Aries Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

The right words for the good connection, marriage and friendship between these two horoscopic signs are compromise and adaptation.

Despite the great differences in lifestyle, behavior and decision-making, these two signs can at least briefly live in harmony and a peaceful relationship. Which cards will they throw and how big risk are they willing to take to keep the opposite side, stays in their hands.

Aries man (characteristics, behavior, the most important features)

The first – in the horoscope, in self-confidence, in egoism… They feel like winners in everything, and they work hard to prove their positive thinking.

A desire to prove is their essential attribute and they want to be noticed in the society.

Their warm personality and self-confidence is bringing many benefits in their lives, in conquering women, keeping the business partners and hanging out with friends.

People often characterize them as senseless and cold, and they often tell that they do not care for people around themselves and their loved ones.

Who knows an Aries man, knows that it is very difficult for him to bind, to love, and not to make a fatal mistake sometimes.

But when he finds the right person for himself, he will keep her as a drop of water in his palm, he is respectful and does not give anyone to change his plans.

As a boss and colleague at work, he is strict to his associates and workers. He likes to keep everything under control and he likes to monitor every situation so that everything is at its best. They do not stand frauds in the business plan and in relationship, as well as a lie.

Having Aries man as a friend or a partner is not easy, until you prove him that you are faithful and stay with him whatever happens.

Taurus Woman (characteristics, behavior, the most important features)

Whatever you do, she is doing it better, more fundamental and more precise.

Her prudence and modesty reflect in a simple life situations in which money should be given for personal enjoyment.

When she wants to buy a nice dress, it will take her a long time to think whether to invest that money in something for a house, accounts, etc.

Taurus are naturally beautiful women, so their expensive clothes and jewelry are not overly needed. They like simple and monochrome things.

She tries to be a fair, correct and good person in every situation. She doesn’t require a lot from the partners much like the rest of the signs, only safety, attention and stability in relationship/marriage.

One of the most important goals for her is to find her partner for the rest of her life, to enjoy a life in cohabitation and to be the best mother and wife.


She loves honestly and without borders, sex life is important for her, and if she has a good financial situation with that person, she will even forgive cheating.

Her weaknesses are gifts, she loves little signs of attention. Every little gift will make her the happiest woman.

At any moment, you can rely on her help and advice. However, if you resent her or become angry for no reason, she will remember it.

Over time, she will forget about any ugly quarrel, if you apologize to her.

It is very important how you will come to her and how you will react to certain situations, because she can sometimes react violently.

She does her best, and she does not like the people who are hurrying and forcing her to do things in a short time. Just like Aries man, she has strong opinions and she does not let anyone change them.

She has a simple routine, she does not like changes in her life, but she quickly learns and corrects her mistakes on time.

In which segments she agrees with an Aries man, you will see soon.

Love Compatibility/Marriage Compatibility

The beginning of each relationship, especially between these two neighboring zodiac signs, will not be easy.

Relationship between Aries man and Taurus woman is the attitude of a dog and a cat. It is never a calm and steady relationship, but in time, a good compromise can be found.

First obstacle to achieving a harmonious marriage or relationship is mutual energy change.

Aries likes to show all its power and energy to the partner, while the Taurus likes calm water. This imbalance does not fit to them.

Aries must understand that his partner is not hasty, she does not like challenges and sudden changes, and he has to be ready to calm his passion. Sexual desire is what makes them the biggest problems.

Aries man I strong, like a fire, he likes a partner actively in sex as much as he likes to try new things. He wants to have a partner equally interested and active in sex like him.

He loves new adventures, constant excitement and challenges, while Taurus needs more time to feel relaxed with a partner.

Taurus woman wants to feel safe, strong next to the partner, wants her partner to be the best support, and only then she will enjoy.

In time, if the behavior of the Taurus does not change, Aries will find a new entertainment, while he will neglect the partner. If there is a change, partners will sail into calmer water, Taurus woman will relax, let go and enjoy the relationship.

However, the problem can arise even when there are conflicts of interest between them. He likes total control while the Taurus woman likes to think first of all about what she is going to do.

Another problem is that a Taurus woman can very often sail into monotony, she likes to be free and relaxed, while Aries loves constant excitement and change.

Marriage between these two signs can sometimes function very well, because Taurus woman likes to control, so she often brings new things into marriage, and does not allow her partner to leave so easily.

Marriage often survives because both horoscopic signs are faithful and devoted to family and close friends.

Sex can often be the way out of an unsolvable conflict, because Aries is often guided by that instinct. Nothing matters to him, except for mutual love and passion.

Breaking up, unlike the relationship, is much more painless and simpler. They do not like the turbulent breaks, and they both talk about common disagreements, and then they peacefully break up.

Matching these two signs is not a winning combination for a calm and steady relationship, but together they can make a good deal. Aries and Taurus have excellent qualities, they only need to make compromises.


The friendship of Aries man and a Taurus woman is based on five words. These are “Did not I tell you”.

Aries brings hasty decisions, he doesn’t think about the outcome, and he sometimes makes mistakes in their choice. Wise Taurus first considers the whole situation, thinks about the best idea, and only then she will accept the challenge.

The positive thing with both horoscopic signs is that they are creative, wise and extremely smart. Aries likes the fact that Taurus is independent, and that they do not need so much help from the side.

Both horoscopic signs learn one from the other, most positive things.

As a business partners they make the perfect connection, they work very well, with minimal disagreements.

The only problem that disrupts the friendship is that Taurus is sometimes possessive, while Aries want to be independent and free.

But when Taurus becomes more convinced in themselves and in the person they work with, everything becomes easier, so they become much more open and free, and Aries will accept the change as a positive sign.

When Aries are too relaxed and sink into the blurry waters, Taurus are always there to return them to the right path. It helps a lot when it comes to a good business, because every mistake can slow down further work and development.

Taurus is an earth sign, which helps him to be always calm, calculated and eager for peace, while the Aries is a fire sign and he is only interested in exciting and unique things, which is why it often falls into trouble.

Sharing experiences and talking about mutual mistakes helps their friendship to last forever.

Both Aries and Taurus are very loyal, they keep the secrets and do not betray friends.

Interesting Facts

Taurus are often great artists, writers and musicians. They have a lot of talent, which is often discovered quite accidentally. (Adele, George Clooney, Channing Tatum, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox)

In certain situations, Aries likes to tell others the secrets of other people, even the most intimate ones. Admit that you did not expect this – but it is true! This happens only when he feels humiliated or betrayed, so he will tell everyone about you and your life.

Taurus loves details. She works persistently and accurately, both at school and at work.

Aries are related to Taurus because they are born with a vision. They want to be successful, the first and the best, so they often like to plan each part of their life.

The fear of the financial crisis is something that worries Taurus. Let’s clear up, they love to travel, to eat a good food and have a good time. But when Taurus sees that her sources have dried up, she crashes into a crisis.

Women often worry about how to keep Aries in the relationship …It’s easy! You need to know that the Aries likes to have full control both in relationship and in bed, but that he sometimes wants that situation to change. He loves successful women, he often likes to praise his wife, but he never forgets his potential.


Despite some different views on the world, these two zodiac signs can very well cooperate in relationship and friendship. They have a lot of similarities, which makes a good basis for the good connection, but they only need a little more time to create harmony.

More respect for personal space, loyalty, and mutual desire is enough to make them the perfect match.