Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Aquarius man and a Cancer woman live in their comfort zones, which are completely different. They would have to get out of these zones in order to ease each other in some way. However, this will be a much tougher task for the Aquarius man, because he is a type who gets afraid of emotional attachments. Cancer woman is emotional and sometimes needy, which will drive this man mad.

However, if both of them take a slow approach, there is a chance that they will grow their issues into a trustful and solid relationship.

Honest communication is the problem-solver here. Cancer woman tends to close up when she realizes that she can’t get what she exactly wants, so the Aquarius man has to soften her up. This is not a stereotypical relationship either way, as there are many obstacles waiting for the Aquarius man and the Cancer woman.

Even though they get to a mutual line, it is hard to keep the things going in the long run.

Aquarius Man

If you ask us about the Aquarius man, we will say that he is the greatest humanitarian among the zodiac signs. However, this side of his personality doesn’t connect with the emotions. Oppositely, the Aquarius man is not emotionally driven when it comes to helping others. He has a practical mind and wants to help the others solve their problems without getting emotionally involved. Aquarius man has a mind that would solve the most severe world crisis and settle down wars.

This is the side of his personality that people truly respect. They know how to recognize the value of this man. Further, he is communicative and open, as the Aquarius man is one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac.

Even though he makes new friends every day, he still doesn’t open up completely. Aquarius man is there for his friends when they need some actual help, but he would never be your shoulder to cry on. This will seem too pathetic from his perspective. That is why people also think that he is emotionally restrained and cold-hearted.

Seems like the Aquarius man’s intelligence doesn’t let his heart take the lead. He wants to keep his head cool and doesn’t want to appear as a man who is lead by his emotions, but his mind. Additionally, the Aquarius man thinks of physical things more. He enjoys being intimate with women, and that is why he cheats on his partner pretty often.

We won’t say that you can feel true love by the Aquarius man’s side, as the stories about his emotional distance are true. He wants his freedom and won’t let anyone restrain it. Aquarius man asks for no costs when we talk about independence and his freedom. He wants a partner that will understand his needs, and he would make her feel protected and appreciated.

Cancer Woman

Cancer woman is sometimes a slave to her emotions. She notices every detail about the people she loves, which gradually makes her obsessed with them. Cancer woman simply can’t manage and control her emotions, which causes depression, bad mood, anxiety, or any other sight of emotional misbalance.

She also feels insecure and has low self-esteem. Still, the Cancer woman is always willing to help and has a strong empathy for the humankind. It seems that this lady sometimes gathers too much of other people negative emotions, which reflects in her depressive moments.

The need to help everybody also tell you that actually, the Cancer woman needs help. She has a bit volatile and impermanent nature. That is why the Cancer woman needs a friend or an emotional partner that will help her deal with everyday stress.

What is more, this woman has two main goals in life – to find a life partner and to have kids with him. This woman doesn’t tend to be extremely successful when it comes to a carrier. Her greatest value is family and she is working towards that goal. Her partner has to make her feel safe and cherished, while she will show him how honest, devoted, and loyal she is. Cancer woman will want him to help her with all major decisions. That is why a dominant type of a man is the perfect match for the Cancer woman.

Love and Marriage

Aquarius man and the Cancer woman will have many struggles, as there is an obvious disparity between their needs and expectations of a relationship. This man has a strong intelligence and is the right type for the Cancer woman when it comes to his leadership abilities. He will dominate both her emotions and mind.

Still, even though the Cancer woman would be pleased with this type of man at first, she would soon realize that he is making her feel insecure. Growing insecurities will put an emotional brick in the Cancer woman’s heart. She will start to close up bit by bit, while the Aquarius man won’t notice that.

This man believes that his ideas and innovations don’t go with feelings and emotions. He wants to be free and do whatever pleases him, while the Cancer woman is needy and wants him to stay home.


Still, with time, if both of them are mature enough, they will realize that being in a relationship means that one should adapt and change at least a bit. No one is that perfect, but no one is completely bad either.

Aquarius man has to realize that the Cancer woman’s need for stability, attention, and a happy home are almost every woman’s striving. However, this doesn’t mean that he would have to give up his personality completely. Cancer woman has to be more understanding and let her partner breathe. There is nothing wrong with the idea to spend some time apart or to be occupied with different activities.

For the end, another block for this relationship is the intimacy aspect. Aquarius man and the Cancer woman value different things in the bedroom, too. While she expects the emotional expression in the bedroom, he values animal instincts and passion. Aquarius man loves to experiment and be playful, while the Cancer woman is more shy and passive. They should find a middle here, or this will be a final point to their relationship.


Aquarius man and the Cancer woman have different friendship patterns, but they are similar in one thing – none of them will have more than a few truly close friends. As we mentioned in the beginning, both of them like to help people and are empathetic, but again – they have different reasons.

This man loves to explore and get to know new things each day. Being in a contact with people bring him new information that feeds him. Even though people tend to open up completely in front of him, the Aquarius man stays still and doesn’t reveal much about himself. Still, he is likable and makes good jokes, which makes people like him.

Cancer woman is compassionate and will be your shoulder to cry on. She is sensitive and even details might hurt her. She doesn’t make close friendships often as she has a fear of being hurt. No one is more aware of her vulnerable side than she, so the Cancer woman has to take care of herself when no one else would. The fact that she is everyone’s support and a crying buddy, but she has no one to be there for her, in the same way, makes her sad and depressed.

However, the Aquarius man and the Cancer woman will find the mutual connection. This doesn’t mean that they will develop an unbreakable bond, but they can be solid friends. Aquarius man’s dominative personality will be the right fit for the Cancer woman, while he will enjoy the thought that he is her saver and her guard.

Working together is not that recommendable, as the Aquarius man is too harsh for the Cancer woman’s standards. He is brutally honest when it comes to work, while the Cancer woman doesn’t know how to deal with harsh critiques. This will make her insecure and she will do even worse than before. This lady works great in friendly and open collectives, where each of the employees contributes to a community the same.

Aquarius man is more of a bossy type, as he can’t stand someone telling him what to do. Generally, the Cancer woman’s sensitiveness is the reason why these two shouldn’t be business partners.

Interesting Facts

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Aquarius man and the Cancer woman make one of the weakest connections among the zodiac signs. Their different personalities don’t mesh up well and there is a slight chance that they ever will. Even though the Cancer woman tries with all her efforts to soften up the Aquarius man, he never gives up his goals and his freedom.

This man’s emotional coldness will make the Cancer woman even more shy and insecure than she really is. He would have to try to at least understand the different base of this woman, while she needs to realize that some men are impossible to tame. This relationship is something like “take it or leave it”. Unfortunately, even though the partners will try to seal the arguments, issues will appear each day, what will result in a final separation.