Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

With the Moon in Sagittarius one is of high sense – an idealist and likes to turn to targets that are attractive. Through natural persuasion and optimistic-friendly nature one attracts others. Once the goal has been set, the Aries’s talents are to make others believe and persuade.

So watch out that it’s the right target that you put in your mind. This person may be a religious-philosophical goal to which one draws its motivation, and there may occasionally come to exaggerated convictions.

People with moon in Sagittarius have an optimistic sentiment that can easily inspire others. In particular, they show their feelings when they can believe in the value of their counterpart and can foresee a possible future with unprecedented possibilities.

Aries are optimistic and cheerful contemporaries who always have a certain longing for distant worlds and cultures. Together, these two signs are a perfect combination of strong will and powerful character.

Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon – General Info

Children born with their Sun in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius, often feel like they are special. But they also want to be good and blameless, admired and loved. The parents should be generous and give the child a lot of free space for their own experiences.

The early childhood is usually very happy. At the age of 12, the first separation from the parents happens, which also means first philosophical thinking.

However, these children can react very vehemently to injustices. If the family framework is conducive and benevolent, the child makes tremendous progress in his life. However, the child does not get too much sense of responsibility and severity.

As an Aries with the moon in Sagittarius, your mood is positive and life-affirming. They are open and curious about people and experiences and are quick to get excited. With almost unshakeable optimism, you believe in the good in man.

The great ideals and high expectations that characterize your life, apply to your fellow human beings. Sometimes you are prone to excessive demands on others and life in general. This may give some the impression that you think you are “for something better”. So it is important not to lose the grip.

For most people around you, you’re generous and open nature is more likely to evoke sympathy and goodwill. They are interested and open, sometimes perhaps too direct in their expressions of emotion, which could easily shock delicate minds. But you never mean it, just want to be honest and openly express your feelings.

Aries in the Sagittarius Moon are convinced that everything in life has a deeper meaning and that we all have a specific task to accomplish. For them it is important to ask for the “why”, to fathom the meaning of life, so to speak.

You are happiest with a partner who can be your companion in many ways, sharing your enthusiasm and curiosity and not afraid of an open word.

For the Sagittarius Moon are the colors blue, purple and gold. Blue is a friendly, light color that stands for sky and space, but also for the depth and freedom that are so important to the shooter.

Violet is a rather extravagant color that is rare in nature. Emperors and popes dressed in purple, which was very similar to violet and very precious. Even today, violet is a color of Christian religions, but also of magic. The wizard’s cape and hat are often depicted in violet color.

Gold is also a color with strong symbolism. It stands for wealth and power, for luxury and exclusivity. To be used with caution, as it is quickly cheap and exaggerated in excess. Even for the shooter, the gold should be only a subtle highlight on his life – less is sometimes more.

As a Sagittarius you feel most comfortable in a profession that is connected with a real purpose and purpose for you. Nothing tight, small-scale, but a little internationality, new, foreign.


Ideal would be a job that is associated with many trips. You enjoy working in the front line, in a project where you can lead, research or teach.

In your free time you are most fond of nature. It can go wildly romantic – in the tent, in a simple beach hut or around the campfire you feel quite well. Maybe you have asked yourself the question more than once what you would take on a lonely island?

Basically, creativity and nervous problems are closely connected with this moon position. People expect everything to happen to them easily, and are amazed and disappointed when they face problems.

They quickly feel disadvantaged and by presumption or arrogance they can stand in their own way. Through material difficulties, they learn to appreciate what is worth.

Basically, the Sagittarius has more eye for the big than for the detail. He wants to be meaningful, but wishful thinking is often stronger than commitment. Efforts can thus get stuck in the beginning because of lack of consistency.

These people have a moving and rich mental life. It is precisely this that makes distraction or splintering noticeable. Concentration disorders, sensory and emotional congestion, and difficulties to pull together can therefore trigger feelings of inferiority. People with moon in Sagittarius often suffer from mood swings.

The need for religious and or mystical experiences probably corresponds to the hunger for mental security. In developed types, spiritual knowledge is often present. These are usually spontaneous idealists with belief in the good and in an optimistic attitude.

The urge for freedom leads to desire to travel. Due to a lack of readiness for classification, however, an autocratic type can also show up, which leads to difficulties with authorities.

The Sagittarius needs a lot of freedom, also at work and in the relationship. He is often a bit too open and direct in the language. Ideal would be independent work.

