April 8 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

In astrology-related articles, we speak a lot about the planets, and their influence in people (which is the basis of the astrology teachings), and it is common in a way that the planet Saturn means restrictions in character for example,  while Jupiter implies an expansion, and the planet Mars is connected with the conflicts and rage. And these general characteristics can be applied and seen in the personalities of certain persons who are under their influence or are under the combined influence. When we are examining the exact position of the planets in our natal chart, we must know the precise locations of the planets at the moment of our birth.

However, some astrologers claim that looking into the planets is more a form of worship, a mixture of occult and science, but that more of that occult aspect is present than the scientific element. People like to understand them since we know that those celestial bodies are there and that they affect the planet Earth on which we live on, but are also so unreachable; since all the Universe is connected, so we are all connected, people and planets especially.

The effect of the planets on Earth and the people are certain, and the role of the astrologers is to help us understand that connection, that is even primordial and definite. When we understand that influence, when those planets are moving we can find out what could potentially happen to us in the future, close or distant. We can even project our desires and needs into the Cosmos, with the firm belief that our voice will be heard.

And at the end of this intro section, we must say one more obvious thing –every astrologer will ask you before they tell you anything else about your horoscope, future or destiny is when is your birthday? So, our date of birth is very important, and we will start this story by examining the birthdate April 8 and its entire characteristic along with the history reminder on the events that occurred on that day.

Personality and Character

People born on April 8th have all the qualities to become very well-known and respected personalities in their societies, valued and respected for their friendly nature, but there is one catch. One thing that prevents them from being appreciated as they should is their very prominent shyness.  Shyness, and in a way reclusiveness that they are prone to can disable them from achieving greatness in life, even if they have a potential to do so. They show this feature from a very early age, and it is just thing that stops them from shining in the right way.

By behaving in the way they are following their principles, this person gives the impression of someone who sees the difference between private and business life and hence someone who lives in the private world – in their work they could be ambitious and incredibly persistent, while they hide their face from all those who surround them. This face hides so many amazing things, but unfortunately, most of us will never get to see, and it is the same as they don’t have these good features and virtues.

These people express strong feelings towards other people, so it often happens that they transfer their privacy to the whole social group they belong to, but people of the April 8 will do such thing in the least obvious way, they don’t do it intentionally, but they are the people who spread their intense energy, the one that they hide from the society. It is not uncommon for the other social group to express great intolerance than they belong to, these people of the April 8 can be incredibly critical attitude towards others who don’t belong to their group. This is why they are incredibly reclusive and have a small circle of friends to whom they can say their secrets.

They have incredible stability in crisis situations and their calmness of solving problems creates self-confidence with their associates –this is something that makes them desirable friends and lovers, even business partners.

That is why it often happens that many acquaintances rely on people born on April 8th – they meet incredible amount of people during their lives, but they stay in close connect only with the few of them; once again their natural suspicion and shyness comes to fore, and disables them from being much more open and spontaneous. It is very difficult to emotionally reach these people because most of them do not want to do so because they direct most of their energy to the outside world; these are the people who like to keep to their inside, imaginary world where everything is perfect.

This is a difficult task for people who want to establish close personal relationships with them, and you never know do they love or do the people of the April 8 hate you. They are hard people to reach, but when you get there, a lot of amazing things wait for you.

Love compatibility

You probably could not imagine that people of the April 8 are those who are exceptionally attractive and temperamental, and the environment is appreciated for their sincerity and willingness to get in touch with everyone. This is hard to imagine because we have told you that people of the April 8 are those who hide their private life from everyone, and just a few selected people can get to know them for who they indeed are, and they are amazing individuals who have a lot to offer to their lovers.

Those who are born on the April 8 are people who have a great heart, and are extremely noble, but sometimes they can be selfish and self-sufficient, most of all when they feel that someone is trying to use the – people of this date of birth hate when they just “smell” that someone try to trick them in a loving game, they someone/their partner tried to play them and cheat them.

They do not like games, lies and bumps on the love road; they love the calm sea and clear sky. They love when things are bright and open; when they don’t have to fake anything; they want the relationship to be smooth sailing.

People who belong to the April 8 are attracted by cheerful and communicative people with whom you will be able to have a good time, and eventually open to them, in some time.

