Aries Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Even the stars smile when an Aries man meets a Libra woman. This pairing works great together in almost every situation. Aries man and the Libra woman have awesome compatibility. Their relationship will never be boring, as these two will play with each other’s strengths, which will make a kind of sweet tension between the partners.

Aries man is the Fire sign, while the Libra woman is a Water sign. Even though you might think they are completely opposite, the Aries man and the Libra woman balance each other perfectly.

Aries Man

As the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries man likes to be on the top of the world. He is a born leader and always goes his own direction, while the crowd follows him. This man has an exceptionally adventurous side, which makes him interesting as a friend or as a partner. He does everything with confidence, which brings him great results, especially when it comes to his job or women.

Aries man’s ruler is Mars. It gives him a bit aggressive attitude and an unexpected behavior. He is also passionate. Is it logical to expect anything else from a Fire sign? This fire burning inside of the Aries man makes him hot-tempered. As this man is represented with the horns, it already tells you enough about his personality.

Aries man is capable of going head through the wall even though he knows he is not doing the right thing. Yet, his actions will usually impress everybody. This guy never does things halfway. He with either does it or won’t do it. You always know on which terms you stand with this guy.

As his temper and his appearance attract people towards the Aries man, women would surround him too. Be ready for the clash over the Aries man with the herd of other ladies who want to get him for themselves. Yet, the Aries man is not so easy to catch. He likes to have fun and flirt with many but runs away from a serious relationship. If you would want to marry the Aries man, it would be best to wait for him to grow older. Aries man is pretty thoughtless when it comes to love in his younger age.

In order to grab the Aries man by the horns, you must be specific. There has to be something unseen about a woman. Aries man wants to be with one of a kind lady, so prove to him there is no one not even similar to you. Once you tame this guy, you will have him for a lifetime.

Libra Woman

The scale among the zodiac signs symbolizes Libra woman. As everybody knows, this woman seeks for balance in all aspects of life. She will get under your skin easily but always bear in mind the fact that she has an airy personality. Libra woman likes to spend time with many people, as she is somehow afraid to be alone. She doesn’t want to gain attention or to be the life of the party, but simply to be among people.

This woman is faithful, that is for sure, but don’t trust her in everything she says. She sometimes hides her emotions, especially if she is hurt. Libra woman would feel like nothing is happening, while she would cry a river once she is alone. This is the issue – she cares more about how she acts and how other people see her than how she really feels.

Probably the biggest Libra woman’s flaw is her indecisiveness. Even though this woman likes everything to be balanced, she might sometimes play the game, take things to the imbalance, and then turn everything around. Libra woman might seem like someone who has a calm personality. In most of the cases, she is kind and sweet, but we will stress out that she is the Air sign. Libra woman can turn into a tornado, but this phase will go away in a few minutes.

Her ruler, Venus, makes the Libra woman the most feminine lady among the zodiac women. She has that soft kind of energy men adore. Among all those women in the room, a real gentleman would recognize the Libra woman’s softness and approach her. Even though she likes to flirt with men, she doesn’t settle down for anything. Libra woman seeks for a man who would give her some special kind of attention. If you want to conquer her heart, be romantic, positive, and honest.

Libra woman acts a bit extreme when it comes to intimacy. She would lose her head at some moments, going completely wild, while she would act shy and insecure in the other minute. This reflects her unjustified self-esteem issue, but with the right man, the Libra woman will learn how to love herself completely.

Love and Marriage

Aries man and the Libra woman make a perfect love match. There is no better combination among the zodiac signs. Mars rules the Aries man, while Venus rules the Libra woman. The masculinity of the Aries man goes softly with the Libra woman. They are capable of fulfilling each other’s needs to the fullest while living through a special kind of romance that leads to a marriage.

Libra woman is everything but plain. She will draw the Aries man’s attention without putting any effort into it. Aries man adores feminine, but a bit mysterious women and the Libra is exactly that type.

On the other side, she would love to have a man by her side that would protect, spoil, and love her. A weak man would never attract the feminine Libra woman, as she is already soft in some way, so she needs a man strong as a rock. Who would play this role better than the Aries man would?

It might sound a bit weird, but the Aries man is the most romantic man among the zodiac signs. Imagine that! Libra woman will fall for this side of him. A strong, independent man who knows how to make a romantic surprise is a bingo from the perspective of the Libra woman. Aries man would bring her breakfast to bed, kiss her forehead, and then he would go to his work. When these two signs finally meet, they would be sure that they found what they have been looking for their whole lives.


This man likes to lead the way, while the Libra woman doesn’t tend to be a leader. She would rather enjoy the ride, while her strong man takes her on a romantic journey. Both Aries man and the Libra woman would be pleased with each other’s energies.

Even though the Aries man can get hot under the collar, the Libra woman will know how to calm him down. She is not the type who likes to argue so the Aries man wouldn’t have a partner for fights. When the Libra woman gets off the chain, it might be surprising for the Aries man, but he would find this side of her stimulating.

Libra woman will teach her partner how to maintain the balance and bring in the peace in their relationship and their home. Aries man would have to lose it up a bit if he wants to stay with the Libra woman. Although she might get indecisive about many things in life, the Libra woman will always know for sure if she wants to be with someone or don’t.

Aries man and the Libra woman’s intimacy aspect work great too. Both partners are romantic and sensual, and they would know how to please each other. Aries man will bring in a dose of adventurousness and adrenaline, while the Libra woman won’t mind it. Their romance will only grow fonder as the years go on.


Aries man likes bossy positions and usually takes great responsibilities. Libra woman, on the other side, doesn’t like to be in the center of the attention, but to be a mediator. In that sense, the Aries man might be too tensed sometimes. Libra woman can get him to the ground, calming him with her soft energy.

Yet, she sometimes lacks initiative, but her Aries friend will be there to lift her up. He would help her make great decisions in life and provide support. Aries man knows how to handle the insecure and indecisive side of the Libra woman’s personality.

Aries man likes to create adventures, while the Libra woman likes to accompany him on his interesting trips. She will spark the interest within the Aries man with her communicative side, so he wouldn’t mind her presence.

Libra woman is an optimist, while the Aries man can get pessimistic sometimes. In this sense, she makes him brighter and knows how to make him smile. They as friends would bring many benefits to each other. This friendship will probably last long, but there is a chance they will fall in love with each other.

Interesting Facts

Many Hollywood couples showed us that the Aries man and the Libra woman could make a great couple. Marlon Brando and Johanna O’Callaghan made a great old-fashioned couple, such as Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Among the modern couples, we would enumerate Mark Consuelos and his wife Kelly Ripa.


Aries man goes well with the Fire signs, but this combination might burn him. That is why the Libra woman makes a great couple for this man. She knows how to handle his temperament side, while he enjoys her calmness.

Aries man and the Libra woman’s relationship will probably result in a marriage. Their love gets stronger with years, so chances of divorce are slight.