Good Traits

Sun in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius people can be very happy, with sincere gestures and open-hearts. Freedom-loving, they are equipped with a good sense of justice. A Satisfied Man in Sagittarius is peace-loving, kind, sincere, intuitive, agile, athletic, and can handle animals well, especially horses.

It seems that luck is always on their side. The resulting optimism makes them insensitive to threats and they respond with frank speech. They strive for their own knowledge and want to recognize and understand the significance of this existence.

Bad Traits

The unfulfilled moon in Sagittarius cannot take criticism, takes itself too seriously, and is irritable, arrogant and pompous. He is know-it-all and is self-pandering with those he likes very well.

According to them, they look back on many separations, often because they were unfaithful in some way and thought only of themselves. Her life is changeable and unsteady.

Aries Sun Sagittarius  Moon in Love

In the partnership Sun in Aries and Moon in Sagittarius, demands for great emotional closeness, but at the same time for freedom.

He is relatively unfaithful in a frustrating partnership, because he always wants to learn something and often overlooks the obvious. But he has an optimistic sentiment that can easily inspire others.

Your feelings strive for breadth in thought and action. You believe in the power of good and let yourself be inspired by humanitarian ideas. Often, however, you lack the patience to realize your ideas. With little things you do not like to give yourself off.

When you can physically apply your drives, you feel more comfortable than with abstract thinking. If you have big visions of a good partnership, you should enjoy these pictures confidently; they are important for reducing your inner restlessness and for your mental balance. So you find a positive sense in things.

You feel self-confident, you also appreciate self-confident partners so that the free expression of sexual feelings can fully unfold. But that must not hide the fact that you want a love with style and cultivated interaction.

You despise petty prudery, and yet you find brutal openness as hurtful as anxious secrecy. For many incomprehensible, you find in the reciprocal grant of freedom all the more solid to your partner because you are not owned by someone and even want to own your partner.

Are emancipated by nature, humorous and open-minded. They feel self-confident and appreciate an equally self-confident man who does not fit into the cliché of macho or soft-tech. These women are quick-witted, but they have a high ethic, which makes them very reserved.

With the equality of women, these men have no problems; they feel self-confident inside and want a woman who is fresh and free and wants to enjoy life.

Petty prudery despise them, are nobody’s possessions and do not want to own anyone. The behavior of her partner must be style, she should be versatile and cultivated. If the shooter moon has found such a woman, then he holds her with cleverness and charm at his side.

Aries Sun Sagittarius Moon – Best Match

A Moon in Sagittarius needs growth, travel, expansion, education. She tirelessly searches for answers and has no time to stand still. If he finds the right answers, he may become a guru or a religious leader, or Oprah Winfrey.

The best match for such a person is someone with a Moon in Zodiac sign Aries or Leo. Air signs such as Gemini and Libra are also a good combination.

If he does not find them, he will tell everyone the truth in the face, though he has no idea what he is talking about, but he must preach. She has a problem with emotions and will rather engage in philosophical discussion (in which she is likely to win) than feel her emotions.

There is no hearing or emotion for others, and it is difficult to take others seriously. He is the most common “unbeliever” of the zodiac in relationships (you didn’t hear this from me).

On the other hand, he has an optimism and enthusiasm that no one is equal to, and inspires others just like that. He is often very spiritual and indeed has higher knowledge to share with others as the meaning of life.

Some Sagittarius moons turn to religion or philosophy, others seek answers through science. You can become so absorbed in such things that you may be inclined to “proselytize” others. In any case, your exploratory spirit and idealism will inspire and encourage your fellow human beings.

They need the very big feelings, and that also affects your love life. Your expectations for a partner are high. He / she should share your intellectual interests, you would like to have philosophical conversations, develop visions, and get enthusiastic about topics together.

Since nature and distant countries have a great attraction for you, the partner must not be a couch potato. He / she should discover the world with you, but also leave room for your own initiative. Narrowing and patronizing are in your eyes poison for a relationship.


Month in Sagittarius in the natal chart often indicates an open, philosophical and very positive personality type, and also this person possesses independence and originality of opinion, which is highly appreciated and respected by other people. In love, he expresses his deepest feelings in a somewhat reserved way.

When the moon is well expected in this position, it indicates a person with expressed confidence and ability to handle all the troubles and problems in life in a very rational and courageous way.

Also, in this case there is a tremendous optimism by which a person often manages to solve even seemingly unsolvable problems.

The Moon in Sagittarius does not want you to restrain it in anything and ever, least of all your emotional needs. This chokes him and then he is reckless because he saves his freedom. If you want a long-term relationship where you sit around the door and travel and move never – never bind to him.