Aries Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Zodiac signs Libra and Aries are on the completely opposite sides of the wheel. They are considered to be the diametrically opposite signs and their characteristics definitely show those differences clearly.

In Greek and Roman mythology, the moon gods were predominantly goddesses who were either the partner or the daughter of the mighty sun god. So the sun is male, the moon is female.

Even in the astrologer, the sun (= our zodiac) represents our male, dominant parts, while the moon (= the moon sign) reflects our feminine side, our emotional world and emotional needs.

The moon sign is the zodiac sign in which the moon is at the time of our birth. The moon represents our soft, maternal side. While the sign of the zodiac (the sign of the zodiac in which the sun is at birth) is about our character and the ascendant (the sign of the zodiac that rises on the horizon at the time of our birth), the sign of the moon provides information about our souls and our emotional life. It reveals which abstractness (love, care, friendship, power, respect, and admiration) we need to be happy.

Aries Sun Libra Moon – General Info

Although Fire (Aries) and Air (Libra) are otherwise well connected, this combination is not very easy. The will of Aries to proceed with full force and the need (moon) of Libra to harmonious and friendly relations do not quite fit together.

You have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and you can achieve much by recognizing and resolving the inner conflict. You are open to your fellow human beings and you are more attuned than other Aries born, because good relationships with your fellow human beings are very important to you.

The Libra has taste and goodwill, but he is rather undecided in his feelings. Therefore, you will, spontaneous as you want to be, have to fight internal fights. The internal contradiction is often also shown in the partnership, because you attract, especially at a young age partners that are very different in nature, than you

Born in Libra are very receptive to what others feel for them. You feel immediately when someone thinks something bad about them. At the same time, it’s a tragedy for them. No other moon sign is so emotionally dependent on its fellow human beings.

Their self-worth stands and falls with the recognition of others. Her character ruler is Venus. But while the sign of Libra, Venus is above all for beauty and luxury (the Libra is by far the most beautiful star sign), it stands for the moon sign Libra for love. Love is her central theme.

Good Traits

Thanks to the love star Venus as her power planet, Libra is the charm in person. Especially the moon sign Libra is emotionally very warm and open and extremely perceptive to the sensitivities of their fellow human beings. In dealing with others she is tactful, flattering and pleasantly obliging. Kindness and gentleness are in their nature.

Only the encounter allows the moon in the balance self-feeling. So he urgently needs a counterpart. Too much closeness he feels, however, as too restrictive. He then tends to expand his space too much at the expense of the partner, so that the relationship remains reasonable for him. Finding a spiritual home naturally causes problems in this case. One does not want to deliver oneself mentally, therefore one refuses (refuses) one.

A strength of the Libra Moon is the aesthetic understanding. But this can also change. Then one is too fixated on the fact that something must be beautiful. The style or the reputation may become more important than the content. You just feel comfortable in a beautiful environment.

If you want, you can probably be a true diplomat. Your kind, warm, winning way will open you many doors. Your great need for harmony drives you to meet the partner, other people and the environment.

As a result, you are considered nice and charming. Your potential is that you really want to understand your counterpart and the environment! The other way around, you really want to be understood.

It is probably difficult to argue with you because as a Moon in Libra you will quickly try to understand the other’s opinion. A special strength is the great willingness to compromise.

Artistic-cultural and aesthetic, you’re probably talented and have an innate understanding. You can also use this professionally. Painters, graphic artists and designers often have the moon in Libra in the horoscope. A partner-related esthete is the Libra Moon. The picture of the two beautiful, peaceful swans suits it.


Bad Traits

That you want to be liked is not unusual in and of itself. Does not everyone like that? The moon sign Libra, however, runs the risk of making its own self-worth dependent on confirmation from others. In order not to lose its own identity, the Libra must learn to love itself, even if others may not.

You probably have a large circle of acquaintances. Nevertheless – or maybe because of that – you could tend to be noncommittal. You avoid true encounter. There is a danger to the moon in Libra: the partner becomes interchangeable. Maybe this moon sign will unexpectedly terminate ties.

Common experiences, which normally hold relationships together, often do not play a major role in this moon sign. That makes the Libra Moon an unpredictable zodiac partner.

