Aries Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

What does having the Moon of birth in the sign of Taurus sign mean? What meaning does the Moon hide in our birth chart? How is a person who possesses the Moon in the zodiac sign Taurus and what kind of man or woman is attracted, prefers, research in his life?

What does it mean to have the Moon in a Taurus in your birth chart? What are the characteristics of those who own the Moon in the Taurus mark in its birth theme? “I have the Moon in Taurus in my astral birth chart and it was in a growing phase, what it means, what character do I have? And if it was in a decreasing phase or Full Moon or New?

Aries Sun Taurus Moon – General Info

My son, my girlfriend, my wife, my co-worker has the natal Moon in Taurus. Is it a favorable sign or not? What is the characteristic of a sign Moon in Taurus? “But what are the meanings of a Taurus in the birth chart of a man or a woman?

The Moon often concerns the type of woman or man who attracts us, to whom we are brought and also the relationship we have with women and in particular with our mother.

It also indicates our sensitivity and our hidden subconscious side. In this sign the nocturnal star is exalted by its analogy with the fertility of the earth and of the mother.

The Moon in the sign of Taurus in the horoscope denotes peaceful, calm and quite individuals. Rooted in their habits, they can experience changes, separations and new beginnings with great anxiety.

They need security and stability and for this reason they avoid complications of any kind. The Moon in this position emphasizes the need for material and financial security to ensure emotional well-being. Emotions are generally stable and serene, strong love for the family, the kitchen and the home. There is an aptitude for gardening and the need to live in contact with nature.

They have a warm and enveloping affection, a little possessive, in a relationship they seek continuity, loyalty and a quiet life. The traditionalist and conformist attitude towards the family makes these people faithful and strong in their affections.

The Moon in the sign of Taurus denotes individuals who control their feelings very well and know how to hide them from others, yet they are capable of suddenly exploding in an unexpected fit of anger, much to the surprise of those around them.

A man with the Moon in Taurus tends to be essentially peaceful, a little submissive, but faithful to the companion of his life. Like his feelings his faults also manifest themselves slowly, and they are not easy to eradicate! Stubbornness, fear of the unexpected and jealousy do not make him a very flexible man.

On the other hand, he is a man who stands out for his concreteness, his patience, and his values. He loves very feminine, traditional and simple women. Women who are too twisted, worldly or independent are not for him. He is a gourmet and to conquer it you have to take it by the throat!

This position of the Moon accentuates in the woman the maternal spirit and a deep respect for marriage and consolidated ties. Many women characterized by the Moon in Taurus marry and have children at a young age, but the first marriage is often a mistake.

Extremely feminine and with a great aesthetic sense, she conquers with her charm, her sensuality and her good taste. In the emotional field he does not immediately show his feelings and does not like to play games of seduction: he prefers to move with seriousness and caution or, at least, with his times.

She is looking for a concrete and loyal man whom she can count on, but sexuality will always play a very important role in her relationships: it would be difficult for her, if not impossible, to pursue a relationship without passion.

Who owns the Moon in Taurus can have a good affinity of couple with the signs of earth, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Excellent combination also with those who own the Moon in these signs: emotional reactions tend to be the same, especially with the Taurus.

The problem may arise because of the stubbornness of both and therefore of the difficulty in reviewing their positions. There are many common points with the Virgin: love for tranquility, nature, contact with the earth and the need for security and stability.


Capricorn, on the other hand, will satisfy the need for material and financial security so dear to the Taurus. The agreement with land signs can also be profitable for professional relationships, and for what concerns money and ambition.

With the signs of air, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, complementarity and incompatibility can manifest instead. If it is true that the air can insert a note of dynamism to the calmness and slow pace of Taurus, it is also true that domestic tranquility is very important for those who own the Moon in Taurus.

One of the characteristics of the Moon in Taurus is the lack of flexibility and intolerance towards changes to one’s habits and routine, which can be tiring to signs of air. Especially Gemini and Aquarius need many new stimuli and may feel oppressed by the too static nature of Taurus. With Libra you can create a good understanding, even if in the long run those who own the Sun or the Moon in Libra could be affected by the lack of mental stimuli.

