August 10 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In the attempt to explain Astrology in some objective but “normal” way we will say that the science of Astrology and system of Zodiac signs in general deal with the curiosity, because when we accept its principles, any new acquaintance, no matter how unimportant and uninteresting it looks, becomes a part of that story.

We can also say that horoscope and numerology expand our awareness of behavior and motivation in life: the most important thing is that it heightens our souls; it points on good and virtue. Astro-numerology teaches that all people are subordinate to universal needs and desires and that every person, completely and wonderfully – is unique. Isn’t this amazing? It is, and the connecting tissue, in this case, is birthdates – no matter how frequent, it is an individual aspect for all of us.

Today we are looking into a date August 10, and we counted in all events, people and relevant aspects that will bring us closer to the true nature of this date.

Personality and Character

These people who are born on August 10 belong to the Leo Zodiac sign, they are studious types of people, who are intelligent, but who are not objective, do not rely on feelings, and they are the people who think that their life task is to support new things in the world, and even come to the place where they demolish and eliminate the old. They can be motivated with money and generally with material goods, and they are persistent, but not attached; the keyword is freedom and individuality.

These humans who belong to the August 10 focus their thoughts and actions are focused towards understanding their own nature and finding their purpose, and along the way finding fame.

They present themselves to others as citizens of the world, who understand all people, and this is indeed something that they should strive, but they have to work hard to achieve this virtue.

Those who are born on August 10 are people who are motivated by the implementation of new things in their environment, and they like to remove the old to create places for something entirely new. Often, these Leos are characterised as eccentric, unconventional, advanced, ahead of their time, and they can be like this; but what hides inside of them is an entirely different story.

Regarding their feelings, we could say that they can act impulsively and unexpectedly; they have a restless spirit, and readily realise contacts, fighting and eager excerpts. Some people see them as unique beings because they seem to love strangeness.

Love Compatibility

These Leos born on August 10 are people who are in love related issues, the people who are in most cases nonchalant, charming and casual -they like to look like they are not trying like others must try to seduce them, not the other way around.

At the first meeting with their potential lovers, they do not have the feeling like they are being seduced, but they are doing it most delicately, but deep inside those who are born on August 10 are trying and praying that their game succeed. Otherwise, they will be scared of failure and will lose self-esteem, at least for a short period of time.

You can recognise these people since they can be deliberately quiet when they like someone, and they will do everything to stop you from knowing what they are talking about, and what their intentions are and how much they like you.

Also what happens is that people who are born on August 10 can break up without any intro or explanation, they will maybe even remain quiet but their silence can be deafening and painful – and they are doing this on purpose, to enhance the drama.

Some people call them calculated, and they need partners who will know how important is to follow their ideas and ways of thinking. That’s why these Leos choose a partner similar to their level of education, attitudes and behavior, regardless of the heartfelt opinion of their unusual nature and the need for freedom.

If you succeed to conquer them, in return, be loyal to you, as long as they are with you.

Purpose and Career

As Leos who are under the dual influence of the Sun, these people are predestined to succeed in their jobs, and they do it with their courage and persistence. These people who are born on August 10 are very determined, and they never know when they are defeated – this means that these people don’t know when to stop, and it is not uncommon for them to fail miserably just because they didn’t see the sign that their idea is not working, not because it is a bad idea, but because the timing is wrong.

Also, these people love money, and it is the great motivation in their work, they can be motivated with money and in their case, it is a good thing, especially since they know how to share and are unselfish.


Because of this and their natural strong will and determination, those who are born on August 10 will no doubt succeed in achieving it for the rest of their life -they usually know from an early life what they want to do and how to achieve their goals in their careers.

These Leos love art and are probably talented for painting or sculpting; They are also musical and gifted for acting so that they can succeed on stage that is a very attractive field for all Leos and even for those who are born on August 10. Undeniably they have a magnetic personality and can keep the audience listening while talking a story better than anyone in your background.

These people are smart and resourceful, and they can compensate the lack of “something” in their job with charm, for example, they have solid work, and they use their connections wherever they go.

They love to read and write, but in most cases, it is just for their eyes; they usually love and live a bohemian life and accept the best of life and its finest colors. They are usually busy, and they spend their free time in thinking about new projects, and they pray that the next idea will be the right one, the one that will lead them to the success – an idea that can bring them fame and fortune.

