Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Aquarius man is the Air sign, which means that he is everything but steady and calm. This man flows as freely as the air, so it is hard to catch him. Oppositely, a Taurus woman is the Earth element – stable and reliable.

Still, as this lady is patient and tries to find a balance, she will have an understanding of the Aquarius man.

Whether these two want to build a friendship or a relationship, things will be pretty rocky until they achieve the goal. Even though we don’t say that the Aquarius man and the Taurus woman are not highly compatible, there is still a chance for them.

They should discover the promising and great features about each other and let the time set the pace.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius man is full of surprises. You just never know what to expect with him, as he behaves unpredictably. Aquarius man will even fight for a completely lost cause, even though he sees that is in vain at the first sight.

However, once this man flips his fingers into something, have faith – as he will solve it for sure.

He likes to live unconventionally. If you arrange a meeting, be aware that he will reschedule it. Aquarius man doesn’t like to live by routine or by a plan. Even though he has nothing else to do, he would make up something – just to show you that he can’t fit in a box. Still, even though this might bother you in the beginning, the second you see the Aquarius man, his charm will seize the huff.

This man always talks about his friends, or his friends talk about him. Aquarius man lives a weird kind of life. He is sociable and open, but actually feels some kind of emptiness within, as people don’t know how to understand him in the right way. When he talks about the future, his friends will maybe make a laugh of him, unaware of the instinct this man has. As he would feel the rejection, he would become more and more closed up – but you will never guess it. Still, he realizes that some people simply can’t live in the future, so he will leave them behind.

Aquarius man loves his space, his freedom, and independence. The worst thing that can happen to him is to be tied to the bed because he is sick, or if he has a partner that wants to tie him down.

Aquarius man’s partner should be aware that this man stands no restraints. You have to leave him alone when he needs it. This man is not romantic but knows how to show his affection towards a woman. His style is weird, but once you notice that he buys you presents or invites you to meet his parents – that is it. Aquarius man is a passionate and physical creature, so make sure you are ready for the flight across the sky with this man.

Taurus Woman

Even though she is sometimes shy, this lady will achieve whatever she wants in life and will ask for it directly. Her kind heart and patience actually hide a woman warrior that lays within. Taurus woman’s personality is strong, reliable, and a bit predictable.

Just like everybody, the Taurus woman has insecurities but still keeps on maintaining them under control. She compensates it by working hard and focusing on her job.

If she is not at work, the Taurus woman is home, baking some delicious cupcakes for her friends. Yet, don’t make a wrong impression here. Even though the Taurus woman works hard, she sure knows how to relax and have a good time. One of the highest values in her life is financial stability, security, and comfort. Taurus woman will make her home luxuriously designed and wear expensive clothing and jewelry.

People love this woman as she is so kind and big-hearted, but the fact that she doesn’t go out a lot might annoy her friends. She is trying to be there for people she loves and listen to their problems. Some of her friends see her as a mother. By the way, the Taurus woman is a great mother when she has kids.

However, the Taurus woman sometimes goes to the extremes. For example, once she develops strong feelings for someone, she might become possessive, too protective, or jealous when it comes to romantic relationships.
Love and Marriage

The Air and the Earth are opposite elements, which will produce tensions in this relationship. Unfortunately, the Aquarius man will appear as selfish one here. He will act according to his needs only, without the willingness about how the Taurus woman feels.


Aquarius man is opposed to the Taurus woman. This man is mentally orientated sign, more than a romantic one. Taurus woman needs emotional stimulation in the first place, but the Aquarius man is not capable of giving it to her the way she wants it. He will find the Taurus woman boring, as she is looking for a patterned behavior. Aquarius man wants a partner to fly with and loathes shackles.

Taurus woman is routine-prone and here lays the basic incompatibility between her and the Aquarius man. This guy wants to be independent, while she tends to be tied up with her partner. He is also emotionally distant, which will hurt the Taurus woman. Yet, she will see that he is a humanitarian and that he loves people. Add his natural charm to this and that will be enough to the Taurus woman to be impressed with the Aquarius man.

However, the intimacy aspect will be one of the most critical points in the Aquarius man’s and the Taurus woman’s relationship. Even though both of them crave for deep intimacy, they have different approaches to it. Taurus woman wants to feel that her partner appreciates her and that she is not only an object when it comes to the bedroom. She expects romantic moments and foreplay, or in other words – she asks both emotional and physical connection.

On the other side, the Aquarius man is not a romantic type and there is almost no chance that he will change this because of any woman.

Outside the bedroom, these issues between the partners only get worse. Aquarius woman will always prefer to be out with his friends, as he feels like the Taurus woman is too clingy and needy. Taurus woman likes to be at home and enjoy the fruits of her hard work. She wants her partner to be by her side so they can spend some quality time alone and make plans for the future. Still, the Aquarius man’s thoughts go in a completely different direction. Taurus woman is a hedonist, but the Aquarius man knows how to enjoy too, only in some other ways.

As you can see, the relationship between the Aquarius man and the Taurus woman will surely go through a really tough period. Compatibility between these zodiac signs is on the low level. Both of them would have to invest extra effort in order to find a way to smooth the things out. Differences here are simply too obvious. The only way to get out of this nightmare is to communicate openly and increase the understanding of mutual needs.


This lady is friendly, but in comparison to the Aquarius man, the Taurus woman seems like an introvert. She tends to form strong and lasting friendships, the ones that grow from a true bond and can resist any challenge. Because she invests so much energy in building individual friendships, the Taurus woman has a small circle, but this circle is bulletproof.

Taurus woman knows how to make a difference between friends and the best friends. She will even put her best friends’ needs before hers, which already tells you enough about the Taurus woman’s heart. She is definitely one of the most selfless persons among the zodiac signs, which is opposite to the Aquarius man.

Aquarius man is capable of manipulating and malicious acts. He is definitely a social butterfly and makes new friends every day, as people nonchalantly come across his life. However, the Aquarius man knows how to take care of himself and sometimes lacks respect for the others. His circle of friends constantly changes, as this man would never stand boredom and constancy.

Aquarius man and the Taurus woman still get well in one aspect – working together. Only, in this case, they will have no issues. Both of them are hard-working and value each other’s efforts. They can help each other in this aspect.

Taurus woman is slightly more focused on her job, while the Aquarius man sometimes wanders off in his imagination. That is how the Taurus can make him be more active, while the Aquarius will give her some inventive ideas.

Interesting Facts

Eddie Van Helen and Valerie Bertinelli married back in 1981. Their relationship and their marriage were pretty rocky. The couple was forced in some way to get married, as Valerie was pregnant (still, with another guy).

The couple had their son 10 years later, but this wasn’t enough for them to stay together. They split off in 2001 and divorced 6 years later.


Aquarius man and the Taurus woman make one of the least compatible combinations of the zodiac signs. These two are so different, but still grow some weird kind of attraction towards each other.

It will be tough, as the Taurus woman is too emotional, while the Aquarius man is sometimes too cold. This pairing will work out well only if both of them are ready to ease the things up and try to reverse the situation into a mutual satisfaction.