Aries Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Men, women, constant match between friendship and love.

No one can completely describe this first and probably the most specific zodiac sign precisely, because of its great repulsion towards a peaceful way of life.

Not moderate, but gentle towards a partner, sensitive, but with a small amount of doubt, aggressive, but only to show what they know …

Whether it’s a woman’s Aries or a man of the same sign, the rules are the same – there are no rules!

In spite of their wild and untouchable nature, we will try to illustrate the relationship between two same zodiac signs but the opposite sex. Enjoy! 

Leaders in love

As a big competitors, Aries women are always trying to be one step ahead of the opposite sex, not allowing anyone to oppose them.

One of the most energetic sign of the zodiac, Aries woman is very dominant both in relationship and work. Such behavior often bothers men, who are also dominant and willing tо dо everything to be big leaders.

Dominant behavior often leads to the quarrel of these two signs, and even the slightest misunderstanding leads to the end of a love story.

Being a leader in every part of the relationship is not a good thing, especially if the other part is impulsive and eager for justice at all times.

As a condition for a good relationship, it is necessary that both sides do their best not to behave like bosses, and to enjoy in their love. Due to the aggressiveness of both sides, the relationship between the Aries often end up fatal.

How impulsive they are, tells the fact that the most killers are born in period of December and January. (Casanova)

Mutual respect, constant peace and stability can help both sexes in normal functioning with their partner.

He lost the battle but not the war

When he meets the perfect person for him, he is interested immediately and makes the first move to win her.

He does not accept ‘no’ as an answer and he is satisfied if the person is at least a little bit like him.

If he meets a woman in the sign of an Aries, a real boom happens, because he, just like her, believes in real love.

It’s common for them to always seek equality in relationships, they are great romantics and they love to love.


So, when the Aries find the Aries woman as a soul mate, they consider that they have successfully completed their love mission.

His strongest weapon is flirt, smile, good behavior, and the real trait for a woman Aries looking for a man of the same sign is equality.

Thanks to his charisma, every woman of the zodiac has fallen into the hands of an ingenious Aries.

Their charisma and cheerful spirit help them in finding the right partner, as well as  maintaining the relationship.

Also, his own views on life have attracted him to interesting and unique women, especially Aries. They always love to have glittering views of the world and don’t allow the word ‘defeat’ to enter their dictionary.

Fake morality

Aries men even in a marriage from a fairy tale have a need to mess around.

Irony is that he wants totally opposite from his soulmate – high morals and devotion.

Aries women expect permanent commitment, love and attention.

They are very jealous in a relationship and marriage, so if you are a sensitive or emotional, run as fast as you can.

The only way to keep the Aries man next to you is to have strong physical attraction and love with him.

They do not like to hide physical attraction to someone, even if when they are in a relationship and marriage, they are open and often seek some kind of satisfaction outside the home. Most often it is sex.

He is looking for a woman that he does not have to control, that’s why Aries woman is a good wife for him, because she does not tolerate restrictions.

Despite frequent cheating on his part, he does not endure the infidelity and quickly breaks up the relationship in which there were cheating.

Even for the smallest detail, these men want a detailed explanation and an apology, because they do not want anyone to hurt his feelings and pride.

Unlike an Aries man, a woman first asks for explanation for his actions and tries to understand it, but very quickly raises and creates a bribe.

Control freaks

Only a very ambitious and persistent husband fits to the wife Aries, smart and eager to succeed.

She loves good conversations, with educated and special people.

Besides her classy but sophisticated look, she’s never bored. She always has new ideas, and you will never see her bored or broken.

An Aries man also suits to her in this field because he was born primarily as a competitor, ready to succeed in every way.

He does not like lazy, uninterested and boring people, and he often rejects them as collaborators at work.

He loves the accuracy, the good timing, and the people who are ready for a hard but cost-effective work.

A combination of these two signs can make a miracle at work, because both of them are trying to be the best, and they often interact with one another in the business, for the sake of security and punctuality.

They often like to compete between themselves because both sides have a very high opinion of themselves, and they are not afraid to say it publicly.

Aries are great workers, and defend only their own truth. Because of this, it is often difficult to persuade them, because it will certainly do their own thing.

This zodiac signs do not like when their colleagues or associates do not believe in them and their abilities, and therefore they always do their best.

In addition to the desire for competition, Aries are extremely noble and like to help others, which often leads other people to an unpleasant situation, because they can not return the favor.

Even if you think that Aries at work does not like you so much, know that such behavior is caused by your insufficient work.

None of the poles of this sign allows one another to mix into their work, past and personal peace.


The connection between the two Aries is very complicated and difficult to explain.

Both of them lead passion, uninterrupted energy, and a desire for pleasure in their lives.

Aries women love desire, freshness and a small amount of aggression both in daily life with their partner and in bed.

She loves relation ‘loyalty for loyalty, she does not allow a partner to take the seat into her life, she loves a pleasant atmosphere, and you can see everything she thinks in her eyes.

She is searching for a strong and exciting man, ready to satisfy and love her unconditionally.

The Aries man and woman together make one big flame, both the emotions and the mutual desire for enjoying.

In love, women are impulsive, full of new tricks and with her is never boring, that’s what Aries men needs for a good and passionate relationship.

Aries like to experiment and explore, between them relationship is never boring, just like sexual life.

They love to control things in bed, and if you’re not ready for strange and innovative things, then you definitely are not his type.

Aries men want to do it all at once, but the Aries women do not give it so easily.

Women of this sign most like to be married to a possessive and somewhat jealous man, precisely because they always need a dose of restlessness in their lives.

They love good flirting, and they want the greatest excitement from their partners.

Aries man needs constant proof that he is good in relationship, frequent praise and always has the desire to be praised by someone, especially a partner, so that he knows that he is on the right path.

If they are in relationship to a person who is not overly interesting to them, it will not be difficult for them to finish this relationship. If they do not like them, they will be with them for a certain period of time, and then they will suddenly cool off without any reason.

The big mistake of men of this horoscope is that after doing ‘the job’, they will indulge in a cigarette and look away.