People of the August 10 belong to the Leo Zodiac sign, a fiery sign that is under the government of the Sun and in today’s case, we are talking about the double influence of the Sun since it is responsible for the number 1 that can be found in this date. What this symbolically means for the people who are born on this day? It means that these people are adorned with incredible mental power and vitality, they are looking for their identity during life, even if they are always sure that they know who they are, they have many crises during life. Also, these people are egocentric and have pronounced individuality – as all Leos do, but here it is more accentuated. Also, the double Sun gives these people sincerity, dignity, and self-esteem (that can be buildable in most cases).

On a broader scale, the double impact of the Sun symbolises communication, loyalty, advancement, authority in many aspects of life.

Numerologically speaking these people are under the influence of the numeral 1 – a number that has energy and courage, but that also symbolises naivety and new beginnings. It is the number of people who have incredible ideas and who dare to make them real, and in most cases, they succeed in their intentions.

Their numbers are 1 and 9, and their color is bright blue.

Historical Events on August 10

Past events include all those significant events that have local or international participation, and more importantly, those occurrences must have a tremendous impact on the very destination in which they are held, or they have an effect on a world scale. If a particular event that occurred on this day fulfils one of these conditions, it is on our list of the historical events that occurred on August 10.

955 – In the battle the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I defeated the Hungarians, ending a fifty-year-old Hungarian invasion in Central Europe.

1519 – Magellan’s five ships sailed around the world.

1628 -The Swedish military ship “Wasa” sank in the Stockholm port after only 20 minutes of its first and only trip.

1792 – In the assault at Tuileries Palace during the French Revolution, the Parisian thug was arrested and destroyed by King Louis XVI and massacred his Swiss Guard.

1793 – Louvre, the castle of French kings in Paris and one of the largest and most famous world museums, opened.

1809 – Quito, today the capital of Ecuador, has announced independence from Spain.

1821 – Missouri was recognised as the 24th US state.

1904 – The Battle of the Yellow Sea took place between the Russian and Japanese fleets during the Russian-Japanese War.

1913 – In Bucharest, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro signed a defeated Bulgaria peace treaty, ending the Second Balkan War.

1915 – The Ottoman Empire, in a large counterattack, led by Mustafa Kemal, conquered Sari Bair in the battle for Sari Bair in the World War I.

1990 – The Magellan Probe arrived at the planet, Venus.

Famous people born on August 10

History is made from events, and those events are connected to the people, and for that purpose, and all for the understanding this date deeper we have gathered all famous people who are born on August 10.

1267 – James II, the King of Aragon and Valencia.

1296 – Jan I, Count of Luxembourg from 1309, king of the Czech Republic.

1360 -Francesco Zabarella, an Italian lawyer.

1489 – Jacob Sturm von Sturmeck, a German statesman and reformer.

1560 – Hieronymus Praetorius, a German composer.

1602 – Gilles de Roberval, a French mathematician.

1737 – Anton Losenko, a Russian painter.

1810 -Camillo Benso di Cavour, an Italian politician.

1874 – Herbert C. Hoover, the US politician and the 31st president of this country.

1877 – Frank James Marshall, an American chess player.

1889 – Charles Darrow, the inventor of Monopoly.

1926 – Edwin Carr, a New Zealand composer and pianist.

1953 – Mark Doty, an American poet.

1959- Rosanna Arquette, an American actress.

1960 – Hose Antonio Dominguez Banderas, a Spanish actor and singer.

1963 – Andrew Sullivan, an English political commentator and writer.

1971 – Justin Theroux, an American actor.

1971 -Roy Keane, an Irish footballer and coach.

1973 – Javier Zanetti, an Argentine footballer.

1991- Kylie Jenner, an American celebrity.

Let us say a few more sentences about these Leos who are born on August 10, who live under the double Sun that gives them energy and power in their lives, but also it can push them in doing things that are not good for them, just for the sake of being first – they can be subject to scrutiny and jealousy.

But no matter what will their lives will look like eventually, these people born on August 10 are unique, and they act so they seem like they don’t care about others opinions, but deep inside they can be subject of self-evaluation. They are often ahead of time, and therefore some of their talents can be hidden, and they can be in the search for those skills, and the most compelling feeling is when they can say – I did it, look at me, I told you, but you did not listen to me.

Regarding interpersonal relationships, these people act like they do not like to connect to people to be overly intimate, but they would give anything to be close to someone, but they are scared of being hurt.

They will accept everything in life if they have to, but only if those things never jeopardise their freedom and independence.

Without prejudice these people go through the life, like to play and to flirt, they want an environment where they will finally feel comfortable.