Aquarius Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Aquarius man and a Leo woman are opposite signs in the zodiac circle. Still, they share the same core values, what actually brings them together.

These two will go through a karmic and pre-destined relationship. Their moods will always be on the high level, as both of them are true optimists and extroverts. Aquarius man and the Leo woman will experience many fun stuff and go through numerous excitements. This will bring a childish side of both partners.

As a result, the Aquarius man and the Leo woman will have a no-limits connection. This might be both good and bad – it depends on the circumstances.

One thing is sure here – the partners will achieve true happiness together. This is one of the best matches between the zodiac signs, so the Aquarius man and the Leo woman will hold on together for sure.

Aquarius Man

If you want to give the Aquarius man a compliment, then tell him how unique and independent he is. This will make him feel like he is at the top of the world. This man truly believes and strives to be as unique as possible. Labels are not his things, as he wants to leave a specific, unforgettable impression on people around him.

Aquarius man is strong working and tends to be successful. He has a bit dominant and bossy personality, so he can’t imagine someone telling him what to do. Even if he has to be in a submissive position at work for some time, he would be doing whatever it takes to get to the top.

You might have an impression that he is a weirdo. And, the interesting part is that you won’t be wrong with this one. Aquarius man surely stands out from all the other men in numerous ways.

His ideas are far from this time and he sees what rarely anyone can see. You can go through many years or centuries ahead by only listening to his stories. Still, when the two of you fall apart, you would be thinking that he is crazy. Aquarius man is one of the hardest to understand zodiac men, but it is not impossible.

If you give him a chance to show more of his personality, you will start to like him bit by bit. What is more, you will find him very attractive. Aquarius man’s intelligence is the catch, as you will get thirsty for more. Spending time with this man is never a waste of time. Whether you are friends or potential lovers, the time spent with the Aquarius man is the quality and adventurous time.

Yet, if you are a woman interested in an Aquarius man, be aware that he is not an easy bite. It takes time to ensure him of your values, as he puts values and principles before emotions. Never try to endanger his freedom, as the Aquarius man would disappear in the blink of an eye. Try to be as understanding as possible and follow him on his unusual life journey.

Leo Woman

Leo woman is straightforward, fun, generous, and kind, but she is the biggest ego-maniac among the zodiac women. She asks for attention all the time. If she feels like someone else is in the center of attention, the Leo woman will either do something crazy and wild so everybody looks at her, either she will get mad.

Both ways, you will love her. Leo woman is too childish even when she is an older lady. Try to take it or leave her – you won’t be able to quit her.

This woman has many friends, as if she would stay alone, the Leo woman will die of boredom. If she is with her friends, she is happy and positive, so the others can feel the energy and optimism that shines out of her. Leo woman knows how to make a good joke and has a great sense of humor. However, we have to say that she is beautiful and attractive, so you have the right mix in one woman.

Men try to get her attention all the time, while the Leo woman plays hot and cold games with them, as this entertains her. She likes to talk to her friends about her potential lovers so they can think of a funny situation to put him it. A dominant type of man would attract the Leo woman at first, but when she realizes that he can’t adore her the way he respects himself, she will give him up.

Leo woman wants a man that will be willing to subordinate to her. He has to tell her that she is pretty, intelligent, creative, and unique all the time, which might be exhausting. However, this man shouldn’t be too clingy, as the Leo woman might feel suppressed by him. Just like with everything in life, the Leo woman wants to take a leading position in relationships too, so you had better give in the helm to her.

Love and Marriage

Aquarius man and the Leo woman share the same values, which makes their relationship great from the beginning. It is almost impossible to experience a shortage of emotions and passions in this relationship.


Aquarius man and the Leo woman are highly compatible. They are great humanists, as both of them like to help people who need help. That makes the Leo woman shine even more than she really does, what will impress and attract the Aquarius man even more. He is the type who likes to feel like a superhero and does everything he can to help the others. This is one of the strongest drives within the Aquarius man, but he still knows how to take care of his interests in the first place.

However, it is hard to compete with the Leo woman when it comes to self-focus. She is generous and kind, but she is good and kind to herself in the first place.

Still, the Aquarius man is too busy with his work or his ideas so he can’t feed the Leo woman’s ego at a high level. She won’t like this side of the relationship, but as both of them are intellectuals, she will be glad to see her man trying so hard to be successful and wealthy, as she is the same in that way.

Aquarius man is in love with the freedom in the first place, and secondly with the Leo woman. He would never want to tame her, which is great. Both the Aquarius man and the Leo woman need some time to be alone as they value solitude at some degree, even though the Aquarius takes the lead here.

As the Leo woman will sometimes want her partner to be more by her side, the Aquarius man might find her hard to handle. He actually doesn’t want to compromise on his freedom, which is a bit selfish from his side. Leo woman considers him stubborn and wants to force him to try to change this side of his personality.

The passion between the Aquarius man and the Leo woman is huge. Sometimes a few words or a touch is enough to light up the flame in them both. Both partners like to experiment in the bedroom, but the Leo woman will take the lead here – finally. Aquarius man will enjoy her moves and touches, while both partners come to a stage of overwhelming desire.

As you can see, the Aquarius man will block the things a bit, but he won’t be able to resist the charming and positive Leo woman. Once he makes it clear that he is ready to commit, they will enjoy a lasting relationship. This will be the beginning of their adventurous and interesting journey.


Aquarius man and the Leo woman function the same when it comes to friendships, as they are famous for having numerous friends. Still, both of them have some background reasons for making new friends every day.

For example, the Leo woman always needs someone to give her compliments, while the Aquarius man wants to help the other so he carries on his mission in this life.

Both of them are fun and easy going, so their communication flows great. Additionally, the Aquarius man and the Leo woman have the same sense for adventure and are always for some nasty partying.

These two have the potential to build a strong and outstanding team. They make each other amused, as they work on the same intellectual level. Aquarius man and the Leo woman will make each other feel appreciated and each one of them will have its own freedom in some way. The friendship between these two signs has great aspects for the future.

Interesting Facts

George Burns and Grace Allen made one of the famous Hollywood couples. The whole world knew their extraordinary love story and saw how these two were compatible. They were married, but this couple worked together also.

This is the real and true example of how the Aquarius man and the Leo woman can make a great, successful couple. Their marriage lasted long and the spouses were full of understanding for each other.


Aquarius man and the Leo woman are very similar in some aspects. Still, as there are no two persons in the world that are exactly the same, there will be a few issues within their relationships. Aquarius man’s need and his thirst for freedom will make the Leo woman question his love. She is the type who needs attention 24/7 – something that the Aquarius man can’t offer.

However, these two are highly compatible and have great chances for the future despite the differences.