Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

As Aquarius and Pisces are neighboring signs, there is a good karmic connection between these two. That is how these two will start to build a relationship – the karma will do its job. These two are volatile personalities, and it might seem pretty odd to see them together, but still, there is a chance.

Aquarius man and the Pisces woman strive for different things in life. He asks for a carefree and easy lifestyle, while she dreams of emotional stability and romance. Still, the sense of altruism will bond them also, so the Aquarius man and the Pisces woman will grow together and make each other better persons.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius man is one of the zodiac men that will spark the interest in you the second you see him. This man is somehow always lost in his minds, which actually makes him adorable. Aquarius man is a happy person generally, even though he has some dark phases.

Why is the Aquarius man so lost? He is actually thinking about innovations, creative ideas, humankind, philosophy, and most of the times – about the future. Sign of Aquarius is most famous for its futuristic and revolutionary visions, which make him stand out from the crowd. He is friendly and outgoing, so people take him the way he is, without entering complicated conversations with him.

In the end, the Aquarius man is interesting and unique, an adventurous person that will make you laugh or think in a deeper context.

He is intelligent, well-educated man who knows when to be serious, but has his childish side. Aquarius man is an adventurer, a vagabond. He longs for distant and undiscovered places. Aquarius man likes to travel, all by himself or with company, but if you are going with the Aquarius man on the trip – be sure that he might wander off for a while, so you will have some free time for yourself also. This is not as bad, right?

Aquarius man is intriguing when it comes to relationships. This man loves so much his freedom, but he can resist women on the other side. Then he gets into an interesting game, where he wants a woman by his side but doesn’t want to commit, while his lady tries to possess him. This produces sweet tension between partners, but once the Aquarius man feels too much pressure, he will disappear from your life.

On the other side, once this man falls for you, he will be there and protect you like a real macho man. Aquarius man is a gentleman who always fulfills his promises.

Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is probably the most innocent and naïve woman you will ever meet. This lady is so sensitive, kind, and sweet, that she is not capable of hating or any other negative feeling. She lives in her own world, where people are nice to each other, there are no wars, and flowers are blossoming like in May.

This woman will see only the best in you, even though it is more than obvious that you have some flaws. The intuition of the Pisces woman will always warn her about somebody, but she doesn’t listen to the alarm. Pisces woman wants to believe that people are good and wish each other well. When she sees things don’t go that way in reality, that will hit the Pisces woman strongly, so she might close up and dream about some other planets.

Pisces woman finds it hard to believe that things don’t turn out good all the time, so it is easier to lie to herself. She is convincing herself into the good endings, even when everything is pointing out to the other side. People love the Pisces woman as she brings in that kind and warm energy that makes you believe her. Just like that, the Pisces woman won’t lie to you, but she might tell you things she strongly believes in, but are not true. Her friends accept this side of hers like something adorable about the Pisces woman.

When she looks at you with her dreamy eyes, all you can do is to believe her everything she says. On the other side, this woman will be your shoulder to cry on whenever you need it, as the Pisces woman is an altruist and she loves to help the others. Pisces woman doesn’t care if you are a friend or a stranger when she sees that you are down and need a friend.

Still, as she helps the other people all the time, they usually don’t realize that she is also the one who needs some help, or a warm hug, comforting words, or a hand to hold too. Be there for the

Pisces woman when reality hits upon her, as she would never say it out loud, but things can break her easily.

Because of that, the Pisces woman longs for an emotional partner who will be her biggest support and a true friend at the same time. She craves love so deep that she will get enchanted by her partner.

Yet, even if he is not that nice, she will make him the best man on the Earth. As the Pisces woman usually lies herself about her partner, she is the one who always gets hurt – not because he is doing something wrong, but because she thought he is way better than he really is. Still, when she meets a man who can understand her gentle and sensitive nature, and tries to make her happy, the Pisces woman will respond him in so many ways that he will be even happier than she is.


Love and Relationship

Aquarius man and the Pisces woman feel unique energy flowing between them from the moment they meet. These two zodiac signs are very compatible as they share many core values and ideals.

Both of them have optimistic natures, but both of them can get into a sad phase from time to time, but never at the same time. What bonds them the most is their need to make this world a better place. Aquarius man and the Pisces woman are open minded and like to consider things from different perspectives. People usually don’t get them individually, but when we talk about them both together – people rarely understand them. That is why the Aquarius man and the Pisces woman find comfort and understanding in each other.

When it comes to the bedroom, the Aquarius man is kind of aloof and we can see this through the intimacy aspect, too. Aquarius man is strongly passionate, but he doesn’t mix his emotions with physical desires. Pisces woman is shy and takes some time to open up, but the Aquarius man doesn’t really help here. This woman wants to feel the emotional connection before everything, while the Aquarius man finds this extremely hard.

Aquarius man should see that the Pisces woman might be his muse if he plays his cards well. Pisces woman will see him in a slightly better light, but the Aquarius man has to show off some affection and emotions. Pisces woman will have the patience for a while, but even though the Aquarius man will see that she is loyal and dedicated, he will keep on looking for something more. This will hurt the sensitive Pisces woman, but she won’t say it out loud.

As the Pisces woman needs a strong man in her life, the Aquarius man will see a chance to show off himself and guard her through life. He is a man with mild emotions, but the Aquarius man surely knows how to make his lady appreciated and respected. Pisces woman will love it, even though she needs more emotional bonding when we talk about relationships.


Aquarius man and the Pisces woman make better friends than partners. As both of them have their dreamy side, they will understand each other when it comes to core values, interests, perspectives in life etc. No sign would understand each other than the Aquarius man might understand the Pisces woman and vice versa.

If these two join their forces, they will find the power to change things to better. Aquarius man and the Pisces woman love to help people, which makes them good friends, as they will always help each other too.

Still, the Aquarius man has slightly different reasons for doing this. He is simply altruistic, but this man won’t involve his emotions in helping the others, while the Pisces woman will truly get involved emotionally in everything.

Sometimes the Pisces woman wanders off too far, but the Aquarius man will help her get back to this world, while she will soften up his heart by showing him there is nothing more beautiful than kind and open heart.

Interesting Facts

We have so many famous Aquarius-Pisces couples, which already tells you how compatible these two can be. For example, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Biel, John Warner and Elizabeth Taylor, or Paul Newman and Jo Anne Woodward were some of the famous couples of these two zodiac signs. We all remember Paul Newman and Anne Woodward as an iconic famous couple.

The history of this Aquarius man and the Pisces woman is written by the hand of love. We can see even through their photos how much they loved each other. This couple had been together for about 50 years.


Aquarius man and the Pisces woman have the chance to build a strong and stable relationship, even though both partners should work on themselves. They have similar views of life, which is important for any relationship, especially a romantic one.

What is more, these two dreamy natures might come across misunderstanding of other people. That is what bonds the couple even more, as the most important thing in life is to find someone who can understand you.

Still, the Aquarius man is never completely sure about committing to one woman only, while the Pisces woman will get closed up due to his emotional rejections. Aquarius man should make up his mind about this lady, as many aspects point out that she is the one.

Pisces woman, on the other side, should speak up her mind when something hurts her, as running away from problems will only make them worse.