August 11 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

There are many types of Astrology, and the one that we will speak now is one of the most important there is – the Natal Astrology.

It is the type of the Astrology that deals with all segments of an individual’s life; from the psychological structure, character, temperament, hereditary factors, physical constitution and condition, to interaction with the environment, relationships with people and situations that bring us life.

The Natal chart is made according to the time (date, hour and minute) and place of birth, and it is the basis of everything, everything else is based on it – predictions, guidance and advice.

It is exciting how much information can be extracted from our astrological chart, and we might add from our birthdates. Today we are looking into depths of a date August 11, and you will soon realise that this date hides impressive things. Read all about it.

Personality and Character

You probably imagine people who are born on August 11 as people who are true Leos since they belong to the second decade of their rule; but they are not, they are people who belong to themselves.

Those who belong to this date have the enormous wealth of emotions, do like to stand out and be impressive in some area of their work, but they want to keep some things private. Thus, this date speaks of persons who are very vulnerable, can be hurt, they are sensitive, at any moment ready to withdraw until the “storm” stops, but this doesn’t mean that they will show it to your their weaknesses. Because of their deep feelings on one side and their energy on other -these people have to release this contrast by expressing themselves creatively.

Others often misjudge them as too careful and overly sensitive people, and if they realise this, they can use to their advantage, because you need to know that they are not martyrs, not at all they use their weaknesses as their advantage and as a motive for future success.

Since, through the prism of their strong feelings and powerful energy, they can look at others as people who are below them in every sense, and this attitude rarely stays unnoticed (but this is understandable, since they are Cancers) It is negatively expressed through a changeable mood, insecurity self-pity, possessiveness; and their environment should be careful not to offend them, because they remember everything and do not oppose to vengeance.

The learning process in these Leos who are born on August 11 comes from pain, and these people have a full list of family, financial and material problems -but in the end, they gain a lot of experience. So their environment should be careful – it is difficult to be around them, they can be hypersensitive and hurt. And when they grow up and grow in every sense, they feel complete, and they think that the time has come for joy. Rarely this happiness, but they do not see this as a problem; they see this as a blessing.

Love Compatibility

People of this date and the people who belong to it, we could say that they are those partners who when in love, love entire families of their partners and it is a trait that is amazing and loveable.

These people see love as something like the influence in the world; it is like spilling a pleasant feeling around the globe. And we must admit that this attitude in love is more than idealism and when the reality hits them hard in the head they are in big problem.  These people are supporters to their lovers and can pull out the best form their lovers, which is impressive by itself.

These people can get to know their lovers, and unlike other Leos, they want to hear partner’s needs, and they can seduce and conquer anyone they want, only if they want.

One thing is challenging with these people – they can be at the same time, both caring, and challenging and full of understanding; this is all thanks to the influence of the Sun- Moon relation.

They are beautiful, often more interesting than anything else, they love children and want to have them many; and when they find what they want in love, they start to enjoy home life.

Purpose and Career

Those who belong to the August 11 honest in their intentions and their co-workers can see that in everyday projects; they are open-minded people who have strong convictions and feel that they must express them – logical conclusion is that these people must do something creative so that they can feel free and prosperous.

They themselves think that they genuinely think that they are interested in humanity and they are, some of their work is connected to some extent to these matters, but is not the only aspect of their work. The primary interests in life.


These people are Leos after all and we cannot deny this fact – they are like the Lion animal intuitive, and their impulses are rarely wrong. If they find something that they love to do, something risky and creative at the same time these people of the August 11 are brave and fearless.

Above all, these people are capable of executive duties, and can succeed in everything they get as their task; but will they do it with their hearts, not they will not. We must also mention that these people are very stubborn, and in the work environment they love justice, but they genuinely despise when people dare to copy their ideas or thoughts.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People who are born on August 11 are the people who belong to the Leo Zodiac sign, and that means that they are under the government of the Sun, which gives them so many positive attributes in life. But in their personal chart, we can find something else, that by some mean represents everything opposite, and we are talking about the Moon that is a ruler of the numeral two that can be found in this date.

But before we speak of the Moon and its influence on these people, we must speak of numbers – 2 and 11, both of them can be found in this date.

Number 2 is the number connected to passivity, emotionality, sensitivity and need for connection, in any sense and form. Number 11, on the other hand, is the number that is almost secret number connected to so many interesting, almost mystical things, and some of them are related to the people who are born on August 11.

When we are talking about the Moon, it is the symbol of sentiments, passivity, slow changes in life and the abundance of the ideas.