This scenario is not rare: The Libra tells his partner: “I’m leaving”. The partner is therefore trying to please the Libra even more. But he finally leaves the balance moon after a long struggle for the relationship. He notes: Elsewhere, I can easily get what I want.

Also, the longing for the extraordinary plays in the search for partners. The idea of the particular makes the moon in Libra unrealistic. Then he starts a lot, but does not finish anything. Based on partnership, this moon sign is often empty-handed at the end.

Aries Sun Libra Moon in Love

Special features of the Moon in Libra are charm, friendliness and artistic interest. Personal contacts mean more to him than other moon marks. Because they serve the mental well-being.

The topic of partnership therefore has an exceptionally strong meaning for people with Libra. At the same time, relationships and contacts are more of a challenge AND provides greater opportunity for personality development than other moon signs.

Maybe you are known as Libra Moon for your beautiful, well-kept, stylish apartment. The home of the Moon in Libra is often known as a social meeting place.

Or are you admired for your good clothing style? Are you investing in a beautiful wardrobe? Your well-being probably benefits from the purchase of a beautiful designer piece.

Like no other moon sign, your Libra is able to disassemble and assemble with others. In relationships, you seek attention, affection, benevolence, happiness, and you like variety. You’re probably interested in everything as soon as it touches your life situation.

You have the special ability to establish relationships because you see more beautiful than ugly and more in common than dividing. Not a few people find it difficult to make contacts. You, on the other hand, have a great deal of contact and endeavor. Maybe you are even a true relationship athlete who also likes to flirt.

A friend of mine has perfected the stalling tactics. I had met him then, and found him very interesting as a man. But it dawned on him that he was not ready to devote himself to just one woman, so to get to know her properly. He said at first “Before I decide, I want to know what I’m getting” – a stalling tactic that created pressure (effect of his Sun-Pluto opposition).

Nervous restlessness often keeps the moon in Libra from pursuing a thought consistently. The internal imbalance makes them feel social norms restrictive. I know some scales that travel permanently and visit people to make up for this restlessness through constant change.

There is a tendency for loose contacts to be led to multiple partners. However, this is especially unsatisfactory for more conscious people in the long term.

Month in Libra in the natal chart often indicates the expressed need for love that is essential to this person in life and also, this person does not hesitate to express his feelings in an open way. Emotional reactions are often well aligned with reason, so this person most often gives the impression of a balanced and emotionally intelligent person.

With the auspicious aspects of the Moon in Libra, a person achieves unusual calm and serenity so that he or she can easily achieve well-being and some seemingly unattainable goals precisely because of their prudence and wisdom.

With the bad aspects of the moon in this position, there is a danger of a tendency towards melancholy behavior, especially if the person has problems in the field of love.

Aries Sun Libra Moon – Best Match

When it comes to perfect partners for Libra Moon Aries Sun combinations, it is probably best to find someone who is going to balance you out by being at least a bit more decisive.

Perhaps a partner who has a Moon in Aquarius is the perfect choice, because as air signs, you are going to understand each other completely and won’t suffocate each other by being too clingy.

Just like Libras, Aquarius people like their freedom and don’t lie the feeling of being owned. They also open up about their feelings later on, so they are going to be a perfect match.

Fire signs can also be a good Moon combination for the Libra Moons, especially Aries Moon. Of course a closer look into someone’s natal chart is necessary to determine whether two people are compatible or not. This is only a general interpretation and some further analysis is necessary in order to get a detailed description of someone’s compatibility.

Either way, the worst partner for a Libra Moon would be someone too cold and distant like a Capricorn for example.


People who have their Sun in Aries and their Moon in Libras are very passionate people. They live for love and everything they are searching for in life is someone to show that love to. No matter how many times they are hurt by people, they still keep that childish nature in them and continue Tobe open to everyone.

Being together with them is incredibly entertaining because they make sure they give everyone enough attention and love, especially if they like them.

On the downside, they can be spoiled by their vanity and high opinion of themselves, which can become annoying to those around them.

They can also become too diplomatic in their relationships, which can drive the partner mad, since nothing is either good or bad, hot or cold. They often stay in relationships they don’t feel good in, just to keep things balanced.