Aries Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The zodiac sign where the Moon is at the moment of our birth establishes a large part of our female identity: emotions, memory, intuition, extra sensory perceptions, maternal instinct … they are linked to the position of the Moon, a position that does not always coincide with our sign Zodiac.

Aries Sun Cancer Moon – General Info

You have delicate sensitivity, intuition and understanding for the feelings of others, besides you have a deep respect for your neighbor, knowing well how much respect means for you: do not do to others what you would not want done to you; and this attitude of kindness makes you well seen by all.

Being born with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Aries makes you aware of your value, you are also well determined to make it known.

Surely you will have success in the artistic field or in a profession.

In the business world, you are highly esteemed, courteous and affable, but you don’t have the unscrupulousness necessary to break through and make a career.

For you people, ideas, and the ability to create, mean much more than money. For this you will find yourself perfectly at ease in humanitarian activities such as: medicine, law, sociology or in an artistic / creative work.

You are attached to your home and both male and female horoscopes provide for considerable fulfillment in the life of two, achieved in harmony through mutual respect and sincere devotion.

The Sun in Cancer makes you quite romantic, more affectionate than passionate, but, with the Moon in Aries, you are able to show the most violent jealousy, justified or not by the facts.

Difficult life, for those who try to put you in the sack, because you are a born hound, immediately alert to the slightest hint that you are plotting behind your back and that you yourself, among all of them can be duped.

Thanks to the Moon in Aries, which energizes your Sun in Cancer, you are sociable and you like convivial gatherings, parties, circles of people.

And even more, you like to be at the center of attention, but you do it in such a disarming way that others are conquered too.

Thanks to the union Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Aries, you have a strong sensitivity, you catch the moods of others and you never impose your presence beyond certain limits, so that it will never happen that the warmth of a good welcome will gather in your comparisons.

With Sun and / or Moon in Conjunction or Quadrature with Mars, you are haughty and quarrelsome; with Sun in Conjunction or Quadrature with Saturn or Moon in Quadrature with Saturn, ambitious and vigorous but moody, much navigated in the business world.

With Luna in Conjunction with Saturn the periods of abatement are detrimental to your mental tranquility. With Sun in Conjunction with Neptune or in Quadrature with Uranus, dissipation and self-indulgence; with Sun in Conjunction with Neptune or in Quadrature with Uranus or Moon in Conjunction with Saturn, introspective and introverted nature, easily excitable and impressionable.

Good Traits

If you were born with the Moon in the sign of Cancer, there are many characteristics for which you do not go unnoticed. The most immediate is your extraordinary beauty: delicate, of other times, almost fairytale.

Even the most angular face is softened by a velvety look or soft lips, often from a perfect complexion.


It is surely in Cancer the Moon of fairy tale princesses … but also of Prince Charming: it is no coincidence that both the heir to the throne of England and his wife Kate Middleton (the most beautiful royal couple of all time) are born with the Moon in Cancer.

Of course the attractiveness is not your only gift! This Moon gives you a strong predisposition to privacy: even if you are the most expansive and convivial woman in the world, you will oppose a strenuous resistance to any attempt to invade your privacy.

Those who do not know you are often misled by your sweet and disarming look. And he has already made the first move wrong. If it is true that you are too lazy to attack, it is equally true that DEFEND is your word mantra and if someone dares to attack you or your family, you react with an unexpected determination and boldness: lift the drawbridge, free the crocodiles in the ditch, you entrench yourself behind insurmountable barriers, and if necessary, catapult burning messages on the enemy…

But rarely are you forced to do so because the Moon in Cancer ensures you a very intense sensitivity combined with an extraordinary selective memory: here is how your births are born famous “premonitions”, your formidable trump card.

Without removing magic from your talents, I would like to emphasize that your valuable insights are the logical consequence of the information you have gathered in the past and of the lightning capacity to organize them in an extremely functional cause-effect sequence.

Here, if I can give you some advice, I invite you to cultivate this talent more. Your ability to “feel” the skin of people and situations is truly prodigious: exercise this gift, you will need it to improve your self-esteem and the quality of your life.

And if you want to be close to perfection, be a little less touchy: you’ll become irresistible! The fragility of this Moon (in addition to laziness and touchiness) lies in the predisposition to establish unhealthy and tiring relationships of dependence: where it creates a very deep emotional bond, you often tend to lose, to cancel, your identity.

