Aries Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

When you meet this person you will have the feeling that he is the most caring person in the world, because he is always smiling and cheerfully chatting with society. She loves to entertain others and is very humorous.

Others resent their superficial and childish behavior, because in later years this person remains a “big child” and dresses young. This person does not like to be bored and lonely except when she is “with a book in her hand.” She is related to her brother or sister.

Aries Sun Gemini    Moon – General Info

This person doesn’t like to miss anything, so he’s a real “source of information.” A bit light-hearted, curious and does not hold her place and loves to travel. She likes to discuss, so she’s a persuasion master and she’s mentally very active.

This is a woman with a book or phone in her hand who makes phone calls all day long. She suspects herself and disbelieves others. She can be very nervous and tense.

She responds quickly, is very curious and accommodating. She is eloquent and loves to speak in phrases and inform others that they have not grown up intellectually.

She draws conclusions quickly, and is well suited to the job of journalist, writer, teacher, translator, marketer and politician. He has skillful hands so he is a good craftsman and sometimes has two occupations.

If the Moon in Gemini is a poorly aspect person, he likes to talk a lot, gossip, he is dishonest, cunning and volatile. Hard to make stable and lasting relationships. He makes scandals that are talked about and have a bad relationship with the environment. She is superficial and plays with the emotions of others, and her emotions are volatile. No maternal instinct developed.

If the Moon is a well-respected person, he is eloquent, communicative, intelligent, knowledgeable and adaptable. It is a picture of an educated family that is widely read and the house is full of books.

A month in conjunction or bad aspect with Pluto indicates the possibility of a curse spoken by an ancestor and the manipulation of words. This man’s words are heavy and deep and can be full of hate.

For example, Dostoevsky has this aspect in his horoscope and wrote the book “Records from the Dead Home”, which is a true symbolism of this aspect, because the Twins are the record and the writing, the Moon is the home, and Pluto is death.

If the Moon in Gemini is in bad aspect with Mercury, it is obvious that the person does not listen to the mother’s advice and does not agree with it, so speech and intellect are at odds, and in the family there are gossip and insincere relationship, but the person himself likes to gossip.

If the Moon is in the 8th house and squared with Mercury, Mars, and Pluto, at the same time, the person is at odds with their mother and does not talk to her.

You have the shot of a feline, you are witty, versatile, quick and agile as a cat, both of mind and body. Thanks to Sun in Gemini Moon in Aries you are a funny companion and a dangerous adversary, especially in a verbal confrontation, since your sharp replicas strike with the speed of a flash and with such effectiveness to leave their mark even in the hardest skins.

You are neither a too profound thinker nor an attentive scholar, but you have a vast stock of notions, stories and anecdotes. Everything always reminds you of something else and the result can delight the listening crowd.

Your attitude to social relationships makes you pleasant and, thanks to your popularity, it is likely you will reach some important position. You will rely on ingenuity rather than commitment, and readiness rather than constancy (after all, Sun in Gemini Luna in Aries makes you smart and fast).

Wherever you may be, you are always a soldier of fortune, romantic, individualistic, versatile, a warrior who wins the battles of life by not fighting, but thanks to the ability to be in many more places at the same time, so that lightning cannot hit him.


With Sun in Gemini Moon in Aries, no matter how much you tighten friendships and distribute friendly pats on the backs of people, leaving your interlocutors fully satisfied with you and yourself, basically you’re a tough guy.

You are prey to a certain selfishness and, with all your good humor, act only for your benefit. Astute in business, you will accumulate a good fortune, not thanks to savings, whose only thought is completely foreign to you, but with your unorthodox methods.

With Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aries, you have such unlimited confidence in your strength that, as long as your health assists you, you can’t even imagine that something could happen to you; temporary worries, probably induced by Moon and / or Sun in Quadrature with Saturn, Mercury in Conjunction or Quadrature with Saturn, will be thrown behind, thanks also to your innate optimism.

However, with Sun and / or Moon in Quadrature with Saturn, Mercury in Conjunction with Venus and / or Saturn, Mercury and / or Mars in Quadrature with Saturn, you could become a person of remarkable literary or artistic skill.

In any case, you are physically active and always on the move, not only mentally, but also physically and geographically.

