August 1 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Some people dream about successful careers, to become successful business people, to make a lot of money; others are just interested in love and in finding a love of their lives. Some others pray for their health and being happy with the rest of their lives, they dream about their own home and family.

Others use astrological prognosis to choose the right color for their apartments (or something similar, that is not the most profound wish in the world), and horoscope can help them in that endeavor, by revealing hidden properties and needs in people.

All of these answers could be found, and the central question of what does our ruling Zodiac sign wants from life, and what will it get from him? Because you know in life, we can be wanting one thing, but in fact, we need something else, that is entirely different. And this is the moment in a horoscope, and the whole Zodiac story that can be confusing for some – it can reveal to us what we need to be happy and prosperous, not what we think we need for that.

A good Astro -numerological analyses can be helpful in this matter, mainly by focusing on our birthdays, as a central element in discovering person character.

Today that date is August 1, and a Zodiac sign is Leo -we tried to give to you all relevant information that can contribute to build up an objective story about this date.

Personality and Character

Those who belong to the August 1 others consider to be brave, strong and bright in most issues that they are dealing with in their lives – they are self-confident persons who always have the right answer. In the circle of their closest environment, like longtime friends, the atmosphere of honesty and comfort is present. Their environment knows that can rely on them; they are trusted advisors and are often seen as the team leaders. When pressure comes, these people are able to remain calm under pressure, but sometimes they cannot make fast decisions.

But when people who are dealing with something important these people who belong to the August 1 hate delays and always follow the rules – but that does not mean that they forgot to have a lot of fun; they are the people who like to laugh and be with their friends. And trust us when we say to you, these Leos will never jeopardise their interpersonal relationships for work, for example (of course this do not mean that they will slack off, they will work hard).

Also, they love life and people in general and have very soft hearts, even if their looks may say otherwise – for others, they can seem as unique, weird or even aggressive or repulsive, irritating also.

Although it might be difficult for you, it’s time to leave someone else’s rudder to someone else. You cannot do it all by yourself. Take your time to focus on yourself and what you need most in life. It could be just a bit of relaxation. Take that time for yourself.

These people have a unique taste, and this aspect can be seen in their wardrobe or their homes, in the way they decorated their homes, and in fact, everything in their lives has its own, unique style.

Although these people of the August 1 have an extreme inner perfectionism and the need for a permanent order in the “head” and they work hard on self-control, these are the pleasant people who wherever they appear to collect people around them.

They love to travel, communicate and cannot imagine life without their families.

Love Compatibility

These people have so many different friends, from all sides of the world and are associated to the people that have different backgrounds, and because of this, they are sincere in your affiliations for more people at the same time. Each of them gets and satisfies a particular side of them, and they could make it with anyone – and during life, they have so many different partners that give them something extra special in life.

They have charm and can “swim” in the diplomacy, they are adorned with kindness and the need to love others but also help others. These people have a very balanced and optimistic nature that is connected to the strong relationships with others.

We could also say that these people are idealists in love, they are fantasists of a vulnerable heart and intense feelings, who seeks the attention just like a “child” and who believe in “real” love.

And believe us, they will never give up true pure emotions, and even if they have significant emotional changes, which follow the principle or total emotional collapse or sudden emotional euphoria, they can make it in the end.


These people of the August 1 are in constant search for beauty, emotions, and love is one of the best indicators of their psychological state. In that sense, if they stand well and everything is great, they can own the world, and if not they will keep on dreaming about great emotions. It is often essential for these people to choose an amazing and supportive partner because this date can often bring changes, and the possibility of later maturation, so they can wait for a long time for true love.

Purpose and Career

Regarding their careers these people are impulsive in making business decisions, they have original ideas, and they are brilliant. They can be diplomats since they have a perfect talent to “push someone against the wall”, take the information they need, and they are doing all of this without any force, they rely on their persuasion and charm

Thanks to their character those who are born on August 1 will have many friends and only a few enemies; they are not so much conflict personalities.

Those who belong to the August 1 are inclined to have two contradictory opinions about a thing and do not know which one to choose, and this is the cause of a lot of stress that is not uncommon in their lives. What these people would ultimately learn is to evaluate the critical choices – to make a decision immediately for something, before the excellent moment has passed. Once they have learned it, these people can expect the significant success in life because they have many talents.

They are versatile in the choice of their careers, they can become involved in many different adventures with many different people – and they love every step of that process.  These people also have so many interests, and the most fantastic part is that those who are born on August 1 are good in each and every one of their talents, that they can become very successful people if they put their mind to it.

