Aries Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The moon symbolizes the emotions in the person, that is, the emotional nature of the individual. We associate it with the “inner child,” that is, the emotional body that each of us has, which was formed during the first seven years of life through our environment and parents, and then suppressed.

The seven-year cycle is a very important cycle because all evolution in nature, including the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development of each of us, takes place over seven years.

With Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Aries, one reacts very emotionally to people and events and shows his will, and sometimes one is inspired by blind ambition. It is not so easy to see that emotional obsession that keeps your personal belongings locked up.

Relationships with friends, careers and possessions are often characterized by stubbornness and hot headed behavior. The attitude is goal-sure, no victim seems too big to achieve personal and emotional goals, but more often than not, their sacrifices are limited.

This person’s emotional life is restless, intense, passionate and emotional. They do not show it outward. For fear of rejection, they sometimes react harshly or secretly. In other moments open again and honest, that they may call them tactless.

On the other hand, in their feelings are persevering. But it could happen that the initial passion in power games degenerates. Extreme jealousy can happen. They do not forget personal insults so quickly and even forge revenge plans in extreme cases.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon – General Info

These children can challenge their parents and be very provocative. The emotions are very strong in childhood. Disagreements between parents will not be hidden from these children.

A child with scorpion moon wants to fight for recognition and acceptance. This results in a pronounced ambition and thirst for knowledge. Ambitious goals are consistently pursued. So they can become dogged and cynical. They suffer from being unable to meet the self-imposed demands and expectations. But the gift of defeat is considerable.

There is a deep connection with the mother. But they experienced it extremely consistently or on the contrary as weak. Where the child cannot be very deeply connected with the mother, alienation can become apparent.

The emotional life of people with a scorpion moon is passionate, profound and intense. They do not just want to get involved in situations, they also do not shy away from crossing boundaries and breaking facades.

They are not afraid of violent feelings – they even look for you. Instinctively you see through situations and people and you hit some sore spots. This is not always pleasant for your fellow human beings. Most importantly, your passion, depth, and intensity make you seem fascinating, even magical, to others.

However, you also know your dark side, and the intensity of your feelings sometimes scares you a little. They are afraid of being vulnerable, being captured or being abandoned. This can lead to relationships to power struggles in which you defend above all your dignity and autonomy.

Again and again you get into the dilemma, on the one hand to seek closeness and depth, but on no account want to get involved. Fearful of losing control, avoid letting anyone in completely.

Loving and being loved are the existential foundations of your life. Often you need the proximity of your partner so much that you are afraid of your own dependence.

Either you then have the impulse to free yourself from this feeling of dependency and seek your salvation in the (temporary) escape, or you try everything to bind the partner to yourself, in order to be able to weigh yourself in apparent security, never to leave become.

This can lead to extreme jealousy. Because deep inside you are not sure to be really adorable. In order to be sure of the love of another, we must first love and accept ourselves as we are. And so, you tend to be suspicious and possessive enough to provoke the retreat and escape of your partner from this distress.


When you explore and allow your own fears and insecurities, you can experience deep, passionate love with a partner who gives your insight into the “dark sides” of your soul and who knows how to trust and love them.

The colors of the Aries Sun Scorpion Moon born are – how could it be otherwise – black, red and white. Black is the color of night, death and sadness. But understood by many as expressing rather negative feelings, black also stands for clarity, seriousness and power – qualities that are closely linked to the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

Red is the color of life, of blood, fire and warmth. Of course, red also stands for love, passion and eroticism. Red and black in combination symbolize anger, power struggle and even hatred.

White forms a strong contrast. White is always the good, white is innocence and purity. Where black is the end, white is the beginning of all things. For Scorpio, white is the opposite pole to darkness and fire, it symbolizes the ideal, the “better world”.

Your apartment is your “cave”, your retreat. Here you are completely yourself. In your home you create a very private atmosphere and surround yourself with special, very personal things that you arrange in a “magical” way – everything has a meaning that not everyone understands here.

And not everyone gets access to this kingdom. An invitation is given only to the chosen ones, who also appreciate that they reveal themselves here with their innermost.

Good Traits

People with a fulfilled moon in Scorpio and Sun in Aries, can overcome themselves, are ambitious, stand by themselves and boldly follow the path of truthfulness.