Its energy in combination with the Sun’s energy means that in these people there are influences of the variability along with the intensity of emotions. Also, this combination indicates the relationship with people in their lives, and it can point a part of life where they want the most to show success – in this case, it is their interpersonal life.

Sun and Moon have the most critical impact on the people’s mood due to its rapid transit, and in human symbols, it can be seen as a rapid revolution around the planet.

People with the Sun -Moon connection are emotionally related to the past, and can be stubborn; but these people can be hasty and make decisions without much thought, which can bring either harm or benefit depending on some crucial factors.

Their numbers are 11 and 2, and their color is any type of grey.

Historical Events on August 11

Individual events in human history are co monumental and essential that they mark the true beginnings for human history and one of those events occurred on August 11 – it is the date that signifies the true origin of the world, as we know it.

3114 B.C – Creation of life on the Earth by the Mayan Calendar.

480 B.C – The Persians, under the leadership of Xerxes, won over the Spartans under the direction of King Leonides in battle at the Thermopylae Valley.

1492 – Alexander VI was elected as Pope.

1898 – The American troops enter the city of Mayaguez in Porto Rico during the Spanish-American War.

1918 – World War I: Battle of Amiens ends.

1919 – The Weimar Republic constitution was adopted.

1934 – A federal prison on the Alcatraz Island in California was opened.

1943 – World War I: The first conference in Quebec began; and Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ce Ven Sung and William Lyon McCance King attended.

1950 – Belgian prince Baudouin assumed the office of the governor after his father, Leopold II, had to withdraw due to a general strike.

1952 – King Hussein was proclaimed king of the Jordan.

1953 – In the earthquake on the Greek west coast and the nearby islands, about 1,000 people died.

1960 – Chad declares independence.

1972 – The last US military land unit is leaving South Vietnam.

1984 –  US President Ronald Reagan said, “Dear citizens, today I signed a law that destroys Russia’s right to exist. We start bombing in five minutes.”

1999 – Total Solar eclipse occurred in Europe and Asia.

2003 – NATO takes over command over peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan. It is the first intervention outside Europe in NATO’s 54 years of history.

Famous people born on August 11

Maybe the names on this list might seem not relevant to you, but we assure you that all of these people who are born on the 11th day of August made something important in their lives.

1667 – Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici, the last of the Medici family.

1833 – Robert G. Ingersoll, an American politician and soldier.

1833 – Kido Takayoshi, a Japanese politician.

1870 – Tom Richardson, an English cricketer.

1902 – Alfredo Binda, an Italian cyclist.

1912 – Eva Ahnert-Rohlfs, a German astronomer.

1913 – Franck Pourcel, a French composer.

1913 – Angus Wilson, an English writer.

1921 – Alex Haley, an American writer.

1926 – Aaron Klug, a Lithuanian-born British chemist and biophysicist

1932 – Fernando Arrabal, a Spanish writer.

1943 – Pervez Musharraf, a General and leader of Pakistan.

1953- Hulk Hogan, an American professional wrestler.

1954 – Joe Jackson, an English singer.

1962 – Bragi Ólafsson, an Icelandic musician.

1965- Viola Davis, an American actress.

1965 – Embeth Davidtz, an American actress.

1966 -Nigel Martyn, an English footballer.

1967 – Joe Rogan, an American comedian and TV host.

1972-  Johnaton Prandi, an American model.

1974 -Audrey Mestre, a French diver.

1983 -Chris Hemsworth, an Australian actor.

1985- Jacqueline Fernandez, a Sri Lankan actress and former model

We owe you a few additional words about people who are born as Leos on the 11th day of August and who are under the strong but contrasted influences of the Sun and Moon. Also, these people are under the numerological influence of the number 11 that is known for its incredible powers and strong influence on people who are born under its influence.

One thing we maybe did not enhance to the extent we should have -those who belong to this date are romantics who ultimately seek for the substantial evidence or love and care of others in their lives, and everything they do is somehow connected to that feeling of confirmation that they desperately need.

These people who are born on August 11 see themselves as true virtuosos, but in the long run, they have to prove to themselves that they are worthy of all that that you belong to him entirely. You need to be patient and gentle with him because he strives for excitement, but he is given a lot.

All of this is a direct consequence from the Sun -Moon connection that can be found here. The previously mentioned Sun and Moon are the symbols of division into two poles. But no other pair of planets will symbolise so much restlessness, and passion as the two of them symbolise.