Their minds are turned toward inventions, and they could be successful inventors (this aspect can be seen in the biographies of the people who are born on this day, in the list below).

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

People who belong to the August 1 belong to the number 1 and are under the double influence of the Sun – it is the “planet” that is the ruler of the number 1 and ruler of all Leo Zodiac signs.

The double influence of the Sun, in this case, speaks of the power of a character, leadership and organisational skills that these people have. The Sun is the symbol of life, but also the symbol of warmth and this is translated to the kindness of the people who are born on August 1.

The Sun affects the power of our character and speaks about the strive to enhance the level of self-awareness. The Sun -Sun combination, in this case, points to the high degree of ambition, the need to prove in the field of careers, but the job that will be complementary with other aspects in these people.

Their number is 1, and their color is golden.

Historical Events on August 1

Every number has its energy, and just like that date that is created by numbers has a specific power that attracts particular events.  Today we are looking into a date August 1 – all relevant events that took place on that day are here. Read all about them.

1205 – Andrew II of Hungary gave Nin the status of a free royal city.

1291 – Three cantons, Uri, Unterwalden and Schwick have allied to defend themselves from the Habsburgs. That alliance was the basis for the creation of Switzerland.

1560 – The Scottish Parliament abolished the papal jurisdiction and approved the Calvinist religion. This was the foundation of the Scottish Church.

1774 – Carl Wilhelm and Joseph Priestley discovered the oxygen element.

1778 – The world’s first savings bank opens in the Hamburg city.

1793 – France introduced a metric system of measures.

1798 – Admiral Horatio Nelson’s British fleet destroyed the French fleet under the command of Admiral Francois Bryce in Beka near Abucci, near Alexandria.

1800 – The Irish Parliament adopted the Union Law, which on January 1, 1801, Great Britain and Ireland would unite in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

1834 – Slavery is prohibited throughout the British Empire.

1894 – Because of the dispute over Korea, Japan has issued a war on China.

1936 – Adolf Hitler opened 11 Olympic Games in Berlin.

1944 – The last date Anna Frank introduced into her diary.

1975 – The Statesmen of 35 countries signed in Helsinki the final document of the Conference on European Security and Cooperation (CSCE, today Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, OSCE).

1981 – MTV Music Television started broadcasting.

1994 – Roman Herzog, Germany’s president, expressed regret for the Polish people for the suffering they suffered during the German occupation of World War II.

2000 – The Kashmiri extremists in India carried out seven attacks in which some 90 people were killed, and dozens were wounded.

2001 – Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Great Britain, began an official visit to Argentina.

2007 – In the fall of the bridge over the Mississippi in Minneapolis, 13 people were killed, and dozens were injured.

2008 – A war in Georgia started between Russia and the Georgian secession of South Ossetia and Abkhazia on the other.

Famous people born on August 1

To make this interesting list, we looked into the past, in the attempt to find people who are born on this day, and who made a lasting imprint in the society.

10 B.C – Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, a Roman emperor and historian.

126 -Pertinax, a Roman emperor.

1744 -Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a French scientist.

1819 – Herman Melville, an American writer.

1841 – Eduard Herzog, the first bishop of the old Catholic bishop of Switzerland.

1893- Alexander of Greece, a Greek King.

1844 –  Herman Melville, an American writer.

1924 – Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, the king of Saudi Arabia.

1936 – Yves Saint-Laurent, a French fashion designer.

1941 – Ron Brown, an American politician.

1942 -Jerry Garcia, an American musician.

1963- Coolio, an American rapper.

1965- Sam Mendes, an English stage and movie director.

1970 – David James, an English footballer.

1979- Jason Momoa, an American actor.

1981 – Miracle Laurie, an American actress.

1982- Oluchi Onweagba, a Nigerian model.

1984 – Bastian Schweinsteiger, a German football player.

These people who are born on August 1, who belong to the Zodiac sign Leo, and who are under the bright light of the double Sun have very charismatic nature that reflects the strong will and remarkable regeneration in life.

Those who belong to this date, indeed have an excellent chance to become very successful and happy in life, because they have an exceptional desire for ambition in a spontaneous way. If they think that something is worth their time, they will do it maximally, but they will also expect from themselves and others to be a focus on concrete results.

They are the people who like to learn, and they continue to improve themselves as long as they are “alive.”