trust, they are incredibly loyal.

The most important thing in their lives for them is to become aware of their powers so that others will understand them, and then they will be able to serve the whole world.

They are known for fleeing into some jobs and neglecting love life, never developing relationships, and this makes them bitter in the end, they can blame others for these underachievements.

Love Compatibility

These people are critics; they want to look for the defects in themselves and others – which are impossible without a critical review. Those who belong to the August 13 seek perfection, in marriage and partnership relations also. That’s why there can be problems: because of the complicated quaternary and impermanence – the reason that it is difficult to deal with these Leos because they have the fearsome power of observation, and most of all others are looking through the disadvantages.

In love, these people are not what you think they are -they will never be lovers and ideal partners because they are independent, scared, confined, petty, self-sufficient, independent of others, personalities who do not know how to enjoy life in two (or find it very hard). They feel the best when they are alone, and that is the fact of life. Those who belong to this date have a lot of problems with the loving plan. When it comes to marriage, they find it hard to decide, but when they enter marriage, they will not easily give a divorce, since they are dedicated to the family.

Purpose and Career

People of the August 13 are the people who always think ahead and have a sharp mind; also as all Leos, these people can assess well human nature. They are diplomatic and tactical (unlike Leos, who are temperamental and fiery), and there are strong religious lines in them that they are not getting loose so quickly.

At the same time, they are skilled in business, so few people in their environment can be better than these people are; they are proud to be the best and the first when doing something, and they choose a profession that becomes their obsession. They like to point out that they are the best at their jobs and others can see them as tyrants, and they are, or to be specific they can be.

These people are very literate and love books and reading in general, even if they are learning about things that do not have anything in common with their jobs for example.

Sometimes while they work, their health can be problematic, so they need to be careful and to relax in a real sense of that word.

In the end, these people have every chance to achieve material success in life. Therefore, they should follow their ideas and should do the job they love; it is the only way that can guarantee them to be happy.

People of the August 13 are original and inventive; they love music and drama, and even if they have a wide range of interests, they are focused on just one that is the most important for them in their life, and they are trying to be the best in that area. For them, the concentration is the key to success; they should not waste energy on more than one task. They could be a good teacher because are tactical and patient, but also critical when it is necessary.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People who belong to the August 13 are Leos, who are under the impact of the Sun – and from this impact comes that these people need to be the best and the first, and to do their jobs perfectly, every time. And this aspect is good in their lives, and it is a great motivation for success. But, there is one more thing -they are under that influence of the number 4. Hence they are under the impact of the coldest planet of all, Saturn.

What does this mean when these two planets are combined?

This combination symbolises obstacles and at times powerlessness that these people feel. The good side of this influence is in deep penetration with great deliberate efforts -they are adorned with loyalty, permanence, knowledge, renunciation, faith and wisdom.

But one thing that number 4 and Saturn bring is actually

Saturn also brings the burden (especially the emotional one), that reminds them of life’s troubles and temptations. These people can have various abandonments, sacrifices and pain, and their life task is to try to survive and succeed in their intention, usually through the process of creativity or art.

One more thing needs to be added here – we can see the clear influence of the numeral 13, that in this case brings some of the negativity, but these people are equipped for dealing with all sorts of difficulties.

Their numbers are 13 and 4, and their colors are navy blue and grey.

Historical Events on August 13

Human knowledge about the historical events has become more and more extensive, and people love to see what happened a long time ago -they built their attitudes about the world in that way.

So, after all, history is not useless, and it can be used in our practical life. It can touch all parts of our lives – for example, the improvement, the restoration of industry, agriculture and transport, etc. In a next section read all about the events that took place on August 13.

1521 – Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortez seized and destroyed, after a three-month siege, the town of Tenochtitlan, the city of Asti.

1532 – The Brittany Kingdom was added to France.

1624 – French King Louis XIII appointed Cardinal Richelieu for the Premiership.

1792 – French Revolutionaries arrested members of the royal family three days after the abolition of the monarchy and the overthrow of King Louis XVI.

1814 – The Netherlands gave Great Britain the Cape of Good Hope.

1868 – In Peru and Ecuador, a series of earthquakes killed about 25,000 people.

1898 – US forces in the Spanish-American War seized Manila.

1898 -Carl Gustav Vit revealed 433 Eros, the first discovered asteroid that is close to Earth.

1905 – Norway becomes independent after a referendum in which almost 100% of citizens declared that they want to be independent of Sweden.

1914 – France declared the war in Austria-Hungary in the World War I.

1920 – The Battle of Warsaw started, completed after twelve days by the defeat of the Bolshevik Red Army.

1923 – Japanese attack on Shanghai (China).

1937 – The Battle of Shanghai began with the Japanese attack.

1942 – Switzerland closed refugee borders and rejected the Jewish emigrants.

1960 – The Central African Republic declared independence from France.

1961 – East German authorities closed the border between East and West Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate and began building a 155 km long wall along the border with West Germany.

1964 – The latest death sentences were executed in Great Britain by hanging two prisoners in Liverpool and Manchester sentenced to death for murder.

1978 – In France, after 187 years of a government decision, the price of bread again could be freely formed in the market.

1993 – More than 120 people died when a six-storey hotel collapsed in Thailand.

1998 – Swiss banks and Jewish groups have reached an agreement envisioning a $ 1 billion and $ 250 million compensation for Holocaust victims in World War II.

2008 – The Russian army occupied the city of Gore during the war in Georgia.

Famous people born on August 13

One name will certainly “poke your eyes” among all those who are born on August 13 -and it is the name of one of the most important figures in the movie history. Can you guess who he is?

1752 – Maria Carolina of Austria, a Naples-Sicilian Queen.

1814 – Anders Jonas Angstrom, a Swedish physicist.

1820 – George Grove, a British musicologist.

1826 – Rene Teofil Jasin Lenak, a French doctor who invented a stethoscope.

1871 – Karl Liebknecht, a German politician.

1888 – John Brad, a Scottish engineer.

1899 – Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, the American-British film director.

1902 – Felix Wankel, a German engineer an inventor of a rotary engine,

1912 – Salvador E. Luria, an American microbiologist of Italian origin.

1913 –  Makarios III, a Cypriot Archbishop and leader of the independence movement.

1918 – Frederick Sanger, a British chemist.

1926 – Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, the Cuban revolutionary and first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba.

1952- Herb Ritts, an American photographer.

1957 – David Crane, an American screenwriter and producer.

1962- John Slattery, an American actor and director.

1970 – Alan Shearer, an English footballer.

1982- Sebastian Stan, a Romanian-American actor.

Let us speak a few more lines about these interesting Leos who are born on August 13, and for that purpose, it is the best to look at the biography of the most famous movie director that is born on this day. Alfred Hitchcock was one of the best and most demanding people in the business, in the entertainment industry. But from another point of view, his life was controversial in a way, since he was considered to be a cold and distant person, weird even and someone who made a life of his colleagues a living hell.

People of the August 13 are people who are loyal, love the home and family; they can divide their work from their private lives, and they can even act as two completely different persons. With their families, they can be gentle, and compassionate; and in their work, those who are born on this day can be decisive and can stick to something until it is finished. What these Leos must learn is to think better about those around them and never to gossip or complain.