Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

A relationship between an Aquarius man and Sagittarius woman has great chances for spending much fun time together, which will lead to higher compatibility between these two.

Both of them love freedom and are independent and hard-working persons. This zodiac signs’ match works really well, as they have great aspects of love and friendship. None of them will feel hurt or neglected by the actions of the other one.

Sagittarius woman has no boundaries, but the Aquarius man is pretty much the same. Once he joins the Sagittarius woman, they will head off to an interesting adventure full of laughs and good energy.

Even though the Aquarius man has his gray side, the Sagittarius woman won’t let him feel down. The partners should discover their potentials and enjoy time together.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius man is a bit shy and calm from one perspective, while he is extremely energetic and eccentric on the other side. Both ways, the Aquarius man is a mega mind of every operation and he loves to help people who are in trouble. His great intuition makes him feel the other’s energy and mood so that he wants to help.

Even though he is sociable and open at the times, the Aquarius man will always need some time for himself. Once all his energy comes to the minimum, the Aquarius man will get lost for a couple of days. He somehow wants to run away from everybody and everything, as solitude is probably the best friend of the Aquarius man.

As this guy is the Air signs, his ruler, Saturn, gives him high intellectual capacity. This man uses his brain before his heart when making decisions. What is more, this man doesn’t use his emotions as most of the men does. You can say that he is cold-hearted and disinterested, but you really should invest some effort to amuse the Aquarius man, or he is long gone. When it comes to a job, he gives good results only when he is in the mood, and when his job affects his mood positively.

Aquarius man sometimes shows off his a bit aggressive nature, which makes him attractive among women. He is not that romantic or gentle in love, as he cares about physical pleasures more.

Aquarius man might cheat on his partner when she is not giving him the freedom he needs, but this doesn’t have to be the case in all his relationships. Once the Aquarius man meets a woman who understands his need for solitude in one aspect, and his sociable side, in the another, he will turn into a different man, providing his woman with everything she needs – from care and affection to flowers and jewelry.

Sagittarius Woman

There is no sign of the zodiac that is so childish as the Sagittarius woman. She is a raging fire, but everybody likes it. It is no wonder, as this woman is the Fire sign. This woman craves fun and adventure all the time. Sagittarius woman always speaks her mind, not caring much of the eventual consequences of her words. Still, as she is so honest and you always know where you stand with her, she has many friends. The ones who can’t stand her straightforwardness simply walk away from her, while the Sagittarius woman doesn’t regret it at all.

You see, this lady is aware that nothing lasts forever in life. She tries to live her life to the fullest, accepting that some people will come, while the others will go. Sagittarius woman makes friends on a daily basis but never gets too attached to them. This bubbly and optimistic woman makes a great company whether you are happy or sad, as she brings in the unique and magnetic energy.

Sagittarius woman is never malicious, as her heart is big and kind. She doesn’t get the envious or evil people and stays away from them, surrounding herself with similar people to her.

Living through a routine is the biggest nightmare of the Sagittarius woman. She hates it when she is sick and has to lay in her bed all day, as her energy needs some new experience every day, in order to maintain the optimism. Still, the Sagittarius woman will wander off all of a sudden, without leaving any message to her friends and family. Don’t be afraid, as she simply needs some time for herself, so that she can reorganize thoughts and emotions for the next stage of life.

Sagittarius woman goes confidently towards her goals. There is nothing in her way that can stop her, as the Sagittarius woman is driven by the fire and ambition. Men all in love with this woman in the blink of an eye, as she tickles their imagination. She acts a bit wild and untamable, which makes her one of the most attractive women of the zodiac. What is more, she really is untamable.

Sagittarius woman doesn’t imagine her life as a housewife with four children, cooking and cleaning all day. She wants an interesting, vivid lifestyle, but even if you can’t meet her expectations, you can remain great friends with her.

Love and Marriage

Aquarius man and the Sagittarius woman will start off their romance quickly. They will recognize the same energy within each other, joint with some nice physical attraction, which is a great combo. Sagittarius woman’s loving nature is stronger than the Aquarius man’s. This lady would want the cold-hearted Aquarius man to lighten up his emotions a bit. She will both succeed and drawback in this game with the Aquarius man.


This man guards his emotions until he is sure of the loyalty and compatibility with his partner, but never reveals his heart completely. Aquarius man is more friendly-driven than emotionally. Sagittarius woman give high priority to the Aquarius man, as she feels like there is something more underneath that freezing exterior. However, despite similar interests, expectations, and nature, long-term relationship between the Aquarius man and the Sagittarius woman is hard to achieve.

Sagittarius woman is looking for a romantic partner that is strong and reliable, outgoing – not the cold-hearted one. Aquarius man will see from the beginning that their energies are compatible in some way, but he would still keep his guard up, realizing that the Sagittarius woman needs a man who is more open to commitments.

Both the Aquarius man and the Sagittarius woman are honest and set the things clear, as their communication is on the great level. This is a major bonus to their relationship, as without a proper conversation you can’t solve any issue in a relationship.

Aquarius man has a raw, animalistic perspective of intimacy, while the passionate Sagittarius woman expects her partner to be just like that. The situation in their bedroom will never be easy to predict, as these two have a strong and wild imagination.

As we already mentioned, the Aquarius man is more of a physical type, while the Sagittarius woman seeks for a partner that matches her both in intimate and intellectual aspect.

The best aspects of their relationship are understanding, good communication, same drive for novelty and adventure, a high degree of freedom and independence of both partners. Still, it might take much more to achieve a romance for a lifetime between the Aquarius man and the Sagittarius woman.


We have two extroverts here – the Aquarius man and the Sagittarius woman. These two like to hang out with their friends and head off to new experiences more than any other sign of the zodiac.

They have one more thing in common – even if it seems like both of them are completely open and naïve, they are definitely not. Aquarius man tends to be slightly more careful than the Sagittarius woman when it comes to making new friendships, as the outgoing and positive side of this woman doesn’t let her see people with bad intentions.

As friends, the Aquarius man and the Sagittarius woman, have a lot of fun doing things together. They will go to trips, picnics, but surely that they will also get into a trouble together. These two won’t mind it at all, as troubles are much more interesting.

Both signs are extremely driven when it comes to their carriers. Still, the Sagittarius woman needs more excitement in her job, while the Aquarius man expects things to be calm in this aspect. Even though the Sagittarius woman tends to have fun even at work, the Aquarius man might find this annoying and distance from her.

These two will function great together when it comes to private life as they share the same values and strivings, but they shouldn’t work together, as there will be much tension due to the Aquarius man’s seriousness

Interesting Facts

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears made one of the most interesting and intriguing couples among the celebrities.

Even though these two didn’t last for a lifetime, it seems like their relationship was a beautiful experience to both of them. Childish Britney’s and creative Justin’s relationships is the right example of how an Aquarius man and the Sagittarius woman might work.


Aquarius man and the Sagittarius woman make an interesting combination of zodiac signs for both friendships and relationships. They are very similar when it comes to expectations of life, as none of them wants to live up to the patterns and routines.

Their need for freedom and independence is just as strong, so they can understand each other in this aspect too.

Still, the Sagittarius woman has more warm and passionate emotions than the Aquarius man.

This difference might be a stumbling block for their relationship. This means that the Aquarius man should make up his mind and stand by the Sagittarius woman, or give it up before it all starts, as they can build up a great and lasting friendship.