Or induce others to a state of dependency, offering them everything they need, thus facilitating their life but, at the same time, limiting their will.

The natural defense / protection mechanism therefore runs the risk of becoming a dangerous manipulation protocol, exercised or immediately.

That’s why, when your instinct to rush out, you have to make an effort, overcome laziness and start running!

Bad Traits

One of the biggest problems with this Sun Moon combination is expressing emotions. Aries doesn’t like to show his emotions and is afraid of being hurt, so he puts on a wall for everyone around him. This wall can be hard to break, especially if Aries has been hurt in the past.

On the other hand, Cancer feels overwhelmed with emotions and is often confused what he actually feels. He can easily be hurt by the simple things, and he can create a bigger problem than you might have with him.

Because of this, the closed up Aries and the overly emotional Cancer in one person can create a mess. You might feel like you are all over the place and never have a sure idea of what you are actually feeling for someone.

The other people could also see you as completely unstable emotionally and that could turn them off. The aggressive nature of Aries and the Cancer’s emotional instability can turn into rage outbursts and often fights with everyone.

Aries Sun Cancer Moon in Love

Related to the above explanation, Aries Sun and Cancer Moon is a difficult combination to handle.

You could be overly sensitive to certain things, because Aries is already territorial and easily insulted, while Cancer is too emotional to handle critique or scold by anyone.

This can turn into a complete nightmare if you are unable to control the emotions you have.

The key is to find someone who can well balance what you are feeling and help you understand that your small tantrums are over nothing.

Aries Sun Cancer Moon – Best Match

Perhaps an Earth sing partner like Capricorn would be a great choice, because he can teach you how to be calmer and how to see the world from a more realistic side, and not always from the emotional one.

The moon in Cancer is at its headquarters or in its “cottage” where its influence is most pronounced and most dominant. With the sign of Cancer, the Moon’s influences are strongest here, so we have a personality dominated by the Moon’s features.

This is an emotional, intuitive, whimsical and imaginative personality. He often experiences things in a too emotional way by changing his mood easily and quickly. Susceptibility to the current mood is conditioned by the received impressions created by each given moment in everyday life situation.

He often treats people in his environment very carefully and carefully, feeling the need to please them in many situations and be at their service. Those close to him or her, and even some he does not know well enough, strive to host a warm and welcoming, open-minded kindness and hospitality.

Family and the warmth of a family home can be central to this person’s life, and therefore many of his or her aspirations are directed toward achieving the safety provided by the family. The desire for a firm and lasting emotional connection in love is also emphasized.

Therefore, in love, she prefers long and stable relationships with a strong desire for a successful and lasting marriage.

For a person with Cancer Moon, marriage and starting a family can often be the primary goal they will strive for throughout their lives.

She strives to express her love in a gentle, loving, warm and romantic way. Because the Moon is in the Jin (negative) sign of Cancer to this being, love within the warmth of family / married life can be a safe haven and shelter from many life’s problems.

In a love affair or marriage, the negative trait of this personality may occasionally come to the surface, which is possessiveness or a tendency to express a stronger sense of insecurity through jealousy. T

he subtle and fragile nature of this being is very vulnerable, and therefore the feelings of this being can be very easily hurt, especially in situations where the suspicion of a loved one’s faithfulness is activated.

A lonely life without love or without a harmonious family atmosphere can be harder for this soul to endure because in its nature there is an inherent need for emotional attachment, belonging and “bonding” with other close beings.

In many situations, he also feels an increased need to treat his relatives protectively. During his life in certain circumstances, he may also feel emotional dependence on the closest people in his environment.


People whose moon is in Cancer are compassionate, gentle and caring. You are sensitive to someone else’s needs, so you are often drawn to people who need help.

It truly makes you sad when someone is in trouble and you want to help him in any way possible.

You love caring for others, and your loved ones are a great support and support. You usually don’t show your sensitive side to others, which is a bit ironic since people are easy to open up to.

You have a developed intuition, which you should listen to more.

Over the years, you generally get stronger and stop getting so upset about the little things, but if someone hurts you, you’re ready to remember it forever.

You keep the memories, you are very romantic and sensitive and prone to nostalgia.