Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Aquarius man and Scorpio woman are two of the most famous untamable natures among the zodiac signs. Still, this makes them function great, so the Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman are one of the best pairings.

Even though you maybe wouldn’t say it at first, but these two have a chance to grow into soul mates and achieve a relationship everyone dreams about. We won’t say things will go smoothly, as the issues will appear within a couple of weeks. Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman have similar values, but instead of joining their forces, they will be the obstacle.

On the other side, even though the Scorpio woman wants her own freedom, she is still possessive and jealous type, which might scare the Aquarius man off. He will keep on running away, while the Scorpio woman will be planning her revenge.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this besides those two, only if they can find a way to smooth the things out. If they make it, the Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman will live happily ever after.

Aquarius Man

Everybody knows that the Aquarius man is not the emotional type. People like him and his company, but they are never fully open with him, even though he tries to assure them of his compassion and empathy.

However, this is only a mask the Aquarius man wears, as actually, he is the one who pulls the things back. He likes to be with people and make new contacts, but he doesn’t believe in such things such as friendship for a lifetime.

Aquarius man focuses on his work and his free time. As one of the most inventive horoscope signs, the Aquarius man has a great potential to make something big in his life and he is well aware of it.

However, there is a struggle within this man, as he wants to be successful, but doesn’t want to be at work 24/7. Aquarius man is a vagabond soul – he wants to travel all the time and experience new things, alone or with someone close.

This man is humanitarian, even though his emotions about the other people are mostly raw. You will see him helping someone, which will melt your heart while he will be standing still as if nothing is happening. This man will charm you with his intellect and his superman abilities for sure. He might seem like an unapproachable guy who searches for his heroine, even though this is not quite true.

Aquarius man loves passable adventures, as he enjoys open contacts and relationships with no strings attached. His favorite movie is “Friends With Benefits”, but he should be aware that the main actors fall in love with each other. He would like to pause at the middle of the movie and spend some quality time with a young, attractive, and smart woman, but without any further plans.

Despite his efforts to stay independent and fly around, the Aquarius man will fall in love sooner or later. Make sure he doesn’t regret it by providing him a degree of freedom he needs.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman is driven by her emotions and passions. She goes through life by listening to her heart most of the times, even though her strong intellect says to act differently. This woman might remind you of a dark queen, as Scorpios are famous for a degree of darkness they wear within, even though she has many bright sides.

She is a born leader and the Scorpio woman knows how to turn a situation into her benefit. On the other side, due to her dark side, the Scorpio woman is drawn into the game of power and might. Because of that, she should control herself sometimes, knowing that her actions and reactions might produce severe consequences.

Scorpio woman has a strong ego and respects herself truly, expecting the others to do the same. Most of her friends admire her, while she enjoys being on the throne.

On the other side, people who see her from the distance are afraid of her, as scorpions are dangerous animals. Scorpio woman is loyal to the bone and she can be your true friend for a lifetime – but make sure that you act the same towards her. Oppositely, you might have a nasty experience with the queen of darkness.

Once you hurt the Scorpio woman’s strong feelings, you better get lost somewhere out of the country. If you don’t – there is a great chance that she will prepare a fierce revenge for you, which is the biggest risk of getting close to this woman. You just never know, so if you are not sure in your loyalty and honesty to stay away from the Scorpio.


When it comes to love, the Scorpio woman acts pretty much the same as with friendships. Show her your support, loyalty, open heart, and honesty and you will have her forever. Scorpio woman might get clingy sometimes, but take this as a compliment. This woman is passionate and knows how to lead the game. Her instincts are mad, but men love it. Being intimate with the Scorpio woman will take you to the passion hallways, from which you will never want to get out.

Love and Marriage

Both the Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman value honesty over everything, but they will try not to hurt each other even when the truth is more than obvious.

Even though the Aquarius man is famous for his infidelity, he will restrain himself a bit. Everybody knows what happens when you hurt a Scorpio, so he will take care of his actions when it comes to his connection to other women. Scorpio woman might flirt a bit, but she would never cheat on her partner.

Even though the Scorpio woman likes to be wild and free, once she gets into a relationship with the Aquarius man, she will act as a safeguard towards him. Aquarius man can stand a lot, except for a woman who will tell him what to do or restraint his freedom. Scorpio woman will have to calm down her need to possess her partner, or he will run away. On the other side, the Aquarius man should realize that giving in to a woman doesn’t have to be a negative for his own freedom.

Even though they have some tensed aspects, the Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman are great at solving mutual problems. Scorpio woman is a physical type, but she also adores intellectual conversations, so the Aquarius man is a perfect guy to fill up this gap with the Scorpio woman.

Both partners crave new, constant excitements, novelties, adventures, risks, as routine scares them. Usually, they have the same hobbies or develop a mutual hobby after a while.

Aquarius man will open up more as the time passes by, but he will never open up completely. Still, once he sees that the Scorpio woman gives him almost everything that he has always been looking for, he will commit to this relationship fully, enjoying strong and unique love with the Scorpio woman.

Intimacy aspect is one of the drivers of their relationship. These two are unrelenting passionate signs whose physical drive is extremely strong. Aquarius man likes to lead the game, but the Scorpio woman is not a submissive type either. Still, this will produce unique kind of physical tension between them, which will trigger off more and more passion. Scorpio woman is one of the most intriguing ladies among the zodiac signs when it comes to the bedroom, which will arouse the Aquarius man strongly.


Scorpio woman wants to impress even people she doesn’t know, not to talk about her friends. She is one of the most popular persons in town, as everybody knows her and talks about her. Yet, this lady has her strong guard so no one can approach her truly until she lets you get close.

Aquarius man is similar when it comes to friendships, as he spends most of his time with his friends at cafes, doing sport, or going out with ladies. When you bring together these two guarded personalities, it might be hard at the very beginning for them to reach for the other. Still, one of them will surely make a move.

Even though this friendship has many great aspects – interesting conversations, intellectual connection, the same sense for adventure etc, the Scorpio woman will always bring up her jealousy. She is the possessive type, so she wants the Aquarius man to hang out with her only. This side of his friend will annoy him, but he won’t give her up.

Loyalty and honesty describe these two signs the best, so the Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman will be open about their thoughts and expectations, being truly loyal. Scorpio woman should understand that the Aquarius man doesn’t have strong emotions as she does, but this shouldn’t be a sign of separation.

Interesting Facts

Daniel Moder and Julia Roberts are one of the most famous Aquarius-Scorpio couples. These two last over years, which is a proof of high compatibility of these zodiac signs. They met on set in 2000 and married a couple of years later.

Today they have 3 kids and seems like things are still going smooth and nice between these two.


Aquarius man and the Scorpio woman are one of the most compatible pairings among the zodiac signs. Even though they share the same sense for life, adventures, intelligence, passion, and loyalty, they have some differences too. While the Scorpio woman potentiates on the emotional side, the Aquarius man answers with cold heat. While he tries to be as free as possible, she is trying to put some restraints on him.

However, as they care about each other, they will figure out a way to smooth the things out, which will lead to a lasting romance.