Aries Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

When merging, these two horoscopic signs show their individuality, and they work better as a business partners, not lovers. These two signs are a combination of fire and air, and therefore they represent a powerful combination and connection.

Common interests and constant desire for challenges and adventures, as well as a constant wish for something to happen. Both signs are socially active, open, interesting as people, and function well in society and with family.

If these two signs are doing their best and if they can calm down their passions sometimes, this relationship can be long-lasting and happy. When and how they work best, you’ll see below.

Aries man

For Aries man, the most important thing is to show his desire and domination as well as leadership and intelligence.

Aries is very open in relationship to friendship, he likes to be leader in everything and to guide a relationship at some point. He is very smart, knows how to use the right words, as well as how to win the opposite sex with very little effort.

Aries often exaggerates in his decisions, so he makes the wrong moves, because even while he is drinking the first morning coffee he thinks about the great life decisions that he will make later.

Sincerity is also the virtue and flaw of an Aries. He will always tell you honestly whether you are doing the right things and even when you are making a mistake.

He thinks he always knows what’s best, and often makes quick conclusions. The most important thing for him is the first impression, so if a person at first sight is not interesting, he will not even try to get to know her better.

He is often attracted to people with hidden talents, especially sports, singing, school gifted people, etc. When you first notice an Aries, you will think he is easy to love, but this is not always the case.

His eligibility criteria are high, and he does not allow himself to be with a person he thinks is not good enough for him.

Although he does not say this, he hides certain things that help him choose the ideal person for him.

These are either certain physical things like hair color or eye color, or some attitudes that a person possesses that he likes.

If you enchant an Aries at the first encounter, be sure that you are going to be more than a friend to him.

They also love flattery, some praise and advice to give them so they can see green light and be interested in you.

But, beware!

If you do not pay attention to an Aries every day, be sure that he will break up with you or find someone else. They love people who are devoted, passionate, people who will constantly bring new things to their life.


He only wants the best for himself and he takes up such a position. He always defends his opinion, he is very devoted to both his family and work, as can be seen from his results.

The best, irreplaceable and full of self-confidence – the ideal words that can describe this zodiac sign.

Gemini woman

She is always open to new friendships, she is also social, relaxed and intelligent woman.

Change is one of the things that is crucial for the woman of this horoscope sign.

She always wants to know what is happening around her, she likes to bring new changes in her life, both at work and in relationship.

How she looks like is very important, so she spends a lot of time trying to improve her physical appearance and she always follows new fashion trends. The majority of women in this sign are very smart, they like to read and love to learn.

She does not allow anyone to meddle in her life and she always makes plans not asking others for help. She is often unpredictable and often changes her moods and habits, and she wants her friends to respect her decisions.

Just like a ram, she wants her life full of surprises and challenges, and she often sets high goals for her.

Love is just an add-on and a big plus in her life. She wants a partner who respects her decisions, who is ready to do everything for her and who is on the same intellectual level.

She is brutally sincere, she is ready at any moment to point out a problem to someone, she does not like to argue, but only to solve the situation in the best way.

Chameleon is the animal that best describes her. She adapts to every situation, ready for every obstacle and people like her very much, they to be in her company because she is communicative and social.

She wants her friends and partners to be full of love, that they are ready to be surprised and to always be there for her. With her is the epithet of a great fighter, because she will not allow you to leave her so easily.

Always looking for the maximum of people, she is trying to do everything in time and she does not like anyone who interferes with the work she is doing.

A big problem for Taurus woman is that she can not store and save money. If she sees a new dress or earrings, she must have them.

It is a big problem for her even in marriage because she loves to be beautiful and arranged, regardless of her material condition.

Since she is very calculating and professional, she must be with a man with similar or even the character.

Love compatibility / Marriage compatibility

First of all, we should mention both characters separately.

Gemini woman who is strong and autonomous, and as such, in her life, she does not need a man who will keep her on the chain.

Then, Aries that is passionate, he constantly searches for a partner both for a short-term relationship and for longer paths.

Gemini woman needs someone who will constantly cheer and support her in every decision she makes.

She likes to be equal with the partner in the division of jobs, plans, and even more independent in financial terms.

Here comes a strong and powerful Aries, which likes to be dominant and better than anyone – in every sense, which can disturb Gemini woman.

Both characters like to react impulsively, quickly, and they do not give each other ‘you are right’ card. They see themselves as ideal and think their word is always the last.

They together make up a new, undiscovered but superior invention that is mix of “Come on” and “Let’s think about it”.

Aries’ willingness to do whatever it takes to reach the goal motivates the insecure Gemini to think about it and join him.

They are joined by the fact that they are not satisfied with the average things, and they constantly strive to achieve new and better goals, which will help them to have a better future.

In marriage they would behave like a strict mother and father, and often their opinions would conflict. Especially in making important life decisions, but also those irrelevant, small things such as curtains, furniture, etc.

Gemini woman loves children, the challenges that they bring, but she also wants free time for herself, which is often annoying in family life.

An Aries man wants children who will be able to follow his knowledge, whether about sports, business or everyday things.

Both signs must learn not to speak hard and offensive words, and not to listen to insults by a partner.

The most important thing is to give the partner plenty of space, attention and love, so they can be ready to stay next to you.

However, if Gemini woman sees that the relationship is not going in the right direction, and that the partner is limiting and not for her, this relationship can be easily over.

When their opinions agree, they can live a peaceful life, with few arguments and quarrels.


Friendship, just like a relationship, can represent a calm sea with a several waves for them.

Since both characters are intelligent and often have contact with the public, their opinions can sometimes conflict. These are often only diplomatic quarrels that come and go in a short time. It maintains their friendship “live”.

They can be very good business partners, because Aries is hasty while the Gemini loves to think about something before he does it.

The Gemini woman is always there to tell her Aries friend honestly where he is wrong and to help him continue onward, while the Aries will motivate the Gemini woman themselves, by their actions.

The problem with both signs is that it is very difficult for them to dedicate to a job, and when they are bored, they instantly try to find something new to do.

Even when they are angry, they quickly forgive and continue on, but they never forget what happened.

They know how to keep secrets, and they’ll always give you good advice for whatever problem you need.

If you do not agree well as friends, do not even think about starting a relationship with the opposite sign!

Interesting Facts

  • Gemini women often work as singers, Tv hosts, journalists, actors, have a permanent job on television … (Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman..)
  • Aries are very romantic. Do not be surprised if he brings a rose or your favorite chocolate at the first meeting! He remembers very little (but important) things and if he likes you, he will do everything for you.
  • Although they do not like the same routine every day, Gemini women often love to browse their favorite magazine in the morning, read a few pages of a new book and drink morning coffee in peace.
  • Gemini often can be very nervous when her plan does not go as planned or when a long planned date fails.
  • If Gemini woman gets bored at a family gathering or business meeting, it will be easy for her to say that and leave without a problem.


Although this is not a dream combination, connection of two intellectuals can sometimes be a good thing.

Especially in some important business or meeting, on which they will work together and be brilliant.

But for the relationship, it takes a lot of effort and respect, so if you are ready to sacrifice some things to get the harmony, why not!