They are open and have a deep inwardness that gives them real self-confidence.

They want and need clear material relationships, are extremely clear and loyal and do not want half-measures in the emotional commitment to a thing or a person.

The intensity of their emotions can shed light on and understand others. They are sensual and experience their own body very intensively.

Bad Traits

People with an unrequited moon in Scorpio seek power over others, are suspicious, jealous and closed-mouthed. The unfulfilled intensity leads her to tactless attacks and exposures. If someone offers them their foreheads, then cold and vicious revenge is their receipt. It can show biting egoism and self-overestimation.

Even secrecy without meaning and control addiction stand out. They cannot really love each other or others.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon in Love

The moon in Scorpio can camouflage itself well, does not like to look in the cards, which can arouse the distrust of others. He therefore tends easily to complicated relationships and just as easily he gets into dependence or power struggles with the partner.

Good relationships must be built on the basis of emotional understanding, trust is the A and 0. Intimacy goes deep and is often felt to be extremely strong, and it can quickly become an instrument of oppression.

Strongly instinct-led, you are often disturbed by your impulses and desires. You are afraid of being hurt, injured or abandoned, you have a poor command of yourself, especially in your youth, and are prone to jealousy. The fact that you just scared the partner is the tragedy of this complex.

Once a partner has been found that can keep up with the intensity of the emotions, then the limits of the familiar will be crossed together and love will grow into a deep and unwavering bond.

Sometimes have something scary, because their emotional powers are enormous. They are capable of totally captivating others. The black Madonna or the evil witch? Their feelings can suddenly change and often it is even inexplicable why this is so. A sensitive man can despair of it. They need psychologically sound partners who know exactly what they want.

Emotions activate powerful energies, but they are a bit black and white. They need strong partners who understand that not always with their own feelings, but with their own feelings, does not always happen so easily.

Both sexes are inexplicably attracted to taboos in love and sexuality. Whether these are lived out, however, cannot be recognized from this position of the moon alone.

Even with exceptional performances, people with moon in Scorpio are not completely satisfied with themselves, because they want to create something perfect – they actually want to overcome their own limits. The need for self-control is therefore pronounced.

Discipline and self-control should protect against the destructive power of one’s own unconscious. So you have to compensate for a considerable inner turmoil. Which, in its positive counterpart, can mean access to philosophy, psychology and spirituality.

Due to strong self-centeredness, therapies with these people are usually difficult. The human being with scorpion moon itself, however, often has a talent for therapeutic and medical professions, also healing skills can be present.

The tremendous emotional energy potential often manifests itself in power and ownership. When they cannot love themselves, they are suspicious of attention and quickly suspect hidden selfish or material motives. Own weaknesses and feelings of guilt are easily attributed to others.

Due to manipulative abilities, a pseudo-harmony may exist in a partnership. When a partner emancipates, the relationship can quickly diverge.

So it can happen that one withdraws, to be rejected for fear. It disguises itself well, does not look at the cards, but this in turn can arouse the distrust of others.

Because you are afraid to leave, you accept relationships with interdependence. They constantly have to make sure that the partner is not too strong, he must not grow up, but is taken care of.

Also a relationship in permanent competition is possible, both want to dominate.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon – Best Match

Good relationships must be based on emotional understanding. Since sexuality can become the instrument of oppression, a superficial consumption attitude can be taken. In men, a compensatory power may arise to drown the depths of the soul. In times of personal change, the interest in sexuality is greatly reduced.

The best match for the people born in Scorpio Zodiac sign, get along with people born in Earth Zodiac signs the best. Partner with a Moon in Capricorn could be a good match, or even a partner with a Moon in another earth sign, such as Leo.


If you have courage enough to be around this person, he will transform you from poor to God. If you don’t have courage, run away from eating for breakfast just because you’re weak.

A moon in Scorpio and Sun in Aries, cannot live on the surface of life – it must have powerful, transformative experiences. He does not like weakness because he is afraid of his own weakness.

He has a history of rejection, death, destruction, or persecution, after which he has hardened enough not to care for the trivia of the “what color curtains in the guest room” to choose.

Taboos should be explored and the catalyst for others. She lives a dramatic and emotionally intense life full of highs and lows. He reads his mind and can’t miss it. Don’t try to lie to him if your life is nice.