Aquarius Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Aquarius man and a Virgo woman are one of the interesting matches among the zodiac signs, but the complexity of their relationships is more than obvious from the beginning.

Virgo woman is the type who prefers security and defines her boundaries all the time.

Aquarius man, on the other side, lives by the moment and doesn’t make plans for tomorrow. Virgo woman might feel more insecure by the Aquarius man’s side, while he might want to run away from her as she talks about settling down way too much for his criteria.

Still, they will appreciate each other when it comes to dealing with issues and managing work. Both of them are hard working, which means they will spend more time in the office than together.

However, the Aquarius man is definitely much more fun than the Virgo woman. There is a chance for the two to get out of a tensed situation, but they both have to invest much effort.

Aquarius Man

Imagine a man that has great intelligence, love to help everyone, is fun to be with and keeps you amused. Well, let us present you the Aquarius man. He is a like a mix of more persons in one. This is one of a kind man that you will meat, as this man will either fascinate you or you would want not to meet him ever again.

This zodiac sign attracts more attention, as people find it hard to understand the Aquarius man. He has a few strange ideas, but that is what makes him interesting. This guy talks a lot and you can hear many unfamiliar things from him, but take everything with a reserve. Aquarius man is not the type who tells lies, but he can get lost in his imagination sometimes.

He is a great friend and will entertain you all the time, but you should know where the two of you stand. Aquarius man is open and fun to spend some time with, but he rarely opens up completely.

He talks about everything, but himself. This means that you will have a hard time getting to know the real Aquarius man. People consider that he is cold and unapproachable, but that is not true (even though this zodiac sign has slightly colder emotions that the rest).

Aquarius man is the man who is willing to die for his freedom. He lives by liberal principles and don’t you dare to try to get his freedom away. In order to keep the Aquarius man by your side, be by his side whatever he does and don’t put restraints on him. Besides that, you won’t have any issues with this man.

Virgo Woman

If you would want to explain the Virgo woman in a few words, then it would be – hard-working, practical, intelligent, and critical. Virgos are among the zodiac signs that are somehow hard to understand.

However, if you try to get a bit closer, Virgos are not that bad.

This woman surely values order, organization, and living by a patter – no doubt. She sees life as a mess and her mission is to take it to a perfect balance. Living without any clue is probably every Virgo’s nightmare. She wants to make time for everything – job, family, friends, and potentially for her man.

Virgo woman is the most famous for her critiques. People strongly dislike this side of the Virgo woman’s personality, as they get everything too serious. It is true that the Virgo woman looks like a professor who is about to get you out of a class, but she actually means you well. She wants to point out some mistakes that you are making, so you stop making them in the future. It would be best if you can accept the Virgo woman as she is, as this lady has right in 99% of situations.

Because of her job, this woman can’t get a chance to meet many people, but she likes to spend her free time with her friends. They are aware of how loyal and kind the Virgo woman is. That is why they are able to forgive her the harsh side and critiques.

Same as with her friends, the Virgo woman is truly loyal to her partner. It looks like she doesn’t need one, but everybody needs love in their lives. She will have some difficulties with accepting it, as the Virgo woman is insecure by nature and wants to avoid getting hurt.


Love and Marriage

Aquarius man and the Virgo woman will have issues about their different values. Virgo woman appreciates and strives for stability. She would always choose to lead a predictable than turbulent life.

On the other side, the Aquarius man, who is a free spirit, wants to experience life from its all angles and even to take a risk. Virgo woman can’t understand this and she will critique her partner all the time. Aquarius man likes persons who are creative and open, while the Virgo woman is shy and closed up.

Virgo woman has some insecurities that are not that visible when she is not in love. However, once she develops strong feelings for someone. She will open up her heart and be straightforward about her emotions, which will scare the Aquarius man. Virgo woman wants to achieve a strong, devoting relationship with a man of her dreams. Even though it is more than obvious that the Aquarius man is not the one, she would still stay by his side.

Aquarius man gets colder and more distanced as the Virgo woman shows her emotions more. He needs a woman to live through adventures with her, while the Virgo tries to put restrictions on his life. This woman likes to be home and enjoy the home atmosphere, while the Aquarius man likes to be with his friends or on an adventure all by himself – he is everything but a homebound person. Virgo woman is more realistic in this case, while the Aquarius man sees the world as the game or a show. These different approaches to life will definitely lead this couple to a dead end.

The roadblocks will continue to add up. Aquarius man and the Virgo woman are not compatible in the bedroom either. Virgo woman is more romantic than the Aquarius man, even though she is not that romantic herself.

Still, she is up for more classic and regular form of loving, while the Aquarius man wants to experiment and enjoy in spontaneous activities. Still, if the Aquarius man tries to be a bit romantic (as he always knows what is he doing), he might actually impress the Virgo woman, giving her a reason to stay by his side a bit longer.

This is not a relationship that will last forever, as the split up is inevitable. Aquarius man and the Virgo woman won’t argue almost at all. At one point, both of them will realize that there is nothing to fight for, so they will go separate ways.


Aquarius man picks his friends carefully, with his eyes wide open. He has a compassionate and kind side, but his heart is wrapped up so no one can hurt him. Virgo woman is similar when it comes to friendships – she takes care of herself and guards her emotions. These two might meet at work, as it seems that they would get along well privately.

When we say that they will function well at work, this doesn’t mean they would remind you of a dream team. Aquarius man likes to work alone, so does the Virgo woman. Still, at meetings, they will show off that his creativity and her practical side might bring great results to a company in which they are working.

However, despite the compatibility at a workplace, the Aquarius man and the Virgo woman value different things in life. He would always invite her for an adventure, while she would invite him over. This means that chances are slight that they will ever meet outside their offices.

Even if they do, the Virgo woman will realize that she needs a friend who is more emotional and approachable. She offers endless devotion and loyalty to her friends, even though she might show it in a bit harsh way. Aquarius man doesn’t like to talk about his emotions and keeps his friends at a distance.

Once the Virgo tries to make him open up, the Aquarius man will show resistance. This situation will make the Virgo woman fall back completely too.

Interesting Facts

Do you remember the time when Justin Timberlake dated Cameron Diaz? The couple had been together for about 4 years. This Aquarius-Virgo combination was pretty interesting for the media, as the actress was 8 years older than her couple.

Their energies got along well at the time. It was a more adult relationship that it seemed from the perspective of their friends and family. The reason for the split up was the fact that Justin cheated on Cameron with Scarlet Johansson while they were filming his new video.


Aquarius man and the Virgo woman are one of the least compatible zodiac combinations. He is an extrovert, freedom lover who cares about his job and adventures only. Virgo woman, on the other side, wants to develop things through life. She works hard in order to be successful, but she spends time with her friends and strives for stability when it comes to relationships.

The basic reason for the split up is that the Virgo woman wants a full commitment, while the Aquarius man wants to have a partner, but without getting too deep in the relationship.