Aries Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

With Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Aries, one is emotionally cautious and careful, one does not engage so quickly with people and events. The things of life are taken seriously, one tends to ambition and to hide inner doubts and worries.

Usually one does not identify oneself with spiritual values ​​so fast, prefers that duties and conventions of the material world are exactly fulfilled and kept.

These people want to be safe before they open up emotionally. Their sensations, though not so openly shown, are deep and lasting. Beloved people, they have an honest and serious responsibility. Beware of repressed emotions, which can lead to melancholy or depressive moods.

They work hard and ambitious, want a good social position and financial security. They are sensitive to genuine or conceited reversion. There may be a tendency to gain power at any cost without taking into account the feelings of others.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon – General Info

These children are usually good and show early adult behaviors. It should be able to take responsibility in order to gain self-confidence. It has to be given the opportunity to find oneself loved and valuable. The parents should give the child a solid structure. But the childlike should not be forgotten despite everything.

Aries Sun and Capricorn moon children are usually modest, but they can also be very idiosyncratic. Some can be very affectionate and the replacement of the parents can take a long time. The connection to the mother is strong, but often difficult.

If your moon is in the zodiac sign Capricorn, you are probably a rather serious, matter-of-fact person. You take the things of life seriously, your greatest virtues are reliability and a sense of responsibility.

You need a structured everyday life and secure, reliable relationships to feel comfortable and secure. You do not appreciate changes or even turbulences in your life. Your emotions, which can be quite intense, keep you under control carefully.

In crisis situations, it may seem as if you are the unshakeable rock in the surf, nothing exciting or frightened. But appearances are deceptive: in reality, you encapsulate your feelings in such a situation very deeply, so that neither you nor your environment can still perceive them. This way, you feel emotionally invulnerable and have the same effect on others.

They have needs, dreams and desires. However, they prefer to hold back. They are humble and needless, which in some ways they are. If necessary, you are satisfied with the bare essentials. You do not want to bother anyone with your claims and do not make yourself vulnerable and vulnerable by expressing your wishes.

You would never force yourself into the foreground, you are far too sensible, rational and reserved. You want to make yourself useful and serve the general public – fulfillment of duty is your philosophy of life.

Self-control and restraint can make the life of a Capricorn-born one a little cold and joyless. But self-restraint and duty fulfillment do not automatically exclude joy and fulfillment, as long as you manage to open your heart every now and then and admit your soft, needy side.

More than any other moon sign, Capricorn tends to retreat to solitude, especially in stressful situations or when you feel set back. Even in a love relationship, you tend to be attuned to the needs of the partner and to refrain from fulfilling your own needs in order not to disturb the harmony.

You would never push the other for something. Rather, you hope that the initiative will be accepted. No one is more reliable and faithful than you – but perhaps the passion and the fire that keep a relationship alive come too short sometimes.

In the best case, your partner is emotionally not overly effusive and appreciates how you especially the familiar, reliable. If you feel respected and taken seriously, at some point you may also become softer and more sensitive, yourself and your partner.

At work you are quite ambitious. They appreciate clear rules and a structured work situation. As usual, dutifully and disciplined, you can easily subordinate yourself, if necessary. You naturally take back your own needs and prefer to keep your job strictly separate from your private life.


Clarity and functionality also dominate your style of living. Your home furnishings are not necessarily Spartan – if you can afford it, you are happy to show it and afford what you like. But even if you have to restrict yourself, it does not give you any sleepless nights.

Their sense of practicality does not allow superfluous bells and whistles – what is not really brought is sorted out. Comfort and quality of life mean more than beautiful appearance.

These people are outwardly stable and straightforward, but this is more the fear of being ruled out of society by individual behavior. The inconspicuousness is therefore a mesh (mask), which should replace emotional independence.

Therefore, there is often a desire for public importance, e.g. to get through political engagement. The feeling is over personal and socially dependent. You have to learn to distinguish between stubbornness and independence, which, however, requires a self-critical examination of one’s own feelings.

These people are neat, reliable, and systematic and have a well-regulated daily routine. Inner instability is to be overplayed by a rigid external form, this can lead to a rigid, resistance-oriented personality. So will stick to made decision, though everything has changed. They seem a bit stubborn and inflexible and often cope better with problematic situations than with satisfying ones.

