Aries Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Aries man and a Capricorn woman will probably act as they are opponents when they meet. Somehow, both of them will have a feeling as if they would fight and argue all the time. What makes the things more interesting, none of them will pull punches in this game.

Even though the Capricorn woman is not into arguments (she prefers silence and leads a quiet life), she has that thirst for competition. Do we need to explain the Aries man’s adventurous nature and affinity for challenges?

It is a bit hard when both signs are up for leadership, as there can be only one. Yet, don’t let this misguide you, as this produces sweet tension between the Aries man and the Capricorn woman.

These two actually feel fatal attraction towards each other and it will hold them in place. Capricorn woman will balance out the furious temper of the Aries man. This couple can achieve a fulfilling and satisfying relationship, that is for sure, but the road is tough.

Aries Man

An Aries man is a bad boy, which makes him so attractive to the opposite sex. His ruler is Mars, so it gives him endless confidence, strength, and a bit of arrogance. Aries man insists that he has to be in the first place always, it is in his blood. This man is persistent in everything he does and once he sets a goal – nothing will drag his attention away until he reaches it.

Aries man is usually an enthusiast. He has energy and power to do everything. If you need an additional motivation, spend a couple of minutes with the Aries man. He would transfer you a lot of energy and make you feel like you are a Superman.

He is always in a hurry. Probably that is the reason why the Aries man sometimes says things that might hurt other people. He doesn’t do this intentionally, but we else we can say about the Fire sign – he is explosive and impulsive. If someone tries to ruin the Aries man’s plans, he can become really destructive. It depends on the circumstances, as this man can use the energy he wears within to make a mess.

Aries man is a man that likes to hunt. He hunts for a female pray, that is for sure. This man is looking for a woman who can attract his attention for more than a few days. He loses interest fast, as it is hard to meet someone who is special in many ways. Probably that is the reason why the Aries man changes his partners often. Yet, once he is done with the game, he would want to get into something more serious. There is just one thing to remember – never be average if you want an Aries man.

Capricorn Woman

What would you think about a woman who has horns? Capricorn woman is represented with horns in the zodiac. They are a symbol of stubbornness, persistence, and power of this lady. People sometimes think that the Capricorn woman is sterile and cold, but she is just running her own race. You will never hear the Capricorn woman talks behind someone’s back or gossip. She is so over that.

Capricorn woman is pretty self-turned, which can be both good and bad. This lady is not obsessed with opinions of others, as she is convinced that she does everything the right way, and most of the times she really does.

However, she can become too obsessed with work at some stage of her life. This woman doesn’t care that much about having friends, as she is pretty independent. Yet, the emptiness inside her exists and she is just trying to fill it in somehow.

This woman adores her family and would sacrifice her job for them only. When it comes to raising her own family, she is a bit complicated, as she wants to meet a man who fits in her box of standards. He has to be successful, but never more successful than her, strong, stable, and loyal. She is looking for somebody who would understand how important her carrier is and who would let her have her own time. Luckily, she is capable of giving the same to her partner. Capricorn woman would work great with a Taurus, Pisces, or Virgo man.

Love and Marriage

When you know that the story goes around the signs with horns, you already have in mind that both of them want to take the lead. There is no slight chance that one of them would give up on a goal in front of them.

However, the Aries man is a lot more stubborn than the Capricorn woman is. She surely wants to be on the top, but this woman can estimate the situation very well.

If she realizes that her struggle might take her in a wrong direction, she will stop it in time. Capricorn woman knows how to control herself, oppositely from the Aries man. This man should realize how reliable and responsible the Capricorn woman is and learn from her. What is more, the Capricorn woman usually finds it irritating when someone can’t gain self-control, so she would invest some time in teaching the Aries man how to do it.

Aries man has his pessimistic side. Even though he is not like this often, it happens. Capricorn woman is generally optimistic, but she has her dark phases too. Once the cold reality faces up the Capricorn woman, she draws herself back and cries for hours. On the other side, the Aries man is more aggressive when he is depressed. He is capable of revenge too, different from the Capricorn woman.


She is a bit of an introvert and prefers to be at home. This woman picks her friends and partners wisely. Capricorn woman cares about the shared values and tradition, and she would never spend her time with persons who oppose her attitudes. Aries man is an extrovert and likes to be around people. He definitely likes attention. People praise him all the time. However, this is not an ideal situation for their relationship.

As the Capricorn woman would want to stay home and watch a movie, the Aries man would rather go somewhere with his friends. How can a couple maintain a relationship if they are not spending time together? These two must find some mutual activities in order to make the relationship interesting.

However, the Capricorn woman is not the jealous type. She wouldn’t mind if her partner wanders off somewhere out, as she would have some time for herself. Aries man can’t stand clingy women, and the Capricorn woman is definitely not of that kind. He wants to be free in some aspect, and this partner can give it to him. Capricorn woman loves her independence and that would suit the Aries man too. In this sense, they are compatible.

The brightest point of the Aries man and the Capricorn woman’s relationship is the intimacy part. These two have insatiable drives but surprisingly can satisfy each other. Even if the Aries man and the Capricorn woman mismatch in the other relationship aspects, they would smooth everything out in the bedroom.

Aries and Capricorn aren’t prone to strong emotions but think in a more rational way. Even though they might seem emotionally distant, if the other things work in this relationship, they would stay together. To conclude – a love degree here is not at a high level, but the overall relationship will be intense and interesting for both partners.


As we already mentioned above, the Aries man and the Capricorn woman are competitive types. If they are friends, they would still search for ways to compete with one another. This will produce either tensions or funny moments when it comes to this friendship. None of them is lazy, so you can count that they would do any assigned work on time.

Aries man and the Capricorn woman would never get involved in another people drama, but they are prone to making it within their relationship. Yet, the Aries man loves when something is happening around him, no matter if it is a drama.

Capricorn woman would be a mediator here, as she somehow likes to get the merits. It will give her more importance, while the Aries man would admire her abilities to calm him down.

Capricorn woman is lead by tradition, while the Aries man is a modern type. A lack of mutual values might be an obstacle to their friendship, but if they don’t insist on making it too deep, they would have many fun moments together.

Interesting Facts

Marlon Brando and Terita Teriipaia went through one of the toughest life and love stories. These two met on a set in 1961 and married in 1962. This couple went through a serious grief as their daughter killed herself. It was almost impossible to deal with it, so couple attended therapeutic sessions. Marlon Brando was always known as one of the most attractive actors of that time.

That lead to his unfaithfulness, but Terita loved him despite the fact that he cheated on her. Marlon died in 2004, and Terita published a book about their impossible love and tragedy. Interesting, she forgave him everything and described how emotional their journey actually was.


Do you think that it is possible to maintain a relationship that is built on the intimacy aspect? Well, the Aries man and the Capricorn woman’s relationship have future thanks to the great compatibility in the bedroom.

These two have many differences, but these differences somehow don’t make an issue. Emotional involvement of the partners is mild, so it can provide stability in a relationship. Capricorn woman will let the Aries man have his freedom, while she will have hers. Don’t underestimate the potential of the Aries man and the Capricorn woman as a couple, as these would argue, but would almost never let an argument destroy the relationship.