Aries Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

At first sight, this looks like difficult combination between these two signs of Zodiac. As both of these signs tend to be individualists, in fact they can benefit and learn pretty much one from another.

In spite of Aries being strong, impulsive, penetrating and sometimes aggressive persona,  Aquarius can turn Aries into practical, wise, calm and witty person. That is, Aquarius can be less individual and more social with Aries and have the best time in life. They both share the same feeling for excitement and being on the move, so Aquarius woman will be happy. With Aries, fun is always guaranteed.

Aries Man

As the first sign of Zodiac this literary means Aries is first. Always, in everything. Aries man will not hesitate to get what he wants and more likely will try to be ‘’the man’’.

Aries can act in explosive and sometimes raw manner and he founds that this kind of behaviour is appealing to the opposite sex. Most of the girls will be attracted to this and will respond to his love signs. But how can Aries man get an Aquarius girl who is not traditional type and pretty much marked as ‘’weird’’?

This ‘’macho role’’ may not fascinate Aquarius woman but when he realizes that her unique style and unconventional manner are interesting to him he will have different approach. Even though he acts in a raw and narrow manner he has quick and sharp mind to figure out the girls he wants. If she is up for a sexy adventure, the more interesting things will get. Aries man likes sex and the flame of passion as the element of this sign is fire. Sex may come before friendship. He likes physical love but it doesn’t always have to involve feelings.

This love is quick and on the go as Aries is impatient and can’t wait much for the situation to develop. This doesn’t mean necessarily that Aries is a bad lover , as the matter of the fact he is a great lover! He is aware of his attractive body and personality and his confidence is up high. He will expect that from his partner as well , the girl must feel confident about herself and there is no space for shame or insecurities. Aries will intend to give and receive pleasure to the fullest.

One of the qualities of Aries is that people of this sign give their best in everything they do, with all of their passion, energy and enthusiasm. They posses great stamina so you can really rely on them. Energy and excitement won’t lack. This may lead to some interesting ideas and Aquarius is in love with the ideas. So, they can combine all of this energy and ideas to have great time together. Even though they will have good time together, each one of them will strive to keep their freedom and tend not be ‘’tied up’’ to a person.

So, Aries will express his thoughts and ideas in a very clear fashion. He likes to tell exactly what he thinks so there will be no misunderstandings or miscommunication. He can show  As Aries likes to be not limited or restricted, same thing happens with Aquarius and Aquarius woman will appreciate his respect of her personal space. They don’t own each other and that works great for them.

This will stay for most of the Aries. Of course , it depends much of the Ascendant and the position of the planets in the birth chart.

Aquarius woman

Do you know that one person that does not seek for attention but somehow always gets into the spotlight and seems so mysterious, unusual and original? That might be Aquarius woman, apparently not completely aware of the fuss around her. She is not narcissistic nature but rather eccentric. Independence is one the features that is essential for any Aquarius. Aquarius woman needs to feel free and doesn’t belong to anyone.

This rebellious side of her can be a problem for most of the men but not that much for Aries. Love her when she is not expecting and that spontaneous act will fascinate her. They are very alike so he will understand the need to be apart from the partner. She can be very adventurous and this is one the things that Aries seeks in a woman. In this case, every time they hang out it can be a little adventure of its own.

She attracts people and the opposite sex with her unique style and unusual manner either with her speaking or wearing weird clothes, hair or makeup. Her attitudes and futuristic point of view show her wide mind. She will strongly defend her attitudes, especially if she’s in a middle of some debate. Don’t try to convince her because she  has a lot of information in her head and knows how to use them in a proper way.  She has talent for public speaking and writing so you may find her involved in some kind of activism or similar.

Aquarius is full of genius ideas and this may fascinate Aries. Although Aries is pretty clear with  expressing his thoughts Aquarius can tell misleading words if she feels that her personality is threatened is some way. One of the constant fears that this woman feels is that she will lose herself and her personality. She has no intention to lie but can tell something that she doesn’t really feel or think. Her mind is occupied with many things and can feel a bit insecure.

If she gets hurt many times, she will eventually close up and act rationally. In that case she can have many relations in her life but not truly settle down.Of course , it depends much of the Ascendant and the position of the planets in the birth chart.

Love compatibility

Love between Aries and Aquarius isn’t the traditional love. These two may have very unusual connection. At first, they can start as friends with benefits but if their interests fit ( especially if both of them are talented for some kind of art) they will spend a lot of time together. Rebellious and adventurous, they can keep up with each other. There can be an instant attraction but to have a deeper relation she must feel comfortable to let the man to get to know her.

Once the trust is built, they can both have a relation of quality. Concerning intimacy they go well together. Aquarius likes to experiment and Aries simply loves sex so there will be no issues. Emotions are not required and that is a benefit for both of the sings if they want an instant crush. When it comes to  emotions, they will have to work it out and try to be less individual and more associated.


One of the challenging things for both of the signs is to settle down. Aquarius doesn’t accept the conventional forms and has to break the rules in one way or another ( as well as the Aries) and it will not live as the society dictates.

Getting married (in a traditional way)  and have children is not quite a priority for these people. It’s not about that they are afraid to take responsibilities , it’s just that kind of life bores them. It can happen in some point of their lives when they decide that is time to grow up and have a family.


Can we say best pals?Well not really, but definitely can be friends. This friendship can come through out many outdoor activities such as extreme sports and similar. There is always something going on, always on the move and surrounded with people. They can even be musicians and Aquarius almost always has to do something with a larger crowd and with the public. In that case they can go well together and be around each other all the time.

Their minds are always active and they can be pretty witty and make jokes on each other. Laugh and carefree feeling to this friendship won’t lack. Positive attitudes and looking on the brighter side is what they have in common. They live life to the fullest and they will not have time to talk about hard things and subjects.

These two can make their friendship throughout sex and that can be the perfect combination for them. There can be a problem if Aquarius girl gets too flirty with some other guy.

Aries has a tendency to make scenes and be jealous but he just can’t help his need to show his supremacy toward women. He might get angry about it but eventually it will not last for long.  As long as there are no restrictions and defined rules they can be friends for long time.