This is the astrological position of restlessness, and a continual wandering from place to place, from love to occupation, to be part of your existence as second nature.

Good Traits

Moon in Gemini in a natal chart often indicates the juicy, elated, dynamic, life-giving and magical nature of this personality. She is extremely communicative and most of all appreciates a lively conversation. She is shrewd and able to produce good fun. On almost every occasion he seeks to activate his quick mind and to manifest his strong desire for activity.

He is naughty and curious in nature and possesses a very insightful and resourceful mind. The need for good information was also emphasized. She is swaying in nature and loves change. He also enjoys traveling very much.

A person with Gemini Moon tends to express his feelings in a very open and direct way through relaxed communication. In love, she often loves to flirt more directly and energetically.

The search for love comes down to the search for your soulmate with whom she will be able to enjoy common interests, activities and travels.

The position of the moon in the airy and changing sign of the Gemini reveals both the elusive and flexible nature of a person who is not usually held by a place, which at the moment is able to change his plans, which adeptly adapts to almost every situation and new life change, but often changes his mood and his behavior.

He tries to act wisely in life, drawing conclusions after a quick rational / logical observation and analysis of things and his emotions.

In general, this personality is of a very restless and cheerful spirit, of a wacky nature, endlessly entertaining, pleasant, charming, well-meaning, wide-hearted, and an eternal child in the soul.

Bad Traits

One of the bad traits of a person born in Aries Sun and Gemini Moon is their inability to stop talking when they are supposed to.

They can often get in trouble for being too blabby, and often gossip come from them to other people.

This can lead to complicated relationships with others and possible break ups of friendships.

They are also not the settle down type of people, so their partners could get hurt by their unstable nature and desire to constantly wonder.

Aries Sun Gemini    Moon in Love

In love he does not like to bond. There are more stories about emotions than there are and often emotions are just words. She is not passionate, so love is more mental. She is reserved and runs away from emotions because she is afraid not to take her.

In love, she seeks a connection with an intelligent and educated person, because her intelligence is more important than beauty. She is incapable of lasting and deep relationships and needs immediate intimate contact. She is not loyal and is playing with other people’s emotions. A woman with this moon is looking for an intelligent man and loves compliments, and “falls” on his story.

She is not a housewife type and is more out of the house than in the house. She prefers to read rather than cook. The man is “Peter Pan”: a carefree and impermanent “boy.” She is looking for an intellectual and highly communicative woman.

She is seductive and loves younger women. This person’s mother is young, intelligent and with a book in her hand. She conveyed to her children a love for the book and the written word and the first stories they heard were what she read to them.

Although the mother is nervous and doesn’t have much nerve for the children, but she loves to play with the children, she is childish, irresponsible and not a child authority.

Aries Sun Gemini    Moon – Best Match

Almost certainly your existence will flow in a pleasant way without problems or worries, because, on an emotional level, you are inclined to embrace the motto “heaven helps happy people”.

You are passionate not for long and only a determined and tolerant companion will have some chance to establish a lasting bond with you, since your mind wanders far away and so does your heart, which perhaps forgets, at times, to return home.

Two marriages, at least, are (often) certain for in the Sun in Gemini Moon configuration in Aries.

You have great intellectual possibilities, but, paradoxically, a casual talking could prevent you from developing your studies beyond an elementary stage.


Throughout life, there may be an increased need in this being for the magical feeling of a “butterfly in his stomach”. And when these “butterflies in the stomach” work, he can’t always hide it easily.

So to speak he does not even bother to hide such feelings, but wants to express them in a very clear and direct way.

He almost always tries to find an intelligent way to send another character in such a situation, either through behavior or body language, or at best by starting a humorous conversation.

The thing is, he wants a quick start wits something and often gets into the love adventures too easily.

The unbridled and windy nature of this being often contributes too many things in love quickly bored, and therefore there is a constant need for new love challenges and thrills.

Often there is a tendency to disbelief in love.

Moon in Gemini indicates that in fact this person in love is looking for someone to be with on the “same wavelength”.

So, he wants to share his life with a smart and humorous person of contemporary understanding with whom he will be able to enjoy interesting, humorous and intellectual conversations on a daily basis.