Aquarius Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

We can describe a relationship between an Aquarius man and an Aries woman as a challenge that is impossible to resist.

Even though these two are one of the couples that seem a bit strange together, as their natures and personalities are completely different, this couple still has the chance to work out well. Aquarius man always goes selfishly towards his goals, while the Aries woman is arrogant and selfish in her own way.

However, despite the fact that this is a tough match, the Aquarius man and the Aries woman will see something magical within each other. Aquarius woman adores the Aries woman’s passionate side, while she is in love with her innovative and creative mind.

When it comes to the bedroom, these two will experiment and overcome boundaries, even though they are not fully sexually compatible.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius man is an inventive soul. He wants to be the first in everything when it comes to ideas. He likes to make new friends and is open, but sometimes cut them off suddenly. Aquarius man expects you to be honest and loyal. Still, his sharp tongue and critical mind might annoy you sometimes.

When the Aquarius woman loves someone, he is caring and exceptionally caring. His family is in the first place and he is trying to be on the good terms with everybody, which might be difficult sometimes. This woman has a bit weird understanding of his mother. Either she is a victim in the family, or they have a complicated relationship.

Aquarius man doesn’t like to talk much about his emotions and doesn’t relieve his deepest thoughts. You might be his new experience or his whole world – it is hard to conclude in the beginning.

This man likes unpredictable situations, as they bring in slight tension.

This guy is an intellectual type and he wants to know everything his partner likes. Aquarius man is sensitive and gentle in one moment, while he might appear as cruel or rude in the next one. It is a bit hard to be faithful, even though this man would want to be loyal to his woman. Yet, his curiosity makes him do random things, even though it can hurt someone else.

Aries Woman

As the first lady of the zodiac, the Aries woman tends to draw all the attention to herself. She wants to get people to like or even adore here. This lady is independent and usually does things her own way, but she will never refuse support.

Aries woman is hot-headed, as she is the Fire sign. You always know how is she feeling as she wouldn’t be able to hide it even if she wants to. Get used to her short temper, as even a harmless comment might drive her crazy. Still, the good thing is that the Aries woman will calm down in a few minutes.

This woman is a great friend. She will always be there to listen to your problems, and what is more – to help you overcome them. It is important to get the emotional and mental connection from her perspective. She wants to take care of all the people she loves, so the Aries woman is willing to go through anything with you.

Be aware that there are some insecurities that lay underneath the whole story about the Aries woman, so have patience with her. She is passionate and emotional. This lady loves truly and fully. Once she falls in love with a man, she will have the eyes for him only. She will see him as more than enough.

Aries woman will surprise you by the degree of excitement and adventure she carries within. You two will go through a real performance in the bedroom, which will make you entertained and amazed.

Love and Marriage

As we mentioned in the second paragraph, the relationship between the Aquarius man and the Aries woman is not based on physical attraction. This is the case where the partners attract each other mentally. Still, things won’t go smoothly either way.

Aquarius man has a strong intellect that is hard to beat. Aries woman is also intelligent, but in this competition with the Aquarius man, she will be the one who loses. This won’t make her happy, of course, but she will beat him on another level. Aquarius man has weaker emotions in comparison to the Aries woman. These are the differences that will produce tensions, as none one the partners will be happy with the outcome.


Another issue in this relationship is the constant battle between the possessiveness of the Aries woman and the Aquarius man’s needs for freedom. This man asks no costs when it comes to his independence. As the Aries woman might get too clingy, this will make the Aquarius man search for understanding in another place. Yet, neither the Aries woman is so naïve, as she will get into an affair also.

So, what do we get here? We get an open relationship of the Aquarius man and the Aries woman. None of them will worry about what people say, as long as they can work out well in this type of a relationship.

Still, if these two really want to fight for a long-term relationship, none of them should be open to new contacts, as it will destroy any possibility to stay together for more than a year or two.

Yet, we don’t say that this is an inevitable situation. Of course that there are relationships that don’t include cheating. It depends on the maturity of the partners and if they are willing to talk openly about the issues in the relationship.

As we mentioned in the beginning, the Aquarius man and the Aries woman will find many things to admire in each other. If they find a way to function like this, they will achieve a creative and interesting energy. Aries woman will help her partner achieve some of his big ideas.

Aquarius man loves challenges, while the Aries woman will fall for his brave heart and a bit arrogant attitude. She will actually see a part of herself in this man. These two should realize that there are so many similarities in their characters that this can help them build stability in a relationship. However, both of the partners are more prone to using their forces into the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, most of the relationships between the Aquarius man and the Aries woman end up sooner or later. These two might function even for decades and boom! One day they will realize that they see each other more as a friend and will remain on this level. None of them will have problems with accepting the reality as it is – that they actually weren’t compatible from day one.


Aquarius man and the Aries woman are much better friends than lovers. This is a creative and interesting pairing, full of vivacity, strong energy, and periodical quarrels. Aquarius man and the Aries woman are competitive, but this will only bring in vividness.

Both of them are enthusiastic about new experiences and enjoy new things in life. None of them is the type to lock in a room and stay in for days. Aquarius man and the Aries woman will surely spend many adventurous and exciting moments together.

Even though they have different natures, when they are friends, they will see only the best in each other. And what is more – they will grow high admiration. Aquarius man simply adores the Aries woman’s energy and her impulsiveness. This woman is not afraid to take the initiative, which is one of the qualities the Aquarius man appreciates. Aries woman, on the other hand, worships unique and futuristic visions of the Aquarius man.

Aquarius is one of the most creative signs among the zodiac signs. However, this guy sometimes lacks the energy to turn his ideas into reality. That is why he will have many benefits from friendship with the Aries woman.

Still, don’t forget that these signs have different values and approaches to life, but one – the independence. It sometimes might be a setback to their friendship, even though it doesn’t have to be that way.

Aquarius man will mind the Aries woman’s need to dominate, while she is annoyed by his distant and often cold nature. The solution is to accept each other the way they are and put the accent on more positive things in their friendship.

Aquarius man is the Air sign, while the Aries is the Fire sign. When you mix these two, you get the sparks. Ruling planets of the Aquarius man and the Aries woman, Saturn and Uranus and Mars, work well together. That is the reason why Aquarius man’s visions see the light of the day. The aggressive and battleship energy of the Mars that makes the things happen. It is pretty much obvious that this partnership will last long.

Interesting Facts

Rick Salomon was married to Shannon Doherty. This Aquarius man, the owner of one of the online gambling website, and the actress didn’t have the chance to celebrate not even the first anniversary. These two divorced only after 9 months of the marriage.

However, the separation was pretty turbulent, followed by a few scandals.


Aquarius man and the Aries woman surely make an interesting couple. Even though they have many positive characteristics, it might be difficult to cope with the differences. The strong and aggressive nature of the Aries woman will suit the Aquarius man. On the other hand, he will dazzle her with his unique and creative ideas. This couple has a strong, but weak physical connection.

The other one is usually one of the bonds that keeps a couple together, so this will be one of the reasons to separate. Even if these two make it through a couple of years, the split up is inevitable, as they will realize that friendship is a much better option in their case.