Aries Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Born into Pisces in the Moon and Aries Sun people, like to stay in the background, away from the limelight, and tend to be shy about others, for there is much delicate sensitivity in their nature, and they are grateful to friends and strangers alike, if they take that into account. They are vulnerable and sometimes withdraw from relationships for fear of being hurt.

Properly applied, this impressionability can also deepen the creative abilities. The right environment is very important to these people, because they can be influenced and, as a result, they tend to extreme mood swings or they put on a hard shell with which they protect or hide their sensitivity.

Their imagination can give them profound and intuitive insights, as well as easily triggering obscure self-delusions. It is important for people with this lunar position to be shielded from aggressive external influences, so that their sensitivity is brought into the situation where they can surrender completely.

They are extraordinarily impressive, have a vivid imagination, in general they are kind and compassionate, which results from their sensitivity to the feelings of others.

Aries Sun Pisces Moon – General Info

The highly active and vital sign Aries and the highly sensitive Pisces moon unite. That’s a big conflict. The outer peace that this combination usually has, should not obscure the fact that it is very restless at the core.

Here, trust and hopelessness can be very close or alternate frequently. Pisces is an unsteady sign, so together with the Aries energy unstable moods can emerge. Patience and stamina are rather poorly developed. There is a risk of giving up something half-finished soon.

But you are sensitive and have a romantic, maybe even dreamy streak. With the right partner, you prove to be a passionate as well as a reveling lover or lover.

Much of your life depends on whether you reconcile with your inner contradiction, your will, and your willingness to be responsible. So you get on in life and can become very dynamic and successful.

If you need your understanding or help from you, you can always and almost completely count on you. Compassionately you devote yourself to the problems of your fellow human beings, you want to help and comfort.

Sometimes you forget about your own needs or do not find them so important, because the desire to be there for and with others outweighs everything else.

But perhaps you feel subliminally sometimes dissatisfied and as a victim, but do not question these negative feelings as a precautionary measure, because that could bring too much out of your so sensitive balance.

In many fish-people, the lively imagination and deep emotional world find expression in artistic forms of design, such as in music, writing or painting. Even if you do not feel a strong artistic streak in yourself, it does you good, creative implement your feelings.

Diary writing, gardening or dancing are wonderful expressions. Its element is the water, and you can relax by the sea or on the banks of a river. “Everything flows” – what a beautiful and reassuring thought. “Like a Pisces in the water” you will feel the invigorating power of this medium – whether you enjoy a warm bath or listen to the sound of a cool waterfall.

And so, of course, the blue belongs to the colors of the fish-born: The color of the water, the sky and at the same time the depth symbolizes the intense emotional world of the Pisces and gives them to the wings of the imagination to from too dark depths rise.

The color white also helps here: the color of the beginning, the “blank slate”, purity, clarity and innocence. It stands for the unbiased attitude of the Pisces as well as your search for the ideal, perfect big love.

The color pink is often associated with cute, little girl-like things. Nevertheless, it reflects the delicate, romantic nature of the fish, symbolizing at the same time their uncertainty and timidity.


Good Traits

These people have real empathy, compassion and are very receptive to fine moods. They love the sea and lakes, peace, peace, music and have a penchant for the supernatural. They have a rich inner life, the desire for transcendental experience, want to help to get a really good inner feeling.

Unconditional love interests them and they want to totally merge with the partner. But they are willing to make sacrifices, they can forgive and wait, they are emotional, good-natured, accommodating. Not infrequently there are medial talents, the unlimited feeling generates inspirations.

With moon in Pisces you want to bring a piece of heaven on earth. From the very beginning you experience subliminal uprooted and somehow disoriented. These people cannot escape the environmental stimuli and have little skin thickness.

Children with moon in Pisces are often anxious and timid in their early childhood. They are very sensitive and have rather few defenses (often also physically). Many remain for a long time without a real self, because a certain selflessness is theirs in the cradle.

You have a lot of imagination and a dreamy disposition. Need empathetic parents who feel what they need. Because children with moon in Pisces tend to feel guilty quickly, they must not be educated with power and severity.

Through their warmth and softness, children with moon in Pisces are easily at risk of being exploited and their tendency to improve the world could be disappointed early on.

