April 9 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

So many texts have been written on the topic of Astrology and Zodiac signs in general, and in each and every one of them, we find some part that we could relate to; we can find some positive affirmation that can serve as a reminder that we could change some things in our lives. We could change the way we see ourselves, we see others, or just it can give us some hope that there is something in the future for us.

And even more, it is like we read that this month is amazing for the realisation of business achievements, it can maybe inspire us to do something about our careers that we would not think to do otherwise. Things could be as simple as this in the realm of the Astrology and the system of the Zodiac signs if we only at least partially believe in the prognosis of the horoscope.

We will not speak of how many Zodiac signs there is, those are the facts that we all know; but maybe you didn’t know that using the information from your ruling Zodiac sign and the data from your birthdate, you can have the complete picture about yourself, or about someone else who interest us. Who is he, what are his flaws and virtues; what are his potentials and what kind of difficulties he has to overcome so that he could realise his life in full magnitude.

Yes, all of these you can read in the sections below, in this particular case we are talking about the people who are born on the April 9. They belong to the Zodiac sign Aries, and so they have some of its traits, but not all of course.

Personality and Character

People born on April 9 are truly personal and self-possessing people, they have those ego-centric traits that all Aries people have; they are the ones that are focused on themselves, their personal agendas and plans, everything else falls down the list of the priorities. The word “compromise” for these people does not exist in the dictionary, they do thing their own ways, and in any interpersonal relationship there cannot be any agreement, it is just not possible.

People of the April 9 are the bosses in-house, at work, everywhere else; they are direct and open people who can be in certain situations very rough and unpleasant. This unpleasant behaviour comes from their directness and inner feeling that everyone should listen to the true, and they are the ones that will tell it, in the face. Each conflict with their ideas and attitudes ends with excess – they can be overdramatic and aggressive even. They are able to ensure others that they are right even if everything is against them; this process can go for days and can be exhausting for all people who are in that particular situations, even for those who belong to the April 9, but they will never give up.

The business plan can be very successful because they succeed in translating their fantasies into works in the most practical way, which is amazing, they have very luscious imagination and can dream like no one else; it is fascinating to listen to these people and to work with them in some way, they can be inspiring. Thanks to the fact that their ideas are the most common social nature by their actions, they work for the better and more practical life of others. With their violent energy they have a powerful influence on others, but people from their surroundings, families, friends, associates should accept that influence and ideas with a dose of reservation and their desire not to fulfil literally.

However, for most of their surroundings, these individuals can be an example of good work because their approach is free and discipline at work is perfect. These people are very interested in the limits of physical power and are constantly trying to move these boundaries, and are often involved in some sport, even as a hobby.

The world of people born on April 9th is very individual and lonely, and they have a great desire to share their discoveries with their loved ones, and from this you can conclude that they are, no matter how irritating they may be, are not bad people. They need to be understood and accepted, only then people, like lovers and partners could enjoy their company. Otherwise, they will be misunderstood and rejected as loners.

Love compatibility

Sober, calm, steady and benevolent – these are words with which the environment most often describes people who are born on April 9 in love relationships.

When they realise what they want from love, and what kind of partner they want they are patient, persistent and determined to win that person’s heart, and have it forever and ever. In these and similar situations people of this date are ready to wait for the right moment to be in a great relationship, rather than being in something that will never be good enough for them. But nothing is perfect, and these people can be, at times, be prone to turbulent and hasty reactions if things are not going in the desired direction.

When in love, people of this date are thoughtful and want to indulge their partners, but sometimes they need too much time to start and take action, since they are focused on their own goals and needs. They are incredibly charming, attractive and cute, and people like them, but sometimes they can be challenging to deal with because they are self-focused and like to indulge themselves in the first place.

They like food, drink, music, art and know how to enjoy life –this is the thing that makes them desirable lovers, but partners or future partners should wait for their true and amazing personality to shine. And their partners should accept that they will never be in first place, but never the less they will enjoy.

Purpose and Career

We spoke in the first section how people of the April 9 could be extreme individualists in their work, can be self-centred and egoistic people who put their own ideas and agendas in the first place, and then everything else. In a job, whatever that might be, they are incredibly imaginative, and that can be pretty inspiring for all people who work with them. People of this date are dreamers and are, unlike some other creative people, realise those ideas in the most practical way, and even then they can make some profit out of it, which is amazing.

