Aries Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Even though these two zodiac signs can’t function very well at the first sight, it is not exactly the truth. The Aries man is greatly interested in sexual relations, and so is the Pisces Woman. She loves erotica, and will easily surrender to his sexual fantasies.

They will have some quarrels as they are two completely different characters, but the bed will solve it all.

Aries Man

Aries man has a really strong character and a lot of physical energy, given by the Mars and Pluto. On the other side, he has lack of the tenderness. Man in this sign doesn’t have much emotional care for the others.

His goal in life is to build a career. This means love relations can suffer sometimes because of his strive for success. Whatever you do, whatever you say, just don’t ever try to get in the way of his job and career.

As the first zodiac sign, he wants to be first in everything else also. And what is more, everybody sees Aries man is a born leader and will flock will lead into him. This urge he has is often very charming. Sometimes this man puts some fictional obstacles in front of him, just to have something to fight against.

This sign has horns, and this is how his life approach functions – the main through the wall. He flies into any situation without much thinking about the consequences. This man reacts fast, without leaving anything for tomorrow. This means he wants everything and he wants it now!

We can say that the Aries man is a brave heart. He has that natural instinct of protecting his beloved ones – family, friends, or his emotional partner.

Aries man always goes from the extreme to the extreme. He will either have many sexual partners or will dedicate all his emotions and love to one person only. Unfortunately, the first scenario is more likely to happen, as it is hard to find a special person. His expectations of the emotional partner are pretty high. If he doesn’t find someone who is up to these expectations, he surrenders himself to many women.

He loves his freedom in the first place. There are many examples of the Aries man who lives separately from his wife, and the marriage still functions. So, his partner has to be full of understanding and patience as everything is subordinated to him. If the relationship becomes boring he will disappear, leaving you without any explanation.

Humour is a big plus when we talk about man Aries. This positive side of his character is something that will withhold you by his side, despite all the bad sides of his personality. Although he may seem indifferent about the other men in your life, don’t get tricked by this. Aries is the jealous type. His jealousy can go into unimaginable directions.

As you can see, Aries man is a lot to handle. There will be moments when he will scream and shout, slam the door or burn the house down. But, this is just his temperous nature, he is not the bad guy. This fire burning inside of him is a strong sexual energy on the other side. If you get to a phase when an Aries man falls in love with you, then you will experience a real firework of everything. And all of it will be totally worthy.

Famous Man Aries are Casanova, Lenin, Elton John, Eddie Murphy, Robert Downey Jr.

Pisces Woman

This is the type of woman man fall in love with madly! She is absolutely magical. Being loved by Pisces woman will make you addicted.

Her sensuality has no limits and is highly expressed. Pisces woman can’t live without love and tenderness. If she doesn’t have an emotional partner, she will be in love with a fairytale, some imaginary man. Sometimes she is too dreamy and doesn’t want to accept reality. But, she is just made for love.

Woman Pisces enjoys intimate relations. She is willing to be experimental with her partner. Every place and every occasion is acceptable.

What men appreciate about the Pisces woman is that she is ready to sacrifice herself in the name of love. Sometimes later, she will sacrifice herself to save the marriage or to protect her children.


When we talk about the physical appearance, Venus is the ruler of the Pisces. This already tells you enough. Everything goes around here. Pisces woman has a thin waist and wider hips, curvy. Sometimes she is slightly overweighted, but in this case, it is very sympathetic. She is also very pretty. This enhanced beauty catches the eye fastly. Her hair is long and silky, her lips are full. The way she walks is like a cat.

A woman like this likes luxury and comfortable life. She will dedicate a lot of her time to make real oasis out of her home/apartment. Her living space will be full of details, love, and dreams. Not so rarely she has a lot of jewelry, fur, wardrobe. Social status is highly desirable.

Romance is the highlight of the Pisces woman life. There will be a lot of relationships and lovers in this scenario. She is not a reliable partner. She is capable to be with one man only. But, as soon as she starts feeling the distance, she will run away. And she will always have someone as a reserve, waiting for her. The woman like her is very open for more contacts even if she is committed to someone.

If you want to keep Pisces woman by your side, it is best not to try to tie her. Give her some freedom and hope for the best.

Even though she is hard to catch, Pisces woman will take you to the clouds. And believe me, you will remember this ride for a lifetime. This kind of loving barely any other zodiac sign can give to you.

She will bend you without ties. You will catch yourself constantly thinking about her. She will make you to always want more of her. Take this adventure without second thoughts. It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Love and marriage compatibility

When it comes to intimacy, Aries man and Pisces woman are a true match! Their sexual relationship is something that will keep them together. Many quarrels will happen between those two but will be smoothed out in bed. And this is exactly the thing that will maintain the relationship.

In marriage, a Pisces woman has moments of a mental breakdown. This can scare the Aries man, as his woman can cry a lot, and this is hard to handle. Even if he has a strong personality, this kind of pressure will make him run away.

But things don’t have to be this tragic all the time. Their relation can be very harmonious if they both work on it. Pisces woman is impressed by Aries man strivings, goals, ambitions. She can complete him in many ways. As he is turned to career, and she has a lot of wisdom, this can have a positive impact. He is sometimes too rough, and her tact can reverse things in a better direction.

One more plus is that they both adore children. Aries is a strict but righteous type of a parent, but will always make sure his children are well. He will be a tall father figure, asking for respect. On the other side, his greatest weakness is his children. Meaning, they can become spoiled. He will be angry for some time but will give it up at the end.

Pisces woman is a caring and extremely understanding mother. She belongs to that type of moms who cry at the kids’ performances or bake cookies for the whole class. Sometimes they love for the children can go into obsessivity.


As we mentioned above, when it comes to work, Aries man can be a little bit imprudent. His actions sometimes go into the extremes when we talk about the work. Pisces woman can be a great business partner or a friend to this kind of man. She will give him a good advice or will work on things in a diplomatic way.

But, these two are completely opposite temperaments. He will require accuracy and precision, while she is pretty relaxed and unlanded. For example, if they arrange a meeting and she doesn’t show up at the exact time, he will probably leave.

The thing is, Pisces woman will forgive him rude actions, and in some way, she will understand him. Aries is a stubborn guy, and Pisces will always have to give it up.


The relationship between the Aries man and a Pisces woman can turn really good or really bad. And if it survives, the woman will be the one holding it together. Aries man is a lot to handle, but he has also the strength and the stability a Pisces woman wants. Therefore, this relationship needs a lot of mutual adjustment. The sexual aspect is definitely a card to play on when we talk about these two.