Purpose and Career

They are always on the move, have a bunch of ideas, and the expressed ambition helps people of the April 8 to carry them into action. Yes, you have read this information well- people of this date are very, very successful in their business ventures, they have many amazing ideas that they can very successfully turn into money-making machines. They are amazing and often find their true calling into money-related jobs –any financial profession is a good choice for the people who are born on the 8th day of April. They are just good at managing money, both theirs privately and others – they would be great as investors.

What they can find as difficulty is their interpersonal relationship with their co-workers and bosses, who are in big trouble to get to close to these people, who can act very mysteriously and out of reach. Their work relationship can be problematic, but undoubtedly they are successful in their job whatever that job might be. During life, these people try a lot of occupations and hobbies, and they are good in all of them.


Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Persons born on April 8 are ruled by the number 8 and the planet Saturn. Saturn, by its nature, offers various limitations and a great deal of responsibility to people and people who are under its influence are such they take great responsibility and can restrict themselves in many ways. For this reason, people born on April 8 are trying to build their career slowly and thoroughly, without any conflicts.

They usually choose jobs that they feel are safe, like managing finances in the safety of their office.

However, the Mars that runs the Aries sign that people of the April 8 belong, because of its fiery and fluffy nature, combined with Saturn, can lead to conflict within these people. These people, despite being warm and generous, have a cool and distant look due to Saturn’s influence – this is the issue that they have to deal with all of their lives. This is particularly problematic in their interpersonal and love relationships.

Their number is 12, and their colour is bronze.

Historical events on April 8

Take a look into this interesting section, where we gathered all of the exciting and significant events that shaped our history and that occurred on the April 8.

217 – Roman Emperor Caracalla was killed in an assassination not far from the Syrian city of Emese.

876 – The Abbasian army was defeated in the battle of Deir el-Yakult, the army of the Ya’qub ibn al-Layth al-Saffar, forcing him to interrupt his penetration into Iraq.

1271 – Mamel sultan of Baibars conquered from the crusaders of the fortress Krak des Chevaliers in Syria.

1513 – Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, searching for the mythical source of youth, discovered Florida.

1767 – The Kingdom of Ayutthaya fell under Burmese attackers.

1904 – An Anglo-French agreement “Entente cordiale” was signed in London, by which Great Britain and France resolved disputed issues regarding the zones of interest in West Africa, Egypt and Morocco.

1904- Longacre Square at Midtown Manhattan was renamed the Times Square.

1911 – Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes discovered superconductivity.

1924 – Sharia Courts in Turkey were abolished as part of the Ataturk’s Reforms.

1939 – Italian troops, that landed on the coast of Albania on the previous day, captured Tirana. Albanian king escaped to Greece.

1944 – World War II: The Soviet Red Army broke out on the border of Czechoslovakia and Romania.

1946 – The League of Nations held its last session in Geneva, which formally abolished that international organisation and replaced it with the new United Nations.

1971 – The First World Congress of Roma was held in London, where the name of the people of that nation, Roma, was verified.

1990 – King Birendra of Nepal has lifted the ban on political parties, in force for 30 years.

1992 – After a fingerprint test, German and Israeli sources said it was certain that World War II war “hero” Jozef Mengele died in Brazil in 1979.

1992 – Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat found alive in the Libyan desert 12 hours after a plane crash that killed three of his companions.

2003 – Israeli rocket attack on a vehicle in Gaza killed a local leader of “Hamas” Said Aldin al Arabid. Five people were killed, and more than 47 Palestinians were injured.

Famous people born on April 8

As you will be able to see, people of the April 8 are very versatile in their occupations but are by rule very recognisable people who own specific charm and charisma.

1859 – Edmund Husserl, a German philosopher.

1892 – Mary Pickford, an American film actress.

1911 – Emil Cioran, a French writer and philosopher of Romanian descent.

1919 – Ian Smith, a Rhodesian politician.

1925 – George Stibitz, an American researcher.

1928 – Fred Ebb, an American songwriter.

1929 – Jacques Brel, a French singer.

1938 –  Kofi Annan, an African politician from Ghana and the 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations.

1948 – Patty Law, an Italian singer.

1950 – Grzegorz Lato, a Polish footballer.

1954 –  John Schneider, an American actor.

1968 – Patricia Arquette, an American actress.

1969 –  Arabella Kiesbauer, an Austrian TV host.

The time has come for a short but effective verdict about the people who are born on the April 8 – how to best describe them? They are the people who are shy and reclusive, but charismatic and incredibly talented if they listen to their intuition they can achieve a lot in life; people love them and want to be a part of their exciting and mysterious lives.