People of the April 9 have incredible work discipline, and they expect the same from their co-workers, but in some stressful situations this discipline can turn into the tyranny, and they don’t shy away from entering conflicts with all of their co-workers, and even bosses. They are those who have to tell people when they are wrong, and they believe that being honest is the best policy and they are never apologetic about hurting someone’s feelings, by saying to them that their business idea is terrible, for example.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on 9 April are ruled by the number 9 and planet Mars, and omg the double influence of the fighting planet Mars.


If we try to symbolically and numerologically observe this person, we could say that number 9, and they are under its influence, is the number master of all the other numbers, since each number adds nine numbers to that number. This effect is also felt by people born this day on all the rest of their surroundings.

Since Mars also rules and is a sign of Aries, these people are under the great influence of strong Martian energy –strong, powerful, competitive, warlike, and indeed they have this energy in them. This can be manifested as extreme forms of impulsivity, aggression and anger, but also passion and strong emotionality, sometimes even through the self-centrism. The success of these people is only possible if they succeed in diverting their belligerent energy away from constructive things.

Their number is 13, one of the most controversial numbers, but for them, it is a lucky number, and their colour is red-bronze.

Historical events on April 9

These are selected events that we gathered for you, and that are related to the date April 9.

193 – Septimius Severus was declared a Roman guard.

1683 – French explorer Rene Robert Cavelier announced a part of the territory in the United States as a part of France, and he named Louisiana in honour of King Louis XIV.

1865 – American Civil War: Confederate General Confederation Robert Edward Lee was handed over to Commander of the Union Army, Ulysses S. Grant.

1906 – Great Britain and France signed a convention on the independence of Siam (Thailand).

1928 – In Turkey, after Kemal Ataturk’s reform, Islam ceased to be a state religion.

1940 – World War II: German troops attacked Denmark and Norway.

1942 – US forces began Bataan Death March.

1948 – The Jewish militia attacked the Arab city of Deir Yassin in the area of today’s Israel.

1959 – NASA has announced the selection of astronauts for the Mercury program.

1967 – Test flight of the first Boeing 737 was conducted.

1969 – French-British supersonic passenger plane “Concord” made its first flight, from Bristol to Ferford in England.

1974 – India, Pakistan and Bangladesh signed an agreement on the repatriation of prisoners of war.

1977 – The Communist Party of Spain has been legalised after 38 years of prohibition of operations during the Franco regime.

1988 – Li Peng was appointed Prime Minister of China after the event at Tjen An Menu.

1990 – After 40 years of communist rule, the Hungarian Democratic Forum won the elections in Hungary.

1991 – Georgia declared independence from the USSR.

1991 – The UN Security Council has decided to send 1,440 peacekeepers to monitor the Iraqi-Kuwaiti borders and withdraw US forces from southern Iraq.

1995 – Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori won the second five-year term in the first peaceful presidential election in Peru since 1980.

1999 – Rebel soldiers killed President of Niger Ibrahim Bare Mainassara at the airport.

2002 – Under the pressure from the United States, Israel withdrew from two Palestinian cities, and the conflicts continued in a refugee camp in Genoa, in the West Bank.

2003 – US forces entered the centre of Baghdad and took control of the capital city of Iraq.

Famous people born on April 9

Famous French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo, and an America actor Dennis Quaid share birthdays. In the section below read about other celebrities and historical figures who are also born on April 9.

1821 – Charles Pierre Baudelaire, a French poet and critic.

1830 – Eadweard Muybridge, an American photographer.

1905 – James W. Fulbright, an American politician.

1908 – Victor Vasarely, a French painter and graphic artist of Hungarian descent.

1926 – Hugh Hefner, an American publisher of the Playboy magazine.

1933 – Jean-Paul Belmondo, a French actor.

1936 – Valeria Solanas, an American feminist, known for an attempt to kill Andy Warhol.

1954 – Dennis Quaid, an American actor.

1965 – Paulina Porizkova, an American-Swedish-Czech actress and photo model.

1966 – Cynthia Nixon, an American actress.

1971 – Jacques Villeneuve, a Canadian Formula One driver.

1974 – Jennifer Marie Massoli, also known as Jenna Jameson, an American porn actress.

1975 –  Fabricio Moro, an Italian pop singer and musician.

1977 – Gerard Way, an American musician.

1979 – Mario Matt, an Austrian alpine skier.

1986 –Leighton Meester, an American actress and singer.

1990 – Kristen Stewart, an American actress.

These people should pay particular attention to calming and directing their energy that is so strong that it can totally destroy them. The overwhelming influence of the Mars on people born on April 9 on persons in their surroundings can awaken intolerance, violent behaviour and aggression, and these people often find themselves in unpleasant and very awkward situations.