The distance to the others is created by courtesy, coolness and inconspicuousness, so they are easily perceived as overbearing. Everything is realized and so you can bring little relaxation. Mainly you want to convince by performance.

However, a clear dominance striving can be added if there is a strong 1st or 10th house. The own conformity thinking is transferred to others and one has difficulties with the feelings and the tolerance of others. Inner psychic censorship often makes creativity unimaginative.

These people are mostly successful because goals are consistently pursued. Ambition and realistic assessment in the technical field contribute to this. The objectivity gives leadership qualities, but you like to hide behind rules and regulations. For partnership and love, Moon in Capricorn is usually a challenging position.

Some Capricorn-moon women reject their own femininity, appear physically brittle (often too low in total body weight). Their appearance is often stressed independent and resolute, the clothes gender-specific. One wants to create interpersonal contacts without having to go out of reserve, e.g. in the club.

Good Traits

The fulfilled moon in Capricorn and Sun in Aries can be emotionally well demarcated and is still open for mental processes. The inner concentration is enormous, which produces capable people who have the dutiful creative power. With endurance and responsibility, security and stability in life are created. Achievements are achieved through tireless work.

The need for recognition and prestige drives. The achieved stability, often also property, should also benefit the neighbor. The feelings are strong and intense, but need a clear commitment from the partner and fellow human beings to be able to trust them.

Bad Traits

The unfulfilled moon in Capricorn is emotionally sober and hard. But he suffers from it himself and has gnawing guilt.

Some flee to work, overstrain themselves in the responsibility, others are inactive, despite the inner pursuit and are disappointed in the world, can no longer be positive.

Over his emotional problems, he wraps himself up in silence and separates himself from the fellow human beings even more.

Also envy and resentment towards people who have it better, can erode the psyche. With rigor and self-control wants to make up for its aloofness. The feelings are blocked and even a hug can mean too much closeness.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon in Love

The month in Capricorn and Sun in Aries in a natal chart often indicates a reserved person who does not like to express his feelings too much with words but with his actions and behavior, and also, this person is often very diligent and disciplined and has a very serious and mature approach to life which can act a lot more mature than their peers.

This is often a person who is fully aware of their qualities and limitations. In the presence of bad aspects of the Moon in Capricorn, a pessimistic view of life and fatigue may occur, while in the case of harmonious aspects of the Moon in this position there is a marked possibility for a person to be a great authority in society or in a well-paid function at work.

You expect your earnest view of duty and discipline from your partner as well, although occasionally you like to be distracted by wit and flattery. You stingy with the expression of your feelings, because you are afraid to give you a nakedness.

That leaves you dry to cool, unfortunately, and scares off potential partners. Maybe you are disappointed and you tend to be even more dismissive. Remember: In love you have to indulge and give away.

Should you be under pressure in your love life or in your job, then that’s not unusual. You’re only a little bit harder on this lunar position than others because your inner censor is afraid of losing control if you let your feelings or your physical reactions run wild. But that is exactly what would make you happiest.

It is interesting that the moon in Capricorn in certain stages of life is completely unrestrained with the physical love. But he is not deeply touched and leaves a trace of disappointment in the past partners. This behavior is not typical and corresponds to a compensatory derailment.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon – Best Match

For partnership and love, Moon in Capricorn is usually a challenging position. Unconsciously people are envied with a lighter attitude and are thus often wrongly reprimanded. Partnerships are usually permanent, as a once received proximity is not given up so quickly. People with a Moon in another Earth sign are a great match for this person.

However, with the onset of lust, a sense of embarrassment easily occurs. However, if true openness is attained through great trust, there can be a special depth in partnership and sexuality, and these relationships are then indissoluble and of the highest honesty.


Aries are dedicated people and together with the moon in Capricorn you want to be at the top professionally. There are true workaholics among them, who work hard and lonely until late in the night because they want to push things forward.

Your ambition is particularly pronounced. As a dynamic and consistent character you are predestined to take responsibility or to work independently.

But you also have considerable contradictions in you. With the moon in Capricorn one is a bit distant and with the sun in Aries you want to approach everything. Others therefore do not always know when which part of you is currently active and are therefore wary.

Your changeability can cause mistakes, or cause you to temporarily lose track. You’ll probably have to work for tact and friendliness.