With the Water signs, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, there are different affinities, especially with regard to the need for security within relationships. The signs of water can bring nourishment to the fertile land of Taurus, and enrich its emotional sphere.

The signs of water are more sensitive, emotional and moody compared to the signs of earth and in particular to those who own the Moon in Taurus. But precisely this can be the strong point of the relationship: the capacity of the Moon in Taurus to reassure and stabilize the emotion and complexity of the signs of water.

More difficult is the combination with the signs of fire, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius who find it hard to find an emotional agreement with the phlegmatic nature of the Moon in Taurus. With Leo in particular, or with those who own the Moon in Leo, real conflicts could arise, caused mainly by the stubbornness and inflexibility of the two signs.

Those born with Luna in Taurus may suffer from chronic infections of the rhino-pharyngeal area, thyroid insufficiency and digestive overload. Lovers of table pleasures, people with the Moon in Taurus, or strong Taurine dominance, must keep their great appetite under control and spend more time on physical activity.

Good Traits

You are a practical person aware of your options. You are honest and honest and do not want to participate in any games. You have good taste, you like to be surrounded by beautiful things, and you appreciate fashion and art.

You want to live in a beautiful and peaceful environment. If you live in inconsistent conditions, you can become sad and melancholy. Your job is to trust your intuition more, which almost never goes wrong. You are emotionally stable, usually having strong and lasting friendships. You don’t like change and you need stability to keep it balanced.

You love to do your best and are extremely stubborn and persistent. You are sexy and sensual. You are prone to jealousy in relationships, but only if you recognize the threat.

It is important for you to feel secure in a loving relationship. You are ready to suffer a great deal in the name of love and you will not easily lift your hands from the relationship in which you put a lot of effort.

Bad Traits

One of the bad traits that this people have, is being too trustworthy of others or expecting too much. While they are not that fast to give someone their love, once they do, they expect a lot in return.

They are not afraid to get in a fight for someone and protect their friends, family members from anyone who tries to come after them. But, they expect the same in return.

Being so loyal makes them a hard friend to keep, if you are a person who doesn’t believe in being equal and giving the same amount of love and affection to the other person. They definitely believe n strong relationships and strong friendships, but they have a certain amount of expectations regarding that relationship.

Being an Aries with Moon in Taurus makes you extremely hard headed. Aries people are already known as being hotheads and also difficult when it comes to changing their minds. The same goes for Taurus. Because of that, you often don’t like getting into arguments at all, because you cannot see the broader picture and that makes others even angrier.

Unlike Aries, who is well-known for jumping into opportunities without looking a them from different angels, Taurus is much more calculated and slower at making decisions. You like to take time doing everything, which can be a problem for the Aries in you.

You often feel that urge to do something, but the Taurus keeps preventing you from acting out on your plans. This leaves many of your ideas untouched and you never go back to finishing them.

However, if you learn to balance the stop and drive motion inside of you, then you can have a very good experience.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon in Love

Both Aries and Taurus love to the last bone in them. While Aries has a more idealistic view of love, Taurus is more calculated and likes seeing all the words in action before he gives his heart to someone.

This is when balance comes in play again. Aries can be balanced by Taurus calm nature, to take some time and think about everything before making a decision regarding his partner.

While Aries can motivate Taurus to be more adventurous and risk sometimes with someone.

Another thing these people don’t like is being forced to do something. You are going to achieve much better results if you just say directly what you want, and if they feel like doing that, they eventually will.  Forcing them or chasing them definitely doesn’t do the trick.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon – Best Match

For an unbalanced combination like this, an emotional partner would probably be the best choice. Someone who knows how to cope with the strong headed and calculated Taurus, as well as with passionate and exciting Aries.

Cancer is the best choice in this combination, so everyone with a Moon in Cancer is a good choice. This partner will bring out the best in you and make you feel less aggressive. Cancer will know what to say and when, so that you feel your best.


The combination of Sun in Aries and Moon in Taurus is not a perfectly balanced relationship, but if you learn how to bring out the best out of every side, you can have a perfect combination of driving and stopping motion in life.