Bad Traits

External stimuli can cause mental overload. Under certain circumstances, however, can also indicate an irritant addiction, or an escape into surrogate worlds to the reality not to be dangerous. Certainly, the demarcation to the outside must be strengthened. Man is in an outsider role, but without feeling that way.

There is a lack of personal attachment to the environment (no patriots). Various social, religious or ethnic origin is perceived as irrelevant, but Moon is in Pisces endeavors to get along well with all the world and gets out of the way clashes and shows friendly but sometimes distant.

Ambition and assertiveness are not very pronounced due to the emotional sensitivity. If one has learned to deal with one’s own impressiveness, the will can be strengthened. For many, a clear separation between work and private life helps.

Outwardly, you can act consciously and clearly, but you are looking forward to the time with the loved ones and the Middle, where you can indulge yourself more.

If people with moon in Pisces have problems with this sensitivity, they are withdrawn, dreamy, and strongly dependent on the life of the mind and usually remain in the background. Sacrifice, tragedy and undecided, they live an unusual life.

In extreme cases, they are weak, unstable, discouraged, and unstable and feel at the mercy of life. This can lead to flight from the world, dependence on moods, lack of stability and inferiority feelings. There is then the danger of exploitation and corresponding self-member, martyrdom, extreme mood swings and sometimes to addiction problems.

Aries Sun Pisces Moon in Love

Moon in Pisces loves love, but is somehow impersonal in it. The drive level is usually not very pronounced. There is much delicate sensitivity in her nature. They are therefore emotionally vulnerable and sometimes withdraw from relationships for fear of being hurt.

Your lively feelings provide a deep longing to lose yourself. In your imagination, warm and humid dreams are exciting and relaxing at the same time.

They are more colorful than you experience the reality. That’s why you can choose hard for reality, especially in matters of the heart. You are lucky if you find even a part of your dreams realized in the world. You know about your weaknesses; if you get hurt in your sensations, you probably retire hurt.

You love to swim in a sea of ​​emotions, or you try to protect or hide your sensibility through outward harshness. Your friends feel that you are a spirit and they may not fully understand you. Still, you generally get along well with everything, maybe because you do not really let yourself be taken in by the heart.

Your fantasies are hidden from the partners; you just try to realize them only partially. The same applies to the handling of your own body, which you enjoy in a sensual way and do not like to lavishly lavish it.

They are very sensitive and often very profound women. Because of their sensitivity, they can read the wishes of their partner from his facial expression. But with so much subtlety, there is also the danger of being seducible or dependent.

Unfortunately, their vivacious erotic fantasies often hide them from their partner because they are afraid to be rejected. Very fine people, whose own thin skin can also be a problem.

Men with moon in Pisces are not macho, every woman notices. Even men with moon in Pisces feel that they are minds and sometimes let strength and decisiveness miss something. But with that, the man with the moon usually gets on well in fish, because he does not let himself be easily seen in the heart.

Women usually respond well to these refined men, but they tend not to vote because they seem to lack natural resistance. But if the right ones have found a dreamlike deep and tender bond between the partners can develop

Aries Sun Pisces Moon – Best Match

Throughout his life, the Pisces Moon yearns for a romantic, even symbiotic love. He always wants to be in love, to feel loved, to merge completely with a human being. Without the love of another person you feel abandoned and empty – and the knowledge of this type of addiction sometimes scares you.

Longing and fears can be so strong that you sometimes engage in love affairs that you really do not really want with a clear mind. Or you withdraw into yourself and settle in your unfulfilled longing, because the dream of the very great love – even if it remains unfulfilled – is easier to bear than the harsh reality.

But if you find a partner who can understand and accept you as you are, he / she can be a wonderful supplement and support for you. Partners with Moons in Scorpios are the perfect match for you.

Always be careful not to be completely absorbed in this love, even to self-sacrifice. For your inner balance, you also need room for self-reflection.


The influence of the moon in humans is particularly pronounced with the moon sign Pisces. As a Pisces Moon you have a very sensitive, soft, dreamy nature.

Your emotional world is infinitely deep and you have extremely sensitive “antennas” that register all the moods and impulses in your environment.

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by all these charms and can hardly tell. Often it is not easy for you to differentiate your own needs and emotions from what is constantly unfiltered from outside on you.

Fortunately, Pisces have the ability to retreat into dreams and fantasy worlds like no other moon sign. However, you sometimes run the risk of setting yourself up in the daydreams too domestic and miss some